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We’re proud to support a fantastic, brave, and wonderful VERY PROUD MARINE. Corporal Metzner mustered out on January 28th, 2008. He called us from an airport hanger in full fatigues and weapons. His plane was disembarking and he was waiting to head to Kuwait and then Iraq. He’s now in Kuwait and patiently waiting to enter into Iraq:

Corporal Robin Metzner


February 1, 2008

we finally made it to Kuwait, and now we play yet another waiting game waiting for the sand storm to settle so that we can get into Iraq. the flight from CA to Maine was “interesting” our plane made a 200 ft free fall when we hit an unexpected air pocket of considerable strength. “damn” we thought, and we didnt even make to Iraq! so here i am now it is 0400 in the morning. but it seems that nights and days run together here, and you get sleep whenever you can. Kuwait is very very flat, for hundreds of miles, there is ALOT of sand, i have not seen a body of water since the United States. everyone is excited and geared up and ready to go. we knew that when we received out ammunition it was go time. i hope that all is well, i miss you and love you all, i am not sure when i will find internet next but i will write you. i will send pictures when i find better internet because it is to slow here.

Love Robin

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