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Hi everyone,

I apologize for the light blogging. Number one, I have a lot of thoughts on the current political tides in our country – but am very frustrated with my powerlessness to effect any changes. I have actually started at least 10 articles in the last couple of weeks but have quit 3/4 the way through.

Meanwhile, I am preparing for a 360 fusion of my lumbar spine. There has been a lot to do – donate blood, get fitted for a back brace, pre-admission testing, type and cross-matched – and all the other pleasantries of having a rapidly deteriorating back. There is also all the fun stuff of getting a family prepared to live without the CFO (Chief Family Officer) out of commission for the NEXT THREE MONTHS!!! and beyond.

I will do what I can here. I would like to point people to Glenn Beck’s newsletter for the day which has all the articles of Jonah Goldberg’s Liberal Fascism:

Liberal Fascism Recap

February 25, 2008 – 9:40 ET

Below is a recap of the Liberal Fascism series by Jonah Goldberg that appeared in the Glenn Beck email newsletter…

Feb 22: Emulating FDR: A horrible idea
Feb 21: Government Knows Best
Feb 20: What Hillary and Barack have in store
Feb 19: The facts your liberal friends need to hear

Emulating FDR: A horrible idea
By Jonah Goldberg

“America has a dictator,” Benito Mussolini proclaimed, watching FDR from abroad. He marveled at how the forces of “spiritual renewal” on display in the New Deal were destroying the outdated notion that democracy and liberalism were “immortal principles.” “Roosevelt is moving, acting, giving orders independently of the decisions or wishes of the Senate or Congress. … A sole will silences dissenting voices.” That almost sounds like Harry Reid talking about Bush.
Mussolini reviewed FDR’s book, Looking Forward proclaiming the author a kindred spirit. The way Roosevelt “calls his readers to battle,” he wrote, “is reminiscent of the ways and means by which fascism awakened the Italian people.” “Without question,” he continued, the “sea change” in America “resembles that of fascism.” Indeed, the comparisons were so commonplace, Mussolini’s press office banned the practice. “It is not to be emphasized that Roosevelt’s policy is fascist because these comments are immediately cabled to the United States and are used by his foes to attack him.”
The German press adored FDR. In 1934, the Vlkischer Beobachter, the Nazi Party’s official newspaper, described Roosevelt as a man of “irreproachable, extremely responsible character and immovable will” and a “warm-hearted leader of the people with a profound understanding of social needs.” Hitler sent FDR a letter celebrating his “heroic efforts” and “successful battle against economic distress.” Hitler informed the U.S. ambassador, William Dodd, that New Dealism was also “the quintessence of the German state philosophy.”
The New Dealers were not so much mimicking the Soviet Union, Fascist Italy or Nazi Germany. They were attempting to recreate what they had built -up under Woodrow Wilson’s war socialism. Today we have no historical memory of how brutal the Wilson Administration was, nor do we realize that many Progressives supported the war not so much because they championed its foreign policy aims, but because they yearned for the “social possibilities of war,” in the words of John Dewey, the 20th century’s premier political philosopher.

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Read the whole series at Glenn Beck’s website.

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