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Nice going Glenn. It’s about time old-style media got the boot. Passion is excellent, it’s a sign of being rooted in those principles you talk about. The ones whining that you are unstable are, in fact, “projecting”. They are the ones who will say anything to destroy your success because THEY are unstable. They are also the “talking heads” on TV that have destroyed the media.They still think that if they continue to say the pathetic things they say that they will get the ratings.

Failure/Stupidity: Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting to get a different result.

Glenn’s passion is waking the sleeping dragon – that was lulled to sleep by propagandist, blithering, dribble. I actually have a reason to watch the TV again.

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Do you think that is hot air coming out of the "blue guy" - he is pretty "blue in the face" - the red guy looks pretty calm and confident...

Do you think that is hot air coming out of the "blue guy" - he is pretty "blue in the face" - the red guy looks pretty calm and confident...

Okay everyone it’s time to stop biting our tongue and lay out how we feel in our frantic, fanatic, flaming liberal world.

I have made several attempts in the last few months to gently open my mouth about my concern for my country to various friends and family. I have been blasted with the most amazing excuses, arguments, and the “unsophisticated” emotional spewage of the liberals who I speak with. I can handle civil disagreement and sharing of ideas. But this is about discourse with hypnotized zombies that have IV lines connected straight to the Obama White House “feel-good” drip.

It’s all about feeling good…. and you and I, my dear friend, just want to help invite them think.

Further, I’m not sure I am motivated to “convert” them because like with any conversion, we lay the truth out there for the person themselves to embrace or not. It is not “we” that are doing the converting; it is the amazing process that happens when “truth” takes hold of a person’s soul and brings them to “an awakening”.
So how do we set their alarm clocks?

Hmmmm, we do have a problem here don’t we? I do not have a solution by myself, but I think more heads are better than one.

I would like to put this out there for all of us to “comment” on. Please comment your suggestion. I can compile your suggestions into an “edit” of this post so that we will have a wonderful encyclopedia of ideas – cited, of course.

So, I thank you in advance for your ideas, I think this will be a wonderful collection that will help us in this very daunting task. I think this will give us a great chance to hear each other’s ideas and experiences.

This is part 1 of 2 of an idea I have to help us be armed in our daily life to bring us “change” and to help us have “hope.”

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Bless Glenn Beck’s heart. He is up to something wonderful by getting us to consider these 9 principles:


We Surround Them – Glenn Beck

1) Yes or no: Do you believe America is a good place, that we’ve lost our way over the years, that we have done bad things but generally speaking we tried hard. We try to make amends. We have tried to do the right thing. Just like everybody else, we fail from time to time and we have truly lost our way in the last 20 years. But gosh, if you look at America, she’s good and our founders were good and our founding documents are good. We’ve just strayed too far away from them. Yes or no.

2) Yes or no: I believe in God. I may not go to the same church or synagogue or mosque as the majority of people in America, but I believe in God and he is the center of my life, and God does not tell people to behead others or to persecute others that see God in a different way. As long as that god is not telling them to persecute others.

Yes or no.

3) Yes or no: It is my responsibility to try to be better and a more honest person than I was yesterday. Sometimes I fail, I’ll make mistakes, but it’s my main mission to be better than I was personally than I was yesterday.

4) Yes or no: The family is sacred. I and my spouse are the ultimate authority under God when it comes to my family. I raise my family, and that comes with a grave responsibility. If I fail, I answer to God.

5) Yes or no: If you break the law, you pay the penalty. Justice is blind and no one is above it.

6) Yes or no: I have a right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, but that is not a guarantee of equal results.

7) Yes or no: I work hard for what I have, and I will share it with others that I choose when I choose, should I choose. Government cannot force me to be charitable.

8) It is not un-American for anyone to disagree with my opinion, but my opinion or others’ opinions may be anti-American. Anti-American rhetoric would be anything that is destructive to the Constitution and our country as our founders understood it.

9) And the last one is the government works for me. The government answers to me. I do not answer to the government.


Glenn is asking anyone, Right or Left, Republican or Democrat to step away from the insanity and stop and consider some very basic principles – principles that are basic and decent. They are elements of our moral compass around which we navigate through our American life. Some, however, trash these ideals and are perverting everything good and decent.

The deal is this, if you support or believe in seven or more of these ideals, then send a picture of yourself  and spouse to wesurroundthem@gmail.com or wesurroundthem@foxnews.com . Glenn plans to use these photos in some way in the future, including the possibility of showing them on his show on FoxNews.

The reality is, that Obama and the other liberals are trying to shove through the most vile and outrageous deviation from our Constitution imaginable. The whole idea of getting us to feel cut off and isolated and helpless – is exactly what they want. This has been a stealth move, orchestrated since the beginning of this century by a group called the “Progressives”. See book Liberal Fascism by Jonah Goldberg.

We encourage everyone to keep up with Glenn Beck and what he is planning to do with all these photos. As of this point, he will have a studio audience on his FoxNews show on Friday, March 15th 5:00pm. His show begins at 5pm est. Be sure and record the show if it is too early.

There is also another great thing happening. Glenn has helped everyone around the country gather together on the night of this broadcast in a “Meet-Up” gathering. You have probably heard that Obama and friends such as “Move-On.org” get everyone to meet together at rallies or in each other’s homes – this is how he motivates such enormous ground support. Obama and friends are masters of the Internet and new media. Well now it’s time to turn the tables. The ground is swelling in a way rarely seen in America.

So everyone, it’s time to get to work and get connected. We are Americans – those 9-12-2001 people. We are the people who are hurt but not broken; down but not out. We love this country and it’s time we take it back.

We Surround Them!


P.S. I’d also like to recommend Smart Girl Politics – a social networking web site for Conservative women – but it doesn’t look like just women are joining. Smart Girl is a fun, hip place to find other people, just like you,

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