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I am so thrilled after all these months about Sarah Palin. I have gained SOME new respect for John McCain. I have a very difficult time trusting him, but I can pledge my allegiance to Sarah Palin. I really was part of the dejected Republic.

Despite all this excitement, I can’t help but mourn over the loss of Mitt Romney. And this is my prevailing thought: “If only it was Romney-Palin”.

I have to say that one of the absolutely funniest moments was afterwards when on MSNBC, Andrea Mitchell became buried in a very large pile of balloons from a balloon drop. Tom Brokaw started calling her “Andrea Boom Boom Mitchell”. And the sad (or actually hilarious) thing is, with all their clueless elitism, neither one were incapable of smiling over the matter.

Okay – so maybe there is reason to blog again. It’s going to take a great deal more to rouse this napping tiger. The exception, of course, is following Sarah Palan.

So maybe I’ll be seeing you again and maybe I won’t.


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