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My sister-in-law visited us a couple weeks ago. She is from Communist China. She is married to my brother who is American. For financial reasons she continues to live in China and visits on vacation.

When she came to visit our home, she didn’t understand how our home was heated (with a forced air furnace) and we took her down to the basement to see how it all worked.  Another thing that was stunning to us was that she had never seen a picture of Jesus Christ before.

She told us how at her University, there was an American couple that Bible meetings at their apartment. The couple was there as a teachers at her University. My sister-in-law was able to go to these meetings for a couple of weeks before the government found out about what was happening. The government told the couple that they had to stop or they would have to go back to America.

Well here is a little taste of what is really going on over there:

Chinese stepping up religious crackdown ahead of Olympics

Allie Martin – OneNewsNow – 2/15/2008 2:00:00 PM

A new report shows that China’s communist government has stepped up its crackdown on Christians. 

According to the annual report released by the China Aid Association, there were 60 cases of known persecutions against house churches last year — up from 46 cases in 2006. The report also found that 788 people were persecuted, a total up from 665 the year before.
Bob Fu, president of the China Aid Association, says the crackdown on Christians and unregistered house churches is related to the upcoming summer Olympic games. And he says the crackdown is even extending to foreign Christians.
“But one surprising thing was the unprecedented campaign to kick out foreign Christians and missionaries — and even businessmen — from China,” notes Fu.
Fu is encouraging Christians in the West to use their freedom to call for reforms in China. “We can write letters to President Bush, who has agreed to attend the China Olympics this summer, [asking] that he will continue to raise his voice,” says Fu.
According to Fu, the campaign to deport foreign Christians is the most widespread of its kind since the communists took over more than 50 years ago.

I have to say that before they left, our family did present her with a King James Bible and bore our testimony of Christianity and Jesus Christ. We even gave her some pass along cards which showed the various important ministry of Christ (Easter, Christmas, preaching, etc)

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