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Throughout the state of Nevada this morning, people gathered at their local caucus site and cast their vote for change in Washington.  With this important victory in the heart of the West, Governor Romney will continue traveling across the country calling for change in a Washington that is fundamentally broken.  Governor Romney issued the following statement concerning his victory in Nevada:


“Today, the people of Nevada voted for change in Washington.  For far too long, our leaders have promised to take the action necessary to build a stronger America, and still the people of Nevada and all across this country are waiting.  Whether it is reforming health care, making America energy independent or securing the border, the American people have been promised much and are now ready for change.

“The need for change is even more apparent today as our economy faces challenges both here at home and abroad.  For decades, we have talked about the long-term economic challenges confronting our country but still the tax burden is too high, business is stifled by regulations and more money goes to defending against junk lawsuits than promoting research and innovation.  Now, Washington must act and take the steps necessary to strengthen our economy.  With a career spent turning around businesses, creating jobs and imposing fiscal discipline, I am ready to get my hands on Washington and turn it inside out.”

And here are some fast facts and demographics information on Nevada:

 Swing state: Nevada is a key swing state that has been decided by 4 percentage points or fewer in each of the last four general elections.

 General election: Winning presidential candidates have carried Nevada in every election since 1976, and in 23 of the last 24 presidential elections.

 Large Hispanic block of voters: Nevada is the first GOP primary state with a significant Hispanic population—10% of all votes cast in 2004 were by Hispanic voters, and the number of Hispanic voters will likely be even higher this year. 

 Fastest growing state in the nation: According to the US Census Bureau, Nevada is the fastest-growing state in the nation—its population grew 2.9 percent in the past year, and has more than doubled since 1990.  By 2030, Nevada is projected to have almost as many residents as Iowa and New Hampshire combined.


  • The median household income in Nevada is $52,998, slightly above the US average of $48,451 (Census Bureau)
  • 19.1% of Nevadans were born outside the US, significantly higher than the nationwide average of 12.5% (Census Bureau)
  • 12% of Nevada voters say they are “white conservative Protestants” (2004 VNS Exit Poll)
  • By comparison, just 7.4% of Nevada residents belong to the LDS Church (Churches and Church Membership in the United States, 1990)
  • Nevada ranks 47th in the US in percent of married couples as a proportion of all households, at 47.4%, compared to the nationwide average of 49.7% (Census Bureau)

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From Politico:

Mitt Romney won the Republican presidential caucuses in Nevada Saturday, as Republicans were still voting in their South Carolina primary.

CNN has only 10% at the money and Romney has

Romney 56%

McCain 12%

Paul 12%

Huckabee 8%

Thompson 8%

Giuliani 3%

Way to go Gov. Romney!!!!

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Governor Romney’s Economic Stimulus Plan – Washington Must Act Now:

Governor Romney’s Economic Stimulus Plan Would Provide Much-Needed Relief To Taxpayers, Businesses And Homeowners.  Today, our economy is facing unprecedented challenges both here at home and abroad.  Our economy needs pro-growth stimulus, but Governor Romney believes any stimulus package should return money to American taxpayers, not increase already out-of-control government spending.  To promote economic growth, Governor Romney is proposing an economic stimulus plan that would lower taxes on individuals, reduce taxes for businesses and help homeowners through the current housing crisis. 

 ·        Individuals:  Governor Romney would permanently reduce the lowest income tax bracket, permanently eliminate payroll taxes on seniors and make middle-class savings tax free.

 ·        Businesses:  Governor Romney would institute immediate 100% expensing of equipment for two years and permanently reduce the corporate tax rate.

 ·        Homeowners:  Governor Romney would reform and expand Federal Housing Administration (FHA) loan portfolio limits to allow larger loans to homeowners.   

 Governor Romney Urges Our Leaders To Work Together And Immediately Debate, Pass And Sign A Stimulus Package For The American People.  If our representatives in Washington can work together and demonstrate the leadership that the American people deserve, Governor Romney is optimistic that we can still turn this economy around.  Washington must get to work immediately and pass a bill no later than February 19, a month from today, in order to stimulate our economy. 

 INDIVIDUALS:  Governor Romney’s Economic Stimulus Plan – Pro-Growth Tax Cuts For Individual Taxpayers:

 Permanently Reduce The Lowest Income Tax Bracket to 7.5%.  Permanently cutting taxes for all taxpayers will put more money in workers’ pockets and stimulate consumer confidence and spending. 

 ·        Cutting The Lowest Tax Rate From 10% To 7.5% Will Provide Up To A $400 Tax Cut To Each American Taxpayer.

 ·        Governor Romney Proposes Providing An Immediate Retroactive Tax Credit Reflecting The Lower 7.5% Tax Rate For 2007 Earnings To Employees Who Earned Less Than $97,500 In 2007.  This tax cut would immediately stimulate the economy as taxpayers with the highest propensity to consume receive their increased 2007 tax refunds.   

 ·        Permanently Reducing The Lowest Bracket Is A Pro-Growth Tax Cut For The Tens Of Millions Of Americans In The Lowest Income Tax Bracket. 

 Permanently Eliminate Payroll Taxes On Employees Over The Age Of 65.  It is not fair that seniors that have worked their whole life and earned their full Social Security benefit continue to owe payroll taxes to the federal government. 

 ·        In This Uncertain Economic Environment, More And More Seniors Are Returning To The Workforce.  Governor Romney’s proposal will provide an immediate tax cut to working seniors.

 ·        Governor Romney Believes That Seniors Have Already Earned Their Full Social Security Benefit And Should Not Owe Additional Payroll Taxes For Income Earned After Age 65.

 Make Middle-Class Savings Tax Free.  Governor Romney’s plan will allow middle class Americans to save tax free by changing the tax rate on interest, capital gains and dividends to absolutely 0%.  By helping more Americans save and invest, we can meet the challenges of an aging population and ensure the financial security of America.

 ·        Allow Over 95% Of American Families To Save And Invest Tax Free:  Any taxpayer with Adjusted Gross Income under $200,000 would pay a tax rate of absolutely 0% on all of the income they earn from their savings, capital gains and dividends.

 ·                    Expand The Investor Class:  In recent years, over half of adult Americans have participated in the stock market either directly or through pension plans and mutual funds.  Tax-free savings will encourage more families to build wealth by saving, investing and participating in the stock market, which will help grow the economy. 

 BUSINESSES:  Governor Romney’s Economic Stimulus Plan – Pro-Growth Tax Cuts For Businesses:

 Institute Immediate 100% Expensing Of New Equipment Purchased By A Business For A Two-Year Period Retroactive To January 1, 2008.  This plan would allow both large and small businesses to immediately invest in new equipment and capital improvements, which would immediately stimulate the economy and create new jobs. 

 ·        Boost U.S. Manufacturers And Vendors:  Accelerating and increasing capital investment in equipment and other qualified assets in the U.S. will immediately provide a boost to U.S. manufacturers and vendors. 

 ·        Encourage Additional Business Investment:  Entrepreneurs and small businesses, such as S corps and LLCs, which often face cash flow difficulties, will benefit greatly by the reduced cost of investment in equipment under this plan.  Additional investment and expansion by these growing businesses will drive economic growth.  

 Reduce The Corporate Tax Rate To 20% Over Two Years.  Governor Romney believes we should immediately act to reduce the corporate rate to 25% for 2008 and 20% in 2009.  A permanent U.S. corporate tax rate of 20% will attract capital, stimulate investment, and increase American competitiveness with the rapidly growing economies of the world. 

 ·        A More Competitive Corporate Tax Rate:  Governor Romney has spoken throughout the campaign about the need to reduce our corporate income tax rate in order to compete more effectively against other countries with lower rates. The United States currently has the second-highest corporate tax rate in the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development.  

 ·        Encourage New Capital Flows Into The United States:  Cutting the corporate tax rate will cause new capital to flow to the U.S. and make our U.S. companies more competitive by providing additional funds for research, development, innovation, and hiring of additional employees. 

 HOMEOWNERS:  Governor Romney’s Economic Stimulus Plan – Helping Homeowners:

 Reform And Expand Federal Housing Administration (FHA) Loan Portfolio Limits:

 ·                    Lower The Amount Of Upfront Down Payment A Borrower Must Make, Allowing FHA To Help Nonprime Borrowers Who May Not Be Able To Meet The Current Requirement.

 ·                    Raise The Maximum Loan Amount Eligible For FHA Insurance, Allowing FHA To Serve More Borrowers In Higher-Priced Areas.

·        Expand NeighborWorks America’s Foreclosure Avoidance Initiative:  Governor Romney proposes expanding NeighborWorks America’s Foreclosure Avoidance Initiative to help American homeowners stay in their homes.  NeighborWorks America assists homeowners by offering foreclosure counseling and identifying refinancing opportunities for U.S. homeowners.

Governor Romney’s Pro-Growth Tax Agenda:

Governor Romney’s Economic Stimulus Plan Is In Addition To His Tax Proposals Which Will Provide A Sound Economic Framework For Long-Term Growth:

·        Make The Bush Tax Cuts Permanent:  Making the Bush Tax Cuts permanent is the first step to ensuring that Americans are able to keep more of their hard-earned money.

·        Roll Back Tax Rates For All Americans:  As President, Governor Romney will cut marginal tax rates across the board, allowing all Americans to save more money. 

·        Kill The Death Tax:  It is unfair to tax Americans three times: first when they earn their money; second when they invest it and receive income from those investments; and third when they die.

·        Make The Research And Development Tax Credit Permanent To Encourage Capital Investment And Innovation:  Governor Romney believes that we must encourage companies to invest more in research and development to produce the innovations our companies need to win in the global economic competition. 

·        Oppose Any Increase In Social Security Taxes:  We can strengthen Social Security without resorting to higher Social Security taxes that will impact all Americans.  Governor Romney will oppose any proposed increase in Social Security taxes. 

·        Prevent The Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) From Hurting More American Families:  At the very least, Congress must pass a patch to the AMT that will prevent this tax from affecting more and more families in America. 


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