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From Race42008. You just have to see this to believe it!

From Jason Bonham:

What’s really funny is the ladies logic. Of course she thinks it’s not unfair, or else she wouldn’t do it. The point isn’t weather the MSM’s bias to John McCain isn’t done in good faith (which I actually think it is) or bad faith, they’re not being nefarious about this, but the point is whether the media should be in a position to allow them selves to be swayed in either direction by a campaign’s spin. McCain has done a great job in extending a hand out to the media, and they like any human being appreciate that- and it was smart of him to do so. But we also should realize that the media is human, and are just as unable to think rationally as anyone else. When a candidate gives them extra access, they are naturally going to give him better coverage over the ones that don’t. It makes sense, and I understand it, but the non-punditry media should aim for higher standards, not rationalize poor ones.

The lady (I don’t know her name) seems to miss the point that the press basing reporting events based on their perception of candidates really is not reporting, it’s op-ed. What she doesn’t understand is sometimes your perceptions are wrong, and sometimes they are right. But when you report news, you need to avoid embracing your opinions and do your best to report on the facts.

Ana Marie Cox really sheds some light on this and how her friends in the traveling press have approached Mitt:

It had been a long time coming. In Michigan, the frustration over Romney’s complete disingeniousness about “bringing your jobs back” conjured a rare degree of camaraderie, and we caucused together and came up with a list of questions that we agreed to ask no matter who got called on at the next press conference. For instance: “If Bain Capital was going to invest in the auto industry, what segment would it invest in, and how would that help Michigan?” Salon’s Mike Madden actually got that in, but it elicited a non-answer: “I’ve been out of the private sector too long to advise people on that kind of thing.” In other words, his experience in the private sector is relevant, until he’s called upon to use it.

I don’t think Cox could have written a more damning statement about her professionalism. Colluding with reporters to catch Romney in a gotcha question? If you read it she was disappointed he didn’t take the bate, so she now damns him for that. Do you think in her heart of hearts there was an answer he could have given that would have satisfied her? It’s a sad state of her skills and the mindset she brings to the table as a professional reporter.

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