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Sen. McCain Voted Against The Bush Tax Cuts; Candidate McCain Supports Them

“Anybody who watched my campaign should not have been astounded that I voted against the [Bush] tax cut …” – Sen. John McCain, 2001 (Kirk Victor, “McCain’s Evolution,” National Journal, 8/8/01)

 “I will not let the Democrats roll back the Bush tax cuts.” – Sen. John McCain, 2007 (Liz Sidoti, “McCain: Retool Jobs Programs,” The Associated Press, 10/10/07)

 In Tonight’s Debate, Sen. McCain Now Pledges To Make The Bush Tax Cuts Permanent:

 Tonight, McCain Called For Making The Bush Tax Cuts Permanent. “I think one of the first things we have to do that I forgot to mention is make these tax cuts permanent because we’ve got to give certainty to families and businesses all over America that these tax cuts will not expire and then give them the effect of a tax increase.” (Fox News, [Unverified Transcript], Republican Presidential Candidate Debate, Myrtle Beach, SC, 1/10/08)

 But In The Senate, McCain Voted Against The Bush Tax Cuts, Saying They Benefited The Wealthy:

 In 2001, Sen. McCain Was One Of Only Two Republicans To Vote Against The $1.35 Trillion Bush Tax Cuts. The bill lowered marginal rates, eliminated the marriage penalty, and doubled the child tax credit. (H.R. 1836, CQ Vote #170: Adopted 58-33: R 46-2; D 12-31; I 0-0, 5/26/01, McCain Voted Nay)

 ·         Sen. McCain Said The 2001 Bush Tax Cuts Benefited The Wealthy. SEN. JOHN MCCAIN: “I think there is a belief in America that too much of this tax cut still goes to wealthiest Americans. And maybe we could do something about those that still pay a significant portion of their income in payroll taxes.” (CNN’s “Late Edition,” 3/11/01)

 In 2003, Sen. McCain Was One Of Only Three Republicans To Twice Vote Against The $350 Billion Bush Tax Cuts. The comprehensive bill lowered taxes by $350 billion over 11 years – including increasing the child tax credit and eliminated the marriage penalty. (H.R. 2, CQ Vote #179: Passed 51-49: R 48-3; D 3-45; I 0-1, 5/15/03, McCain Voted Nay; H.R. 2, CQ Vote #196: Adopted 50-50: R 48-3; D 2-46; I 0-1, 5/23/03, McCain Voted Nay)

 ·         Sen. McCain Said The 2003 Bush Tax Cuts Benefited The Wealthy. MCCAIN: “I want to see tax cuts, if they are necessary, go to working Americans, not the wealthiest.” (Richard Ruelas, “McCain Isn’t Saying ‘Oui’ To Bush’s Tax Cut Plan,” The Arizona Republic, 4/25/03)

 And In 2004, Sen. McCain Said He Was Against Making All Of The Bush Tax Cuts Permanent:

 Sen. John McCain: “They Want To Make The Tax Cuts For Higher-Income People Permanent, And I Don’t Want That.” (NPR’s “Morning Edition,” 6/16/04)

 Sen. McCain Said He Would “Clearly” Not Support Extending The Tax Cuts.  NBC’s TIM RUSSERT: “Since the Civil War, every president who has been at war has increased taxes. Should the president consider postponing his tax cut?” SEN. MCCAIN: “I would have – I voted against the tax cuts because of the disproportionate amount that went to the wealthiest Americans. I would clearly support not extending those tax cuts in order to help address the deficit. But the middle-income tax credits, the families, the child tax credits, the marriage tax credits, all of those I would keep.” (NBC’s “Meet The Press,” 4/11/04)

 Sen. McCain: “I Don’t Think We Should Continue To Cut Taxes.” MCCAIN: “I don’t think we should continue to cut taxes. I like – I think every American – I’m in favor of the middle-class, middle- income tax cuts, and I would vote to make them permanent.” (Sen. John McCain, Remarks, Washington, D.C., 5/18/04)

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 Campaign Chairman Says Reagan Legacy “Doesn’t Mean A Whole Lot”

Tonight’s Long Rambling Answer From Gov. Huckabee Failed To Address The Fact That His Campaign Deemed The Reagan Coalition Dead:

 Huckabee Could Not Address The Fact That His Campaign Believes That The Reagan Coalition No Longer Exists. FOX NEWS’ CARL CAMERON: “Gentlemen, as you know, no president has won the nomination without winning South Carolina. The Reagan advisory of security conservatives is gone and you’ve been quoted as saying you’re not running for another ray began term. What part of that coalition is gone and what has it been replaced for.” HUCKABEE: “I don’t think anybody said we’re not running for a Reagan term. I said we’re not running if this is a third time. Let me correct you on that. Not that you needed correcting, I want to make sure you got that right. The Reagan coalition has certainly not seen those same middle class, working-class republicans feeling a part of The Republican Party, as they should. one of the things I want us to do as a party and through this election process is once again make sure that people understand that when we lower taxes, when we cut spending, when we have a strong national defense, when we stick to our principles on the sanctity of human life and the primacy of traditional marriage and we also unapologetically hold to the idea that the second amendment is just as precious as the first amendment and in fact without the second, we don’t have the first, because we have no way to protect it. All of those things were a part of that Reagan coalition. I was part of it in 1979. a lot of the evangelicals who became part of helping Ronald Reagan to be elected. Over the year, sometimes republicans have thought that one part of that coalition was more important than the other. I think they’re all important and weapon need to recapture it. But we need to make sure that we communicate that our party is just as interested in helping the people who are single moms, who are working two jobs, and still just barely paying the rent as we are the people at the top of the economy.” (Fox News, [Unverified Transcript], Republican Presidential Candidate Debate, Myrtle Beach, SC, 1/10/08)

 Gov. Huckabee’s Campaign Chairman Declared The Reagan Coalition Dead:

 Gov. Huckabee’s Campaign Chair Ed Rollins: The Reagan Coalition Of Social, Fiscal, And Defense Conservatives “Doesn’t Mean A Whole Lot To People Anymore.” Huckabee Campaign Chairman Ed Rollins: “The breakup of what was the Reagan coalition — social conservatives, defense conservatives, anti-tax conservatives — it doesn’t mean a whole lot to people anymore.” (David Kirkpatrick, “Shake, Rattle And Roil The Grand Ol’ Coalition,” The New York Times, 12/30/07)

 Rollins On The Reagan Coalition: “It’s Gone.” “[Huckabee’s] success is setting off a debate in his party over whether his success marks the fading of the old Reaganite conservative coalition — social conservatives, anti-tax activists and advocates of a muscular defense — or, rather, offers a chance for its rejuvenation. ‘It’s gone,’ said Ed Rollins, who once worked as President Reagan’s political director and recently became Mr. Huckabee’s national campaign chairman.” (David Kirkpatrick, “Shake, Rattle And Roil The Grand Ol’ Coalition,” The New York Times, 12/30/07)

 Rollins: Some Parts Of Reagan Coalition May “Go By The Wayside.” “‘It is a time for a whole new coalition — that is the key,’ he said, adding that some part of the original triad might ‘go by the wayside.'” (David Kirkpatrick, “Shake, Rattle And Roil The Grand Ol’ Coalition,” The New York Times, 12/30/07)

 Gov. Romney Aims To Keep The Reagan Coalition United:

 Townhall’s Matt Lewis: “Rollins’ Pronouncement Is Almost An Argument To Vote For Mitt Romney.” “All along, Mitt Romney has wisely run as the only candidate who represents all three legs of the ‘three legged stool’ that is the Republican coalition.  For those of us who believe it is imperative to preserve the Reagan coalition, Rollins’ pronouncement is almost an argument to vote for Mitt Romney.” (Matt Lewis, “Rollins: Reagan Coalition Is Done,” Townhall, www.townhall.com, Posted 12/29/07)

National Review: “Romney Is A Full-Spectrum Conservative.” “Our guiding principle has always been to select the most conservative viable candidate. In our judgment, that candidate is Mitt Romney, the former governor of Massachusetts. Unlike some other candidates in the race, Romney is a full-spectrum conservative: a supporter of free-market economics and limited government, moral causes such as the right to life and the preservation of marriage, and a foreign policy based on the national interest.” (Editorial, “Romney For President,” National Review, 12/11/07)

 Gov. Mitt Romney: We Need To Unite “Social Conservatives, Economic Conservatives And Defense Conservatives.” GOV. ROMNEY: “I believe that to win the White House that our candidate has to be somebody who can represent and speak for all three legs of the conservative stool or conservative coalition that Ronald Reagan put together – social conservatives, economic conservatives and defense conservatives.” (Gov. Mitt Romney, Press Availability, Grand Rapids, MI, 10/13/07)

 Gov. Huckabee Alienates Fiscal And Foreign Policy Conservatives:

 National Review: Gov. Huckabee Would Pull Apart The Conservative Coalition By Alienating Economic And Foreign Policy Conservatives. “Uniting the conservative coalition is not enough to win a presidential election, but it is a prerequisite for building on that coalition. Rudolph Giuliani did extraordinary work as mayor of New York and was inspirational on 9/11. But he and Mike Huckabee would pull apart the coalition from opposite ends: Giuliani alienating the social conservatives, and Huckabee the economic (and foreign-policy) conservatives. A Republican party that abandoned either limited government or moral standards would be much diminished in the service it could give the country.” (Editorial, “Romney For President,” National Review, 12/11/07)

 Club For Growth’s Pat Toomey: Gov. Huckabee Is “A Big-Government Liberal.” “In order to earn back the public’s trust on economic issues, not to mention offer a compelling contrast with a Hillary Clinton-led Democratic ticket, Republicans must present a consistent message. A big-government liberal like Mike Huckabee, who takes pleasure in attacking the Republican party as the ‘party of Wall Street,’ will only reinforce the image of Republicans as ‘the big spenders that they used to oppose.’ A Huckabee nomination, even as vice president, will make it impossible for the Republican party to reclaim its brand of fiscal conservatism and limited government, without which it cannot be a majority party again.” (Pat Toomey, “Dump The Huck,” National Review, 10/26/07)

 Columnist Robert Novak: Gov. Huckabee “Is A High-Tax, Protectionist Advocate Of Big Government.” “Huckabee is campaigning as a conservative, but serious Republicans know that he is a high-tax, protectionist advocate of big government and a strong hand in the Oval Office directing the lives of Americans.” (Robert Novak, “The False Conservative,” Washington Post, 11/26/07)

 CNBC’s Larry Kudlow: Gov. Huckabee Naïve “On Dealing In International Affairs With Iran And Others.” CNBC’s LARRY KUDLOW: ” Condi Rice came out of the State Department … and attacked him because of his naïveté on dealing in international affairs with Iran and others. He doesn’t seem to understand power politics, and that we are in a jihadist global war.” (Hugh Hewitt Radio show, www.youtube.com/watch?v=mvfhmE6PKxI, 12/21/07)

 Columnist Charles Krauthammer Said Gov. Huckabee’s “Naïve And Unconvincing” Views On Foreign Policy Are Disqualifications To Be President. “Huckabee is funny, well spoken and gave a preacher’s stemwinder that wowed the religious right gathering in Washington last Saturday. But whatever foreign policy he has is naive and unconvincing. In wartime, that is a disqualification for commander in chief.” (Charles Krauthammer, Op-Ed, “A Fine Field Of 4½,” The Washington Post, 10/26/07)


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McCain Pessimistic About Michigan’s Future

Gov. Romney Knows How To Solve Michigan’s Problems

Detroit Auto Show Showcases Industry's Newest Models“Romney talked about reviving the auto industry, but McCain said some Michigan industries cannot be resurrected. ‘I’ve got to give you some straight talk: Some of the jobs that have left the state of Michigan are not coming back,’ he said. ‘They are not. And I am sorry to tell you that.'” (Michael Levenson, “Staking Out The Next Battlegrounds,” The Boston Globe, 1/10/08)

Sen. McCain Doesn’t Believe In The Future Of The U.S. Auto Industry:

Sen. John McCain: “Some Of The Jobs That Have Left The State Of Michigan Are Not Coming Back.” “Romney talked about reviving the auto industry, but McCain said some Michigan industries cannot be resurrected. ‘I’ve got to give you some straight talk: Some of the jobs that have left the state of Michigan are not coming back,’ he said. ‘They are not. And I am sorry to tell you that.'” (Michael Levenson, “Staking Out The Next Battlegrounds,” The Boston Globe, 1/10/08)

Sen. McCain Says He Is Merely “Aware” Of Michigan’s Woes:

Sen. McCain: “I’m Aware Of The Economic Difficulties Here In The State Of Michigan.” “‘I’m aware of the economic difficulties here in the state of Michigan,’ McCain said at a rally in Grand Rapids, just a few hours before Romney arrived.” (Michael Levenson, “Staking Out The Next Battlegrounds,” The Boston Globe, 1/10/08)

Sen. McCain Says He Doesn’t Fully Understand Economic Issues:

Sen. McCain: “‘The Issue Of Economics Is Not Something I’ve Understood As Well As I Should.” “Like Mike Huckabee, who joked recently that he ‘may not be the expert that some people are on foreign policy, but I did stay in a Holiday Inn Express last night,’ McCain suggested to reporters Monday that American consumer culture offered a short cut to expertise. ‘The issue of economics is not something I’ve understood as well as I should,’ McCain said. ‘I’ve got Greenspan’s book.'” (Sasha Issenberg, “McCain: It’s About The Economy,” The Boston Globe, www.boston.com, Posted 12/18/07)

  • Sen. McCain: “I Still Need To Be Educated.” “On a broader range of economic issues, though, Mr. McCain readily departs from Reaganomics. His philosophy is best described as a work in progress. He is refreshingly blunt when he tells me: ‘I’m going to be honest: I know a lot less about economics than I do about military and foreign policy issues. I still need to be educated.'” (Stephen Moore, “Reform, Reform, Reform,” OpinionJournal.com, 11/26/05)

Gov. Romney Will Fight To Revive Detroit’s Auto Industry:

Gov. Romney: I Will Fight For The Automobile Industry. “‘I always thought someday I’d be in the car business,’ Romney told the crowd in Grand Rapids yesterday. ‘Well, now I think I could do more to help the car business and to help Michigan by becoming president than by going to a job in the car industry.'” (Michael Levenson, “Staking Out The Next Battlegrounds,” The Boston Globe, 1/10/08)

“Romney Gets The Auto Industry… You Can’t Say That About Any Other Candidate In Either Party.” “He’d change it, he says, by helping automakers develop new technologies and by finding ways to reduce health care costs. Romney gets the auto industry — in fact, he’s offered himself up to run an automaker if this politics thing doesn’t work out. You can’t say that about any other candidate in either party.” (Nolan Finley, “Like His Dad, Mitt Romney’s A Car Guy,” The Detroit News, 11/1107)

Gov. Romney Knows That Washington Does Not Have A Solution For The Industry’s Problems. “‘I keep hearing this thing about why doesn’t Detroit build cars that we want, and it drives me nuts,’ he says. ‘Detroit is making great cars. Look at the Mustang [he drives one]. The U.S. auto manufacturers are burdened in excess of $2,000 per vehicle in health care and retirement costs. They have to make a car that is competitive for $2,000 less, and that’s not easy to do. They’ve done a remarkable job. They’re really quite creative and able.’ That’s not the kind of talk you hear much from Washington.” (Nolan Finley, “Like His Dad, Mitt Romney’s A Car Guy,” The Detroit News, 11/1107)

Gov. Romney Knows Michigan’s Problems And Takes Them Personally:

Gov. Romney: “It Pains Me Both As A Michigander By Roots And Also As An American To See Our Manufacturing Base In The Auto Sector Erode.” “‘I grew up in the automobile industry,’ the former Massachusetts governor and GOP presidential hopeful says. ‘The biggest time of the year was the auto show at Cobo Hall. And I want to see the American automobile industry succeed. It pains me both as a Michigander by roots and also as an American to see our manufacturing base in the auto sector erode. I want that to change.'” (Nolan Finley, “Like His Dad, Mitt Romney’s A Car Guy,” The Detroit News, 11/1107)

Gov Romney: “We Need To Have Somebody Who Cares Very Deeply About This State – And I Do.” “‘I’ve watched with concern as I’ve watched Michigan go through a one-state recession,’ the former Massachusetts governor said, standing on a chair and yelling without a microphone. ‘It’s just not right, and we need to have somebody who cares very deeply about this state – and I do.'” (Michael Levenson, “Staking Out The Next Battlegrounds,” The Boston Globe, 1/10/08)

Gov. Romney: “Michigan Is A State Going Through A One-State Recession.” GOV. MITT ROMNEY: “And I recognize that when Michigan is hurting, it is a precursor of what could happen to the entire country. Because our manufacturing base, if it’s threatened there, it’s threatened everywhere. And so for me, Michigan is not just, oh, one state that I hope they’re doing well. No, for me, Michigan is a state that has to do well. Michigan is a state going through a one-state recession.” (Governor Mitt Romney, Remarks, 1/9/08)

Gov. Romney: “I’ll Make A Commitment: If I’m President, That One-State Recession Is Over.” GOV. MITT ROMNEY: “It ain’t working and you’re going to find that that experiment is going to be rejected by the people of Michigan who want instead, somebody who knows, cares and loves that state and will fight very hard to help it come out of its one-state recession. I’ll make a commitment: if I’m president, that one-state recession is over.” (Governor Mitt Romney, Remarks, 1/9/08)

“And I want to do a better job for the American worker. And by the way, this is key for Michigan. And for me, Michigan is personal. I’m going to go to work to help Michigan.” – Gov. Mitt Romney (CNBC, Republican Presidential Candidate Debate, Dearborn, MI, 10/9/07)

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Here we are a couple days out of the Iowa fiasco. Mitt Romney came in a distant second to Mike Huckabee. News on the ground explains that Evangelicals were aflame because the big news Huckabee’s subliminal floating cross raised their ire. So, in defense, they came out in droves. They came out to make sure the Latter-day Saint faith was “illegitimized” and the defense of their “faith” succeeded. What I see is a legacy of mobs burning Mormons at the stake continued into this century. I saw a mob come out to “crucify” Mitt Romney.

I am Christian. I am Mormon. I was offended by Mike Huckabee’s ad. This comes after some of the ugliest weeks of attempted destruction and “illegitimizing” of my faith. Had Evangelicals, in particular Mike Huckabee and his garbage bag of worshippers actually done “what Jesus would have done”, this race could be oh so different. And let’s not leave out John McCain and both candidates disgusting, bottom-feeding shadow campaigns. No change in policy that Mitt Romney has ever made justifies or qualifies the virtual “burning at the stake” these professed “Christians” have attempted at the Latter-day Saint faith (Mormons) or to the candidate Mitt Romney.

I am full aware of Mitt Romney’s changes in stance on some issues. I am not naive in this regard at all. If Harry Reid – also a Mormon – were running for this election, I would do everything in my power to keep him from office. I say this to qualify that I would not vote for a member of my faith simply because we attend the same world-wide church.

What I find shocking is that our nation would be hard pressed to find any Evangelical who has accomplished the same level of success in all areas of life the way Mitt Romney has. He has been blessed with the phenomenal combination of “hard work” meeting “opportunity” in just about every area of his life. I would like to see any candidate or “Evangelical” who can make these kinds of claims.

Mitt Romney and his family have accomplished success in business, family and poltics that in all regards, populist Evangelicals and non-conservatives can only greedily hope to ever attain. What I suspect is that the Evangelicals are mainly a poor to middle-class religion. The ones who make it to the top are the ones who have exploited the collection plate as keepers of “ministries” or “congregations”. It’s just a suspicion of mine, but I’d venture to say that any religion willing to pay $25,000 for a guest speaker let alone $100 is just out of their minds. The premise that you get “paid” to prosper doing any of the Lord’s work is absurd – just saying. It’s really all about what’s in it for themselves.

So in order to justify their many ethical, political, social, and familial failures, they (these Mormon-hating Evangelicals) must do everything they can to degrade and defame the one candidate who has accomplished so many of the goals these other groups “claim” to want for our country. They profess to want stronger families, success in employment, less dependence on government, clean political stances – in other words, the rugged individual’s American dream. But their candidate, Mike Huckabee is anything but that. His success only comes from the mastery of manipulation of people and their pocketbooks.

Mitt Romney exemplifies the honor and privilege of achieving and accomplishing most, if not all, of those dreams. Yes he is a convert to “life”. Isn’t that we all want? Everyone has made this case ad nauseum. I, too, am a convert. There was a time when I wanted young women to choose life of their own volition, through “long suffering and persuasion”. Times have changed. Our culture is not what it used to be. The moral fiber of our country is disintegrating by the second. There are no fences or guardrails to keep the self-destruction of our nation anymore. Just look to Britany Spears and family to see the model of this. And so the time has come for organized matter dissolve into its unorganized state, the time has also come to put the brakes in place for protecting life.

In the last few weeks, more hangings at traffic lights and cranes took place in Iran . See for yourself if you have the guts. Warning: one is a video of living people dying by hanging at a main intersection by traffic lights. The other are the photos.

Do these populist voters have any idea of the “fences and guardrails” that would be imposed upon us if we continue to take our freedom for granted and hand the GOP over to people that make us “feel good”. Can anyone see what is at stake? Want another shocker? Watch how the Chinese feed live animals to crowds of lions for fun at their local zoos to desensitize their children to the sport and leisure of voracious killing. And by the way, they hang people for adultery. How many people in this country, including Britany Spears, would even be left – let alone a couple of presidential candidates, if Sharia law were to be in effect in this country?

This is not anything about bass guitar playing, Jay Leno schmoozing. This is about voting a candidate who has the experience of sometimes tough, heart wrenching life decisions. This is NOT a game. This is not about fun. This is about voting an executive leader into the greatest office of the greatest nation on this planet. Our voting is about issues.

Mitt Romney is the man with the experience and ethics to carry this nation forward. It is time to set aside jealousy for success, class envy, and liberal antics. Mitt Romney is the best candidate for President of the United States.

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