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Today, addressing the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), Governor Romney announced that he was suspending his presidential campaign for the sake of Republican unity and the future of our country.  In 2008, Republicans must stand united if we are to prevent Senators Clinton and Obama from taking the White House.  As a nation at war and facing uncertain economic times, the American people cannot afford the Democrats and their agenda for retreat and economic slowdown.  With today’s speech, Governor Romney outlined the significance of this election and the need for the Republican Party to remain strong.  Here’s the link to the video on Mitt TV:

And here’s the speech as prepared for delivery.  On a personal note, it has been great to work with you all.  Thanks so much.

Governor Romney’s Address To CPAC:


“I want to begin by saying thank you.  It’s great to be with you again.  And I look forward to joining with you many more times in the future.

“Last year, CPAC gave me the sendoff I needed.  I was in single digits in the polls, and I was facing household Republican names.  As of today, more than 4 million people have given me their vote for President, less than Senator McCain’s 4.7 million, but quite a statement nonetheless.  Eleven states have given me their nod, compared to his 13.  Of course, because size does matter, he’s doing quite a bit better with his number of delegates.

“To all of you, thank you for caring enough about the future of America to show up, stand up and speak up for conservative principles.

“As I said to you last year, conservative principles are needed now more than ever.  We face a new generation of challenges, challenges which threaten our prosperity, our security and our future.  I am convinced that unless America changes course, we will become the France of the 21st century – still a great nation, but no longer the leader of the world, no longer the superpower.  And to me, that is unthinkable.  Simon Peres, in a visit to Boston, was asked what he thought about the war in Iraq.  ‘First,’ he said, ‘I must put something in context. America is unique in the history of the world.  In the history of the world, whenever there has been conflict, the nation that wins takes land from the nation that loses. One nation in history, and this during the last century, laid down hundreds of thousands of lives and took no land.  No land from Germany, no land from Japan, no land from Korea.  America is unique in the sacrifice it has made for liberty, for itself and for freedom loving people around the world.’  The best ally peace has ever known, and will ever know, is a strong America.

“And that is why we must rise to the occasion, as we have always done before, to confront the challenges ahead.  Perhaps the most fundamental of these is the attack on the American culture. 

“Over the years, my business has taken me to many countries.  I have been struck by the enormous differences in the wealth and well-being of people of different nations.  I have read a number of scholarly explanations for the disparities.  I found the most convincing was that written by David Landes, a professor emeritus from Harvard University.  I presume he’s a liberal – I guess that’s redundant.  His work traces the coming and going of great civilizations throughout history.  After hundreds of pages of analysis, he concludes with this:

“If we learn anything from the history of economic development, it is that culture makes all the difference.  Culture makes all the difference.

“What is it about American culture that has led us to become the most powerful nation in the history of the world?  We believe in hard work and education.  We love opportunity: almost all of us are immigrants or descendants of immigrants who came here for opportunity – opportunity is in our DNA.  Americans love God, and those who don’t have faith, typically believe in something greater than themselves – a ‘Purpose Driven Life.’  And we sacrifice everything we have, even our lives, for our families, our freedoms and our country.  The values and beliefs of the free American people are the source of our nation’s strength and they always will be.

“The threat to our culture comes from within.  The 1960’s welfare programs created a culture of poverty.  Some think we won that battle when we reformed welfare, but the liberals haven’t given up.  At every turn, they try to substitute government largesse for individual responsibility.  They fight to strip work requirements from welfare, to put more people on Medicaid, and to remove more and more people from having to pay any income tax whatsoever.  Dependency is death to initiative, risk-taking and opportunity. Dependency is a culture-killing drug.  We have got to fight it like the poison it is.

“The attack on faith and religion is no less relentless.  And tolerance for pornography – even celebration of it – and sexual promiscuity, combined with the twisted incentives of government welfare programs have led to today’s grim realities: 68% of African American children are born out-of-wedlock, 45% of Hispanic children, and 25% of White children.  How much harder it is for these children to succeed in school and in life.  A nation built on the principles of the Founding Fathers cannot long stand when its children are raised without fathers in the home.

“The development of a child is enhanced by having a mother and father.  Such a family is the ideal for the future of the child and for the strength of a nation.  I wonder how it is that unelected judges, like some in my state of Massachusetts, are so unaware of this reality, so oblivious to the millennia of recorded history.  It is time for the people of America to fortify marriage through Constitutional amendment, so that liberal judges cannot continue to attack it.

“Europe is facing a demographic disaster.  That is the inevitable product of weakened faith in the Creator, failed families, disrespect for the sanctity of human life and eroded morality.  Some reason that culture is merely an accessory to America’s vitality; we know that it is the source of our strength.  And we are not dissuaded by the snickers and knowing glances when we stand up for family values, and morality, and culture.  We will always be honored to stand on principle and to stand for principle.

“The attack on our culture is not our sole challenge.  We face economic competition unlike anything we have ever known before.  China and Asia are emerging from centuries of poverty.  Their people are plentiful, innovative and ambitious.  If we do not change course, Asia or China will pass us by as the economic superpower, just as we passed England and France during the last century.  The prosperity and security of our children and grandchildren depend on us.

“Our prosperity and security also depend on finally acting to become energy secure.  Oil producing states like Russia and Venezuela, Saudi Arabia and Iran are siphoning over $400 billion per year from our economy – that’s almost what we spend annually for defense.  It is past time for us to invest in energy technology, nuclear power, clean coal, liquid coal, renewable sources and energy efficiency.   America must never be held hostage by the likes of Putin, Chavez, and Ahmadinejad.

“And our economy is also burdened by the inexorable ramping of government spending.  Don’t focus on the pork alone – even though it is indeed irritating and shameful.  Look at the entitlements.  They make up 60% of federal spending today.  By the end of the next President’s second term, they will total 70%.  Any conservative plan for the future has to include entitlement reform that solves the problem, not just acknowledges it.

“Most politicians don’t seem to understand the connection between our ability to compete and our national wealth, and the wealth of our families.  They act as if money just happens – that it’s just there. But every dollar represents a good or service produced in the private sector.  Depress the private sector and you depress the well-being of Americans.

“That’s exactly what happens with high taxes, over-regulation, tort windfalls, mandates, and overfed, over-spending government.  Did you see that today, government workers make more money than people who work in the private sector?  Can you imagine what happens to an economy where the best opportunities are for bureaucrats?

“It’s high time to lower taxes, including corporate taxes, to take a weed-whacker to government regulations, to reform entitlements, and to stand up to the increasingly voracious appetite of the unions in our government.

“And finally, let’s consider the greatest challenge facing America – and facing the entire civilized world: the threat of violent, radical Jihad. In one wing of the world of Islam, there is a conviction that all governments should be destroyed and replaced by a religious caliphate.  These Jihadists will battle any form of democracy.  To them, democracy is blasphemous for it says that citizens, not God shape the law.  They find the idea of human equality to be offensive.  They hate everything we believe about freedom just as we hate everything they believe about radical Jihad.

“To battle this threat, we have sent the most courageous and brave soldiers in the world.  But their numbers have been depleted by the Clinton years when troops were reduced by 500,000, when 80 ships were retired from the Navy, and when our human intelligence was slashed by 25%.  We were told that we were getting a peace dividend.  We got the dividend, but we didn’t get the peace.  In the face of evil in radical Jihad and given the inevitable military ambitions of China, we must act to rebuild our military might – raise military spending to 4% of our GDP, purchase the most modern armament, re-shape our fighting forces for the asymmetric demands we now face, and give the veterans the care they deserve.

“Soon, the face of liberalism in America will have a new name.  Whether it is Barack or Hillary, the result would be the same if they were to win the Presidency.  The opponents of American culture would push the throttle, devising new justifications for judges to depart from the Constitution.  Economic neophytes would layer heavier and heavier burdens on employers and families, slowing our economy and opening the way for foreign competition to further erode our lead.

“Even though we face an uphill fight, I know that many in this room are fully behind my campaign.  You are with me all the way to the convention.  Fight on, just like Ronald Reagan did in 1976.   But there is an important difference from 1976:  today, we are a nation at war.

“And Barack and Hillary have made their intentions clear regarding Iraq and the war on terror.  They would retreat and declare defeat.  And the consequence of that would be devastating.  It would mean attacks on America, launched from safe havens that make Afghanistan under the Taliban look like child’s play.  About this, I have no doubt.

“I disagree with Senator McCain on a number of issues, as you know.  But I agree with him on doing whatever it takes to be successful in Iraq, on finding and executing Osama bin Laden, and on eliminating Al Qaeda and terror.  If I fight on in my campaign, all the way to the convention, I would forestall the launch of a national campaign and make it more likely that Senator Clinton or Obama would win.  And in this time of war, I simply cannot let my campaign, be a part of aiding a surrender to terror.

“This is not an easy decision for me.  I hate to lose.  My family, my friends and our supporters – many of you right here in this room – have given a great deal to get me where I have a shot at becoming President.  If this were only about me, I would go on.  But I entered this race because I love America, and because I love America, I feel I must now stand aside, for our party and for our country.

“I will continue to stand for conservative principles.  I will fight alongside you for all the things we believe in.  And one of those things is that we cannot allow the next President of the United States to retreat in the face evil extremism.

“It is the common task of each generation – and the burden of liberty – to preserve this country, expand its freedoms and renew its spirit so that its noble past is prologue to its glorious future.

“To this task, accepting this burden, we are all dedicated, and I firmly believe, by the providence of the Almighty, that we will succeed beyond our fondest hope.  America must remain, as it has always been, the hope of the Earth.

“Thank you, and God bless America.”

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Throughout the state of Maine, people have gathered at their local caucus site over the last two days and cast their vote for conservative change in Washington.   With only a few caucus sites left to report tomorrow, Governor Romney issued the following statement concerning his victory in Maine:


“Today, the people of Maine joined those from across the nation in casting their vote for conservative change in Washington.  All across the state, men and women gathered to help chart the future course of our country.  Tonight, they have made their voice known and have endorsed our conservative vision for a stronger America.  Like many Americans, the people of Maine are tired of Washington promises made but broken. 

“The need for change in Washington is even more apparent today.  With our economy facing uncertain times, we need a leader who actually understands how the economy works and how jobs are created.  We also need a leader from outside of Washington who is ready to meet the long-term challenges facing our country.  With a career spent working in the economy, creating jobs, turning around faltering institutions and imposing fiscal discipline, I am ready to bring conservative change to Washington.  In this campaign, I am proud to have the support of the people of Maine.” 

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John McCain Hates Me

Friday, February 1, 2008 8:26 AM
By: Michael Reagan

Until last night, when I watched the Republican debate, I had no idea how much John McCain dislikes me and just about everybody else but Rudy Giuliani, who, if you believe The New York Times, is a pretty good hater himself.

As I watched McCain and Gov. Romney go at it during the debate at the Reagan Library, I was struck by the huge gap that separates McCain — whose contempt for his fellow humans is patently obvious — and my dad, Ronald Reagan, who had nothing but the deepest affection and respect for the American people.

The feeling is mutual between McCain and me. I don’t like the way he treats people. You get the impression that he thinks everybody is beneath him. He seems to be saying, “I was a war hero, and you had damn well better treat me as your superior.”

He has contempt for conservatives who he thinks can be duped into thinking he’s one of them, despite such blatantly anti-conservative actions as his support for amnesty for illegal immigrants, his opposition to the Bush tax cuts which got the economy rolling again, and his campaign finance bill which skewed the political process and attacked free speech.

I am appalled by his contempt for the intelligence of his listeners when he flat-out lies and expects them to believe what he says even when the truth is staring them in the face.

Read the full article here.

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Laura Ingraham:  “All right, I’m going to see your endorsement and raise you an announcement: February 12th is the big D.C. primary, I’m pulling the lever for Mitt Romney. No doubt about it.  No hesitation.” (“The Laura Ingraham Show,” 2/1/08)

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Well, it doesn’t take too much listening to figure this all out. Conservative talk radio is doing everything they can to educate and inform voters that Mitt Romney is the “real deal” (Sean Hannity this week).

Glenn Beck a super great fan, of course. Today Sean Hannity said it straight, but he has been a wonderfully supportive and rallying force behind Gov. Romney for several weeks and months. Here is his official support, as of today:

Rush has been very kind and started the Smitten Mitten “title” a couple weeks ago when a few very proud, pro-Romney women called in. It was actually pretty sweet as he could barely conceal a smidge of jealousy over the swooning Romney gals. I assure him that we love him too – and it’s not so much his hair, but the voice that we really go for with him ;o)

Tonight we listened to Michael Savage who was uncharacteristically calm but ever so eloquent and on point. He had only positive things to say for Gov. Romney, including that he is a “moral conservative”. This actually is a profound compliment considering that the American family has been left out of every other candidate’s stump speech. This is really shocking. It’s almost like our country is embarrassed about the most fundamental unit of society.

If nothing else, this week’s support of Conservative Talk Radio has been nothing short of a miracle. What all of these people have come to assess is the most amazing validation of the LDS faith into the realm of true values and conservatism. “By their fruits ye shall know them” is the very essence of what Mormons are all about. There is something, great things, to be said of a people, who, in this day and age, stand for virtue and excellence.

Mitt Romney is the complete essence of what we stand for. If only our family could approximate the success of the Romney’s. Mitt Romney is somewhat of a convert to conservatism and so am I. I actually am still trying to undo decades of liberal indoctrination from public and Catholic school systems. After that I spent 10 years at Universities undergoing the most socialist indoctrination known to mankind. There were no conservative influence to be found anywhere in my life – excepting my father, a British doctor in England who left that country because of socialized medicine. He came here, became a U.S. citizen and lived the American dream becoming quite successful in his practice.

So I find it repugnant of anyone who claims to be a Republican or Conservative who criticizes people coming into the Reagan house. This is simply a kind of liberal rhetoric. It is not a contest. Remember the workers in the vineyard? There are some who will join at the end of the day and and they will all be paid the same. I, at middle age, am finally able to embrace the inherent worth of this amazing Republic and the Divine Inspiration which raised up this great nation. Those who are lucky enough to be on this ride for a long time, be grateful. 

We are proud to support Gov. Mitt Romney in his bid to the White House. Having evaluated all of his record, his conversion is the “real deal”. He and his family are remarkable Americans and some in this nation are terrified that someone so clean will undoubtedly outshine them. This is not something to hold barbaric vindictiveness as in the case of Huckabee not bowing out of his failed race. Nor the tenuous and poisonous corrupt McCain. This country deserves virtue and greatness. Gov. Mitt Romney is the man of character this country needs.


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Sean Hannity:  “I’ll tell you right now, and I’ve not announced this, but I will be voting for Mitt Romney in this campaign. It’s the first time I’ve stated it publicly.  I’ll state it now.”  (“Sean Hannity Radio Show,” 1/31/08)

I’d also like to say that a couple days ago, an Evangelical called Sean up with flaming Mormon Derangement Syndrome dripping in her voice. Se sounded like someone who was left having to clean up dog vomit. She was a Huckabee supporter ready to consider Romney. She hinted and evaded around her COMPLETE HATRED AND FEAR OF A MORMON and asked Sean if he was okay to vote for. Sean reminded her that he had spent a lot of time with Governor Romney and his family and was convinced he was a great guy and the “real deal”.



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Fox News’ Frank Luntz: FOX NEWS’ FRANK LUNTZ: “First off, who won the debate tonight? I always begin that way.” VOTER: “Romney.” LUNTZ: “Who says John McCain won the debate tonight raise your hands, 3, only 4 of you. Who says Mitt Romney, about half of you.” (Fox News’ “Hannity & Colmes,” 1/30/08)

National Review‘s Kathryn Jean Lopez: “He hit back and defending his honor and truth on Iraq. I don’t think most Americans get “timetables was a buzzword.” I think they get that neither of these guys are Harry Reid. The sum of it is oddly, unnecessarily, McCain came off badly during an Iraq round.” (Kathryn Jean Lopez, “Is Romney Reading the Corner?” National Review’s The Corner Blog, http://corner.nationalreview.com, Posted 1/30/08)

· Lopez: “I think Romney came off effective and competent.” (Kathryn Jean Lopez, “Weird, Irritating Debate,” National Review‘s The Corner Blog, http://corner.nationalreview.com/=, Posted 1/30/08)

Townhall’s Mary Katharine Ham: “Mitt Romney is exactly right on letting states take the lead on global warming and emissions standards if they want to tighten them, but he does the work McCain wouldn’t do by pointing out that those actions have consequences in higher costs and lost jobs. When he talks these issues, he is smart and right.” (Mary Katharine Ham, “Global Warming Mania!” Townhall Blog, www.townhall.com, Posted 1/30/08)

Captain’s Quarters’ Ed Morrissey: “Mitt Romney won this debate. He looked crisp, sharp, had facts at his command, and exuded confidence.” (Ed Morrissey, “Live Blog And Wrap Up,” Captain’s Quarters’ Blog, http://www.captainsquartersblog.com/, Posted 1/30/08)

CNN’s Bill Schneider: “A couple of Romney’s answers were quite good, particularly on the Iraq timetables issue.” (Bill Schneider, “The Night’s Big Winner: Huckabee,” CNN’s Political Ticker Blog, http://politicalticker.blogs.cnn.com, Posted 1/30/08)

· Schneider: “Romney’s giving a pretty interesting conservative explanation of a health care plan that otherwise makes conservatives nervous. As he explains, it forces people to pay their own way — which they get.” (Bill Schneider, “Romney Makes A Sale On Health Care,” CNN’s Political Ticker, http://politicalticker.blogs.cnn.com, Posted 1/30/08)

· Schneider: “Romney’s giving a full-throated rebuttal to McCain’s charge that he proposed a timetable on Iraq withdrawal – and he’s right. That was a strong answer.” (Bill Schneider, “Romney Calls McCain Out,” CNN’s Political Ticker, http://politicalticker.blogs.cnn.com, Posted 1/30/08)

National Review’s Mark Hemingway: “I think I can say that Romney was the clear winner in the debate.” (Mark Hemingway, “For the First Time,” National Review‘s The Corner Blog, http://corner.nationalreview.com, Posted 1/30/08)

· Hemingway: “[Gov. Romney] showed an admirable fighting spirit.” (Mark Hemingway, “For the First Time,” National Review‘s The Corner Blog, http://corner.nationalreview.com, Posted 1/30/08)

· Hemingway: “Romney kept his head about him and remained gracious even as a number of his charges against McCain stuck.” (Mark Hemingway, “For the First Time,” National Review‘s The Corner Blog, http://corner.nationalreview.com, Posted 1/30/08)

The Atlantic’s Marc Ambinder: “Applause from audience when Romney says Reagan would have found the dirty tricks reprehensible.” (Marc Ambinder, “Debate Wire,” Atlantic Online, http://marcambinder.theatlantic.com/, Posted 1/30/08)

· Ambinder: “Romney gives a strong answer that weaves together his experience with his resume…notes that Abe Lincoln wasn’t a military leader…” (Marc Ambinder, “Debate Wire,” Atlantic Online, http://marcambinder.theatlantic.com/, Posted 1/30/08)

Instapundit’s Glenn Reynolds: “GOOD POINT BY ROMNEY about how McCain shouldn’t ‘demean’ people who start businesses. McCain has been doing that a lot, acting as if meeting a payroll is somehow less honorable than working for the government.” (Glenn Reynolds, “Good Point By Romney,” Blog, http://instapundit.com/, Posted 1/30/08)

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