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We were there. Our sons insisted we go. They were willing to chip in their hard-earned paper-route money (they deliver 250 homes each Saturday) at the ages of 11 and 13. They appreciated the value of hard work and how they must save for their future.

This is the video we made in the car on the way home from Washington DC. We could not have been around a calmer, gentler, family-friendly environment than even compared to an amusement park. People broke out into cheers on the subway, chanting USA, and other patriotic expressions. There were a couple “off’color” signs, but we didn’t focus on them. They were certainly out numbered by the just clear statements, or clever expressions that expressed our “outrage” at a government out of control.

We are very proud to be a part of history in this way. Older people stopped us and thanked us for bringing our children. Some even asked if they could take our picture. Elderly strangers, stopped us in the street to talk to us and the children about how important this is to them.

Without further ado, here is our video:


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American United have a beauty. It’s a movie titled “Hillary the Movie”. They want to pay for a 10 second commercial/trailer for “Hillary the Movie“, BUT because of McCain-Fiengold they can’t show the 10 second trailer without a 4 second disclaimer from disclaimers from candidates. This is a complete violation of free speech that has been muzzled and the group intends to take this to the Supreme Court. But in case you can’t wait, you can see the trailers at their website or even buy the DVD.

Explosive New Hillary Movie Exposes the Clintons

Tuesday, January 15, 2008 9:42 AM

By: Kenneth R. Timmerman

Hillary Clinton supporters will hate the new movie that premiered last night in Washington, D.C.

Although the movie is about their idol, executive producer David N. Bossie is hoping that Obama and John Edwards supporters will pounce on it with glee to warn voters of the dangers of a third Clinton presidency.

Bossie, a former congressional investigator, says he intentionally released “Hillary: the Movie: before the Super Tuesday primaries in February to give pause to Democrats weighing their choices in the upcoming primaries.

The movie was written and edited by veteran documentary film maker Alan Peterson for Citizens United, a conservative political action group based in Washington, DC.

Far from a rehash of the 1990s, “Hillary: the Movie” is like the sediment at the bottom of an old wine bottle. It is the hard, crystallized essence of Hillary’s contribution to the Clinton years.

The Clinton camp is hoping that Americans are weary of the decade of scandals that plagued Bill Clinton’s eight years in the White House, and dismiss attempts to dredge up the scandals as “old news.”

But don’t worry, says former Clinton pollster Dick Morris, who writes regularly for Newsmax. If you thought you’d had enough of the old scandals, “the good news is, we’ll get new ones!” Read more here

To see more about the litigation process, take a peek at this…

January 10, 2008, 4:25 PM

Hillary The Movie, Now In Courtrooms

Posted by Brian Montopoli

Judges are now deciding whether a movie critical of Hillary Clinton and the ads promoting it constitute political advertising.

The makers of “Hillary: The Movie” say the movie and its ads should not be subject to campaign finance laws, which limit when ads can be broadcast and require disclaimers. But the judges deciding the case seem skeptical of their claims, according to an Associated Press report.

An attorney for Citizens United, a conservative advocacy group, said the film and its ads should be considered “issue-oriented” speech, since there is no direct appeal over who to vote for. Here’s the exchange that followed a judges inquiry into what the issue is, according to AP:

“That Hillary Clinton is a European Socialist,” [attorney] Bopp replied. “That is an issue.”

“Which has nothing to do with her campaign?” U.S District Judge Royce C. Lamberth interjected.

“Not specifically, no,” Bopp replied.

In the film, AP reports, conservative commentators make the case for why Clinton is not fit to be president. One ad for the movie features conservative commentator Ann Coulter offering “a kind word” about Clinton: She “looks good in a pant suit.” An announcer then says, “Now, a movie about everything else.”

Looks like a goodie.

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