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Post SC/NV Evangelical vs non-Evangelical Scorecard (with NV Mormon vote analysis)

Posted: 21 Jan 2008 02:17 AM CST

Based on Exit polling from SC, NV, MI, NH, and IA (as well as real vote tallies from the five states–apologies to WY!):

Total voters thusfar: 1,731,000

Total “Evangelical/””Born Again” voters: 734,200

Total non-Evangelical voters: 996,800

Evangelical Numbers

Percent of total votes cast that were from Evangelicals: 42%

Evangelical Voters by candidate:

Huckabee — 36%

Romney — 25%
McCain — 24%

Thompson — 10%

Paul — 4%

Giuliani — 1%

Before SC, Romney was tied with Huckabee at 31% each with the Evangelical voters. Huckabee has an undisputed “base” among Evangelicals, but both Romney and McCain have proven that they can get a significant portion of the “Evangelical vote.”

Non-Evangelical Numbers
Percent of total votes cast that were from non-Evangelicals: 58%

Non-Evangelical Voters by candidate:
Romney — 36%
McCain — 35%
Paul — 9%
Huckabee — 9%

Thompson — 6%
Giuliani — 5%

Yes folks . . . the appeal for Huckabee to non-Evangelical voters is on par with Ron Paul’s (before this Sat he actually trailed Ron Paul among non-Evangelical votes by quite a large margin). Huckabee definitely HAS NOT proven in any contest thus far that he can get non-Evangelicals to support him in large numbers.
Huck’s best showing for the non-Evangelical votes was 14% (both in IA and SC–4th place in both instances). In MI he got 8% of non-Evangelical votes. In NH he got just 6%, and in Nevada he got a Hunter-esque 3% of the non-Evangelical votes. This does not bode well for Huckabee from Feb 5th onward (let alone how in the world he could compete in a general election). He’s yet to prove that he can move beyond his base (and his gaffe-prone campaigning the last few weeks isn’t helping with any “outreach”). Additionally MI, NV, and even SC have shown that he’s even having a hard time “locking up” his Evangelical base effectively.
I maintain my position from last week’s similar post: Mike Huckabee’s sole purpose in this race right now is to dilute Romney’s access to social conservative voters so that McCain can win and then Huck can hope to be chosen as VP.
Now onto the Mormon vote in Nevada. Most media outlets seemed to delight in repeating that Romney got 94% of the LDS vote in Nevada. It was repeated time and again as I watched the coverage live and many pundits said/inferred that this factor accounted for Romney’s win. Actually, if you subtracted out every single Mormon vote for Romney he still would have won by a double digit margin and had nearly double the votes of either of his next two competitors.

But others seemed to express dismay that one religious group would be so absolutely monolithic in it’s support. However, they fail to recognize that Dems NV Exit polling shows that 3% of those participating in the Democratic caucus were Mormons. I’m guessing NONE of them voted for Romney (sarcasm intended).

With voting totals around 115,000 in the Dem race (I saw that number on Fox News) that would come out to approximately 3500 LDS voters NOT voting for Romney in the Dem caucus.

By contrast, 25% of the GOP caucus in NV that were Mormon with nearly 45,000 total GOP voters — therefore around 11250 LDS voters and 94% of them were for Romney . . . but that means nearly 500 were not.

So, 4000 LDS in Nevada voted “Not for Romney” and 10,750 voted for Romney. That breaks down to 73% LDS for Romney and 27% LDS that were not for Romney. Not quite the absolutely robotic block-voting group that many media outlets are trying to play up, but, still, a solid base for Romney in the western/mountain states.
An interesting counter-argument about such huge LDS support for Mitt is that LDS have absolutely NO reservations about or aversion to Romney based on his religion, and can therefore view him outside of that context (while most non-LDS cannot) and therefore judge him solely on his record, experience, and issue stances. Romney surely hasn’t “pandered” to the LDS base like Huckabee has to his Evangelical base. Historically speaking, there was no huge LDS groundswell of support for Orrin Hatch in 2000, or Mo Udall back in the 70s. Similarly, Harry Reid is a guy that only a tiny fraction of LDS would ever consider voting for based on co-religiosity. In Romney most LDS are able to see, outside of the context of him having a “weird religion,” that he is an incredibly competent, faithful, successful, and articulate leader with a record of conservative governance and broad-based executive experience.
I’ve never thought there was any “upside” for Romney or his supporters to decry the hard or soft bigotry that he’s faced because of his religion. Most of us have know it exists, but it is something difficult to quantify. It is what it is and it’s hard to change, so why focus on it, right? No one likes a “whiner” and Romney certainly can’t be criticized for being one.
However, a recent study out of Vanderbilt University provides pretty convincing evidence that religious aversion to Romney is very real, but has hidden under the cover of his branding as a “flip-flopper.” The researchers conclude that such negative perceptions and labels have “stuck” to Romney because of underlying or overt theological misgivings about his religion.

Bias against Mitt Romney’s religion is one of the reasons that the tag “flip-flopper” sticks with the former Massachusetts governor but not his Republican opponents, according to Vanderbilt political scientist[s] . . .
“We find that of those who accuse Romney of flip-flopping, many admit it is Romney’s Mormonism and not his flip-flopping that is the real issue,” Benson said. “Our survey shows that 26 percent of those who accuse Romney of flip-flopping also indicate that Mormonism, not flip-flopping, is their problem with Romney.” Benson noted that the pattern is especially strong for conservative Evangelicals. According to the poll, 57 percent of them have a bias against Mormons.
The study’s findings suggest that criticizing Romney for flip-flopping is an effective campaign strategy because it sticks with two different groups: those who are genuinely concerned about Romney’s shifts on certain issues and those who use the label as cover for the fact that they do not want to vote for a Mormon for president.
“As the campaign continues to unfold, these data become increasingly relevant as the Republicans choose a presidential nominee,” Geer said.

Again, I present this not as a complaint or “whining” about it, but in an informational sense. Like Romney, I love data and believe in it’s power. Having this new data out there might help people see deeper into the dynamics of this race and self-analyze why there may be an aversion to Romney for which he can hardly be blamed. That he has succeeded and progressed despite this “handicap” is quite impressive IMO.

Jeff Fuller

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Governor Romney’s Economic Stimulus Plan – Washington Must Act Now:

Governor Romney’s Economic Stimulus Plan Would Provide Much-Needed Relief To Taxpayers, Businesses And Homeowners.  Today, our economy is facing unprecedented challenges both here at home and abroad.  Our economy needs pro-growth stimulus, but Governor Romney believes any stimulus package should return money to American taxpayers, not increase already out-of-control government spending.  To promote economic growth, Governor Romney is proposing an economic stimulus plan that would lower taxes on individuals, reduce taxes for businesses and help homeowners through the current housing crisis. 

 ·        Individuals:  Governor Romney would permanently reduce the lowest income tax bracket, permanently eliminate payroll taxes on seniors and make middle-class savings tax free.

 ·        Businesses:  Governor Romney would institute immediate 100% expensing of equipment for two years and permanently reduce the corporate tax rate.

 ·        Homeowners:  Governor Romney would reform and expand Federal Housing Administration (FHA) loan portfolio limits to allow larger loans to homeowners.   

 Governor Romney Urges Our Leaders To Work Together And Immediately Debate, Pass And Sign A Stimulus Package For The American People.  If our representatives in Washington can work together and demonstrate the leadership that the American people deserve, Governor Romney is optimistic that we can still turn this economy around.  Washington must get to work immediately and pass a bill no later than February 19, a month from today, in order to stimulate our economy. 

 INDIVIDUALS:  Governor Romney’s Economic Stimulus Plan – Pro-Growth Tax Cuts For Individual Taxpayers:

 Permanently Reduce The Lowest Income Tax Bracket to 7.5%.  Permanently cutting taxes for all taxpayers will put more money in workers’ pockets and stimulate consumer confidence and spending. 

 ·        Cutting The Lowest Tax Rate From 10% To 7.5% Will Provide Up To A $400 Tax Cut To Each American Taxpayer.

 ·        Governor Romney Proposes Providing An Immediate Retroactive Tax Credit Reflecting The Lower 7.5% Tax Rate For 2007 Earnings To Employees Who Earned Less Than $97,500 In 2007.  This tax cut would immediately stimulate the economy as taxpayers with the highest propensity to consume receive their increased 2007 tax refunds.   

 ·        Permanently Reducing The Lowest Bracket Is A Pro-Growth Tax Cut For The Tens Of Millions Of Americans In The Lowest Income Tax Bracket. 

 Permanently Eliminate Payroll Taxes On Employees Over The Age Of 65.  It is not fair that seniors that have worked their whole life and earned their full Social Security benefit continue to owe payroll taxes to the federal government. 

 ·        In This Uncertain Economic Environment, More And More Seniors Are Returning To The Workforce.  Governor Romney’s proposal will provide an immediate tax cut to working seniors.

 ·        Governor Romney Believes That Seniors Have Already Earned Their Full Social Security Benefit And Should Not Owe Additional Payroll Taxes For Income Earned After Age 65.

 Make Middle-Class Savings Tax Free.  Governor Romney’s plan will allow middle class Americans to save tax free by changing the tax rate on interest, capital gains and dividends to absolutely 0%.  By helping more Americans save and invest, we can meet the challenges of an aging population and ensure the financial security of America.

 ·        Allow Over 95% Of American Families To Save And Invest Tax Free:  Any taxpayer with Adjusted Gross Income under $200,000 would pay a tax rate of absolutely 0% on all of the income they earn from their savings, capital gains and dividends.

 ·                    Expand The Investor Class:  In recent years, over half of adult Americans have participated in the stock market either directly or through pension plans and mutual funds.  Tax-free savings will encourage more families to build wealth by saving, investing and participating in the stock market, which will help grow the economy. 

 BUSINESSES:  Governor Romney’s Economic Stimulus Plan – Pro-Growth Tax Cuts For Businesses:

 Institute Immediate 100% Expensing Of New Equipment Purchased By A Business For A Two-Year Period Retroactive To January 1, 2008.  This plan would allow both large and small businesses to immediately invest in new equipment and capital improvements, which would immediately stimulate the economy and create new jobs. 

 ·        Boost U.S. Manufacturers And Vendors:  Accelerating and increasing capital investment in equipment and other qualified assets in the U.S. will immediately provide a boost to U.S. manufacturers and vendors. 

 ·        Encourage Additional Business Investment:  Entrepreneurs and small businesses, such as S corps and LLCs, which often face cash flow difficulties, will benefit greatly by the reduced cost of investment in equipment under this plan.  Additional investment and expansion by these growing businesses will drive economic growth.  

 Reduce The Corporate Tax Rate To 20% Over Two Years.  Governor Romney believes we should immediately act to reduce the corporate rate to 25% for 2008 and 20% in 2009.  A permanent U.S. corporate tax rate of 20% will attract capital, stimulate investment, and increase American competitiveness with the rapidly growing economies of the world. 

 ·        A More Competitive Corporate Tax Rate:  Governor Romney has spoken throughout the campaign about the need to reduce our corporate income tax rate in order to compete more effectively against other countries with lower rates. The United States currently has the second-highest corporate tax rate in the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development.  

 ·        Encourage New Capital Flows Into The United States:  Cutting the corporate tax rate will cause new capital to flow to the U.S. and make our U.S. companies more competitive by providing additional funds for research, development, innovation, and hiring of additional employees. 

 HOMEOWNERS:  Governor Romney’s Economic Stimulus Plan – Helping Homeowners:

 Reform And Expand Federal Housing Administration (FHA) Loan Portfolio Limits:

 ·                    Lower The Amount Of Upfront Down Payment A Borrower Must Make, Allowing FHA To Help Nonprime Borrowers Who May Not Be Able To Meet The Current Requirement.

 ·                    Raise The Maximum Loan Amount Eligible For FHA Insurance, Allowing FHA To Serve More Borrowers In Higher-Priced Areas.

·        Expand NeighborWorks America’s Foreclosure Avoidance Initiative:  Governor Romney proposes expanding NeighborWorks America’s Foreclosure Avoidance Initiative to help American homeowners stay in their homes.  NeighborWorks America assists homeowners by offering foreclosure counseling and identifying refinancing opportunities for U.S. homeowners.

Governor Romney’s Pro-Growth Tax Agenda:

Governor Romney’s Economic Stimulus Plan Is In Addition To His Tax Proposals Which Will Provide A Sound Economic Framework For Long-Term Growth:

·        Make The Bush Tax Cuts Permanent:  Making the Bush Tax Cuts permanent is the first step to ensuring that Americans are able to keep more of their hard-earned money.

·        Roll Back Tax Rates For All Americans:  As President, Governor Romney will cut marginal tax rates across the board, allowing all Americans to save more money. 

·        Kill The Death Tax:  It is unfair to tax Americans three times: first when they earn their money; second when they invest it and receive income from those investments; and third when they die.

·        Make The Research And Development Tax Credit Permanent To Encourage Capital Investment And Innovation:  Governor Romney believes that we must encourage companies to invest more in research and development to produce the innovations our companies need to win in the global economic competition. 

·        Oppose Any Increase In Social Security Taxes:  We can strengthen Social Security without resorting to higher Social Security taxes that will impact all Americans.  Governor Romney will oppose any proposed increase in Social Security taxes. 

·        Prevent The Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) From Hurting More American Families:  At the very least, Congress must pass a patch to the AMT that will prevent this tax from affecting more and more families in America. 


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“Republicans haven’t had much national electoral success of late, and for that they have only themselves to blame. In the 14 years since the Gingrich revolution, too many Republicans have embraced the beltway culture and abandoned the very principles upon which their success with voters depended — smaller government, low taxes, free markets and personal liberty.

 “Nevada Republicans on Saturday should examine their choices through precisely such a filter. Each GOP candidate can make — and has made — a reasonable case that he’s best suited to ensure the party again embraces the ideas and concepts that made this nation a beacon of freedom and economic opportunity. But in our opinion, the viable candidate most likely to lead Republicans in such a direction is Mitt Romney, the former governor of Massachusetts.”

The full editorial follows:


 Romney best pick for state Republicans



 You might not know it, but there’s also a Republican caucus in Nevada on Saturday.

 While the Democratic candidates have been showering attention on the Silver State in order to sway voters in preparation for their Saturday event, Republican hopefuls have been largely absent, preferring to campaign in Michigan and South Carolina.

 Thus the GOP caucus here hasn’t garnered nearly the attention of the Democratic one.

 As it stands now, there is no clear Republican front-runner nationally. Mike Huckabee won Iowa, John McCain took New Hampshire and Mitt Romney picked up Michigan. The race in South Carolina looks to be close. Meanwhile, Rudy Giuliani is banking that he’ll grab a big win in Florida and gain momentum for Super Tuesday, when 22 states will hold primaries.

 The fight for the nomination “is going to be like the Bataan Death March,” said Ron Kaufman, a top adviser to Mr. Romney.

 Well then, perhaps even little old Nevada could provide a slight boost for the winning GOP candidate.

 Republicans haven’t had much national electoral success of late, and for that they have only themselves to blame. In the 14 years since the Gingrich revolution, too many Republicans have embraced the beltway culture and abandoned the very principles upon which their success with voters depended — smaller government, low taxes, free markets and personal liberty.

 Nevada Republicans on Saturday should examine their choices through precisely such a filter. Each GOP candidate can make — and has made — a reasonable case that he’s best suited to ensure the party again embraces the ideas and concepts that made this nation a beacon of freedom and economic opportunity. But in our opinion, the viable candidate most likely to lead Republicans in such a direction is Mitt Romney, the former governor of Massachusetts.

 Mr. Romney’s economic agenda includes several pro-growth policies, including a plan to eliminate taxes on capital gains, interest and dividends for any household earning less than $200,000 a year. He backs a line-item veto, favors making the Bush tax cuts permanent and understands that imposing higher taxes as a means of fixing Social Security will only make the problem worse.

 He’s supportive of free trade, rejects protectionism, backs tort reform, supports school choice and accountability, and while governor was even able to successfully push a handful of spending reforms through Massachusetts’ overwhelmingly Democratic legislature. Mr. Romney vows to exercise his veto power if Congress doesn’t embrace spending restraint and understands the drag that excessive federal regulation imposes on the innovation and the economy.

 Mr. Romney did push a measure to ensure universal health insurance in Massachusetts, but says as president he’d offer incentives for states to experiment with their own solutions, rather than embrace a top-down, national single-payer system. He also understands that a sensible energy policy will require developing more of America’s domestic resources.

 Mr. Romney has extensive experience in the private sector, which is unusual for far too many politicians. Before becoming governor of Massachusetts, he was the president and CEO of the Salt Lake City Olympic Organizing Committee. He is a former vice president and CEO of Bain & Company Inc., a Boston management consulting firm, and also a founder of Bain Capital, a private equity firm.

 In a speech earlier this month to the Economic Club of Detroit, Mr. Romney articulated a concise understanding of what made this country great.

 “The 20th century saw two economic systems pitted against each other,” he said. “Ours, built on free enterprise and the primacy of the consumer. The Soviets’, built on government command and control, and the primacy of the state.

 “Ours produced the most powerful economy in the world that has given its citizens a standard of living our grandparents never dreamed possible; theirs produced a downward spiraling standard of living and eventual collapse.

 “The 20th century history lesson is that America’s economy is strong because we put our trust in the American people, and in the free enterprises they create.”

 We urge Nevada Republicans on Saturday to support Mitt Romney.


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This bill says that by just “claiming” you are female, entitles you to use whichever bathroom you want. Imagine grown men being able to march right on into little girls bathroom or your gym locker-room.

Bill 23-07, CIVIL RIGHTS?

From www.notmyshower.net

A resident, Lisa G., wrote to the Council: “From what I’m reading, the person with gender identity confusion is being protected by what she or he FEELS he or she is. So, if I’m in a bathroom all by myself late at night, and a man walks in, I am supposed to be okay with this? This is truly unbelievable, and I’m embarrassed that Montgomery County is even spending its time on this piece of nonsense.”

Per Bill 23-07, Gender Identity:

Gender identity means an individual’s actual or perceived gender, including a person’s gender-related appearance, expression, image, identity, or behavior, whether or not those gender-related characteristics differ from the characteristics customarily associated with the person’s assigned sex at birth.”
Just the Facts on Bill 23-07

Montgomery County joined approximately 80 jurisdictions and 13 states in adding “gender identity “non- discrimination. However, unlike some other jurisdictions and the federal ENDA proposal:

Bill 23-07 has no exemption for religious organizations.
Bill 23-07 has no exemption for religious educational institutions
Bill 23-07 has no exemption for places of shared nudity.
Bill 23-07 has no exemption for small businesses (less than 15 employees).
Bill 23-07 definition of gender identity is so broad, cross-dressers are included.
Bill 23-07 has no exemption for renters looking for roommates.

Montgomery County Council (MCC) Bill 23-07, while including gender identity into the existing public accommodations non-discrimination code, did not provide an exemption for places of shared nudity. Bill 23-07 still includes public accommodations, and public bathrooms and locker rooms fall under “public accommodations”. The existing non-discrimination code, which Bill 23-07 amends, was written over 20 years ago. The existing non-discrimination code desegregated bathrooms, buses, restaurants and all kinds of public accommodations. Montgomery County points at the “distinctly private and personal” existing part of the code (which precedes Bill 23-07 by 20 years) and implies that it somehow was written with bathrooms in mind. This is appears to be a smokescreen attempt by MCC. Read the public accommodations CODE and judge for yourself.

Read more at Not My Shower at www.notmyshower.net

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Tonight, Governor Mitt Romney earned an impressive victory in Michigan as tens of thousands of voters cast their ballot for conservative change in Washington.  Elections are about the future and Governor Romney has the experience, vision and values to build a stronger America.  Tonight’s victory is a victory for optimism over Washington-style pessimism.  With the announcement of today’s results, Governor Romney made the following remarks to supporters, volunteers and the American people.

Governor Mitt Romney:  “Well, tonight, tonight marks the beginning of a comeback, a comeback for America.  Only a week ago, a win looked like it was impossible, but then you got out and told America what they needed to hear.  You said we would fight for every job.  You said that we would fight to get health care for all Americans.  You said we’d fight to secure our border.  You said you’d fight for us to be able to get lower taxes for middle-income Americans, and Michigan heard, and Michigan voted tonight. Congratulations! 

“Tonight proves that you can’t tell an American that there’s something that they just can’t do because Americans can do whatever they set their hearts on.  Tonight is a victory of optimism over Washington-style pessimism.  Tonight, we are celebrating here in Michigan, I’ve got to tell you that.  Guess what they’re doing in Washington?  They’re worrying, because they realize, the lobbyists and the politicians realize, that America now understands that Washington is broken, and we’re going to do something about it.

“America understands that Washington has promised that they’d secure our borders, but they haven’t. Washington told us that they would live by high ethical standards, but they haven’t.  Washington told us that they’d fix Social Security, but they haven’t.  Washington told us they’d get us better health care and better education, but they haven’t.  Washington told us they’d get us a tax break for middle income Americans, but they haven’t.  Washington told us that they’d cut back on the earmarks and the pork-barrel spending, but they haven’t.  And Washington told us they’d reduce our dependence on foreign oil, but they haven’t.  And who’s going to get the job done?  We are!

“Guys, it was not very far from right here that Ann and I and our family behind us began our campaign at the Henry Ford Museum of Innovation.  Wow that’s powerful, I’ll tell you.  At the Museum of Innovation, we said that we’re going to take innovation and change to Washington, recognizing that there’s no way that an insider in Washington is going to turn Washington inside out.  But we’re going to do that. American voters said that knowing how America works is more important than knowing how Washington works.

“And what we’re going to see in the next few days is Democrats saying that they’re the party of change. You’re going to hear Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama and John Edwards saying that they’re the party of change.  And I think they would bring change to America, just not the kind we want.  I think they take their inspiration from the Europe of old: big government, big brother, big taxes.  They fundamentally in their hearts believe that America is great because we have a great government, and we do have a great government, but that’s not what makes us the best nation, the strongest nation, the greatest nation on Earth.  What makes us such a great nation is the American people.  I take my inspiration from Ronald Reagan and George Herbert Walker Bush, who took their inspiration from the American people – hard-working American people, people who believed in opportunity, who loved education, God-fearing people, people who also love their families, people deeply patriotic.  It is that characteristic of the American people that makes us the most powerful nation on Earth.  Ronald Reagan, George Herbert Walker Bush said we are a great and good people, it’s exactly what we are.  It’s why we will always be the most powerful nation on Earth.

“Now, you heard right here in Michigan, our campaign, we said we were going to strengthen our military with additional troops and better equipment and better care for our veterans when they come home.  We also said that we’re going to strengthen our families.  We said we’re going to strengthen the economy.  I will never accept defeat for any industry here in America, we’ll fight for every job.  

“I have a couple of questions for you.  Is Washington, D.C., broken?”

Crowd:  “Yes!”

Governor Romney:  “Can it be fixed?”

Crowd:  “Yes!”

Governor Romney:  “Are we the team that’s going to get the job done?”

Crowd:  “Yes!”

Governor Romney:  “Alright, let’s take this campaign to South Carolina and Nevada and Florida and all over the country, and let’s take it all the way to the White House!  Thank you so much!”

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From Jonah Goldberg:

Conservatism’s buzz-kill

…The problem is that conservatism, even Reagan’s brand, wasn’t as popular as we often remember it. Government spending continued to increase under Reagan, albeit a bit more slowly. Today, the U.S. population is 30% larger but government spending is 84% greater (adjusting for inflation) than it was when Reagan delivered his 1981 inaugural address. That was the speech in which he declared: “In this present crisis, government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem,” and vowed to “curb the size and influence of the federal establishment.”

Liberals have an inherent advantage. As long as they promise incremental, “pragmatic” expansions of the government, voters generally give them a pass. And every new expansion since FDR and the New Deal has created a constituency for continued government largesse.

If Hillary Clinton promised to socialize medicine — which, let the record show, she has attempted to do in the past — she would lose. But her current campaign promise to simply expand coverage sounds reasonable enough — even though there’s no reason to think she’ll stop pushing for a national single-payer healthcare system (a.k.a. socialized medicine).

…”Liberals sell the welfare state one brick at a time, deflecting inquiries about the size and cost of the palace they’re building,” writes William Voegeli in an illuminating essay, “The Trouble with Limited Government,” in the current issue of the Claremont Review of Books.

Continue here

Liberal Fascism by Jonah Goldberg

Also see: Glenn’s Recommended Reading List

Glenn Beck talks more about the great importance of this book – read complete transcript here:

I’m curious about something and I’ve been curious on this one thing and it is a way for me to be able to afford the research that would have to go into it. And one of those books was on — I said, what was it, about six months ago I don’t believe that the communist party ever went away. I don’t believe that Russia actually collapsed. I think they all went in hiding. I don’t think that after we had the situation with McCarthy that those communists just went away. We just stopped looking for them. What happened to all of them? Where did they all go? And so what I’ve wanted to do is fund the research to be able to track them. How did it happen? When did it start? When did it come here? How did it go underground? Part of the reason why I wanted to do it is because Amity Shlaes’ book called The Forgotten Man. It shows some of the beginning, the Progressive movement that Hillary Clinton is talking about. “Well, I like to consider myself a modern early 20th century Progressive.” Remember what we first looked that up on the air? What is an early 20th century Progressive? That should spook the living bat crap out of you. What a early Progressive was is a fascist.

Read more here

Another book Glenn is promoting is “Amity Shlaes’ book called The Forgotten Man”

Also do some reading on the Fabian Society:

Fabian Society Socialism

The Fabian Society is a British socialist intellectual movement, whose purpose is to advance the socialist cause by gradualist and reformist, rather than revolutionary means. It is best known for its initial ground-breaking work beginning in the late 19th century and then up to World War I. The society laid many of the foundations of the Labour Party during this period; subsequently, it affected the policies of newly independent British colonies, especially India, and is still in existence today, one of 15 socialist societies affiliated to the Labour Party. Similar societies exist in Australia (the Australian Fabian Society), Canada (the Douglas-Coldwell Foundation and in past the League for Social Reconstruction), and New Zealand.

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Sen. McCain’s Push For Higher CAFE Standards
Reveals A “Curious Hostility” Toward Detroit

“[McCain] has a curious hostility toward America’s most important manufacturing industry, one that accounts directly and indirectly for roughly one in seven jobs nationwide. … As for CAFE, McCain is correct in stating that the industry has fought hard against higher fuel standards. As a senator whose job it is to protect American interests, McCain should join them. CAFE has cost the jobs of American autoworkers.” (Editorial, “Automakers Don’t Deserve McCain’s Disdain,” The Detroit News, 2/27/03)

Sen. McCain Has Pushed For Ever-Higher CAFE Standards, Without Regard To The Impact:

In 2002, Sen. McCain Teamed With Democrat Sen. John Kerry To Propose Higher CAFE Standards. “For the latest time since losing his bid for the GOP presidential nomination two years ago, Senate Commerce ranking member John McCain, R-Ariz., has teamed up with a prominent Democrat on legislation bitterly opposed by the Bush administration. This time, the issue is higher mileage standards for automobiles–and his partner is Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass. McCain and Kerry Thursday agreed to introduce legislation that would increase fuel efficiency standards to 36 miles per gallon by 2015.” (“McCain Again Teams Up With Dems,” National Journal’s CongressDaily, 3/8/02)

Sen. McCain Voted Against Requiring That CAFE Standards Be Economically Feasible. (H.R. 6, CQ Vote #156: Adopted 64-31: R 46-7; D 18-23; I 0-1, 6/23/05, McCain Voted Nay)

Sen. McCain Voted Against Requiring That CAFE “Not Have An Adverse Impact On The Economy, Consumer Choice, And Auto Safety.” (S. 14, CQ Vote #310: Adopted 66-30: R 45-6; D 21-23; I 0-1, 7/29/03, McCain Voted Nay)        

Sen. McCain Voted In Favor Of Higher CAFE Standards For Pickup Trucks. (S. 517, CQ Vote #48: Adopted 56-44: R 40-9; D 16-34: I 0-1, 3/13/02, McCain Voted Nay)

Sen. McCain’s Higher CAFE Standards Are The Same As Higher Taxes:

Sen. McCain Knows That His Push For Higher CAFE Standards Is The Same As Higher Taxes. “Sen. John McCain didn’t expect an enthusiastic response this morning when he touted the need for higher fuel standards to the Detroit Economic Club. No surprise, the crowd didn’t exactly embrace the idea. Asked how raising Corporate Average Fuel Economy standards was ‘different than raising taxes,’ McCain acknowledged he didn’t think his proposal would be very popular. ‘I know, I said it’s a tough issue. CAFE standards have to be improved. There’s too much pollution in the environment, there’s too much dependency on foreign oil and we’re going to have to take a number of steps,’ McCain told the crowd. He finished his answer to dead silence.” (Amy Schatz, “McCain Urges Higher CAFE Standards – In Motor City,” The Wall Street Journal‘s Washington Wire, http://blogs.wsj.com/washwire, Posted 10/9/07)

Sen. McCain’s Higher CAFE Standards Would Kill Michigan Jobs:

The Detroit News: “CAFE Has Cost The Jobs Of American Autoworkers.” (Editorial, “Automakers Don’t Deserve McCain’s Disdain,” The Detroit News, 2/27/03)

General Motors Predicted The McCain-Kerry CAFE Plan Could Cost As Many As 100,000 Jobs. “Major automakers characterize the Kerry-McCain plan as a reckless attempt to legislate technology that could curtail sales of their most profitable SUVs and pickups. General Motors Corp. says that as many as 100,000 jobs would be lost.” (Jeff Plungis, “Automakers Support Alternate CAFE Proposal,” The Detroit News, 3/11/02)

General Motors’ Bob Lutz Said An Increase In CAFE Standards Would “Effectively Hand The Truck And SUV Market Over To The Imports, Particularly The Japanese.” “With Congress warming to new environmental rules, General Motors Corp. Vice Chairman Bob Lutz says a proposal for higher fuel-economy standards that’s gaining popularity in Washington would ‘effectively hand the truck and SUV market over to the imports, particularly the Japanese.'” (Justin Hyde, “GM Exec: Fuel Rules Could Doom U.S. Market For Trucks,” Detroit Free Press, 12/26/06)

  • An Increase In CAFE Standards Would Damage GM’s Large Vehicle Maker Share In North America. “A CAFE increase “would limit GM’s ability to build as many larger vehicles as its customers may demand. Larger SUVs and pickups are a key part of GM’s plan to improve profits in North America.” (Justin Hyde, “GM Exec: Fuel Rules Could Doom U.S. Market For Trucks,” Detroit Free Press, 12/26/06)

Gary Rogers, CEO Of FEV Engine Technology: “The Cost Would Be Astronomical And In My Opinion Would Bring This Nation To Its Knees From An Economic Perspective.” Rogers: “If you are a full-line vehicle manufacturer and you have to go from an average of 24 mpg across the entire fleet of vehicles sold to 36 mpg – a 50 percent increase – in a short period of time by auto industry standards, say 10 years, it would require simultaneously redesigning all vehicles, all engines and all powertrains. Not even GM has the resources to begin that kind of work. The cost would be astronomical and in my opinion would bring this nation to its knees from an economic perspective.” (Gerry Kobe, “The Real CAFE Numbers: Automakers Call Recent CAFE Proposals ‘Radical’,” Automotive Industries, 5/02)

McCain’s Support Of Higher CAFE Standards Will Cost The Auto Industry Billions And Will Impact Jobs. “McCain, together with Democrat John Kerry, were initial co-sponsors of the 35 mpg (so-called CAFE) mandate that just passed Congress — legislation that economists predict will cost the domestic auto industry $85 billion over a decade and impact thousands of jobs.” (Henry Payne, Op-Ed, “Taxing Michigan,” National Review, 1/11/08)

Sen. McCain Has Attacked Detroit For Not Supporting His Job-Killing Higher CAFE Standards:

McCain “Questioned The Auto Industry’s Credibility.” “McCain questioned the auto industry’s credibility, citing past opposition to federal regulations requiring seat belts, greater fuel economy and air bags. ‘Whatever it is, they’ve said it was going to be the end of the auto industry,’ McCain said. ‘It hasn’t happened.'” (Jeff Plungis, “Plan To Raise Fuel Rules Fails,” The Detroit News, 3/13/02)

McCain “Blasted” The Automotive Industry For Resisting Changes. “McCain blasted the automakers for resisting the changes. ‘The auto industry has resisted every single change in safety and efficiency for over 40 years,’ he said. ‘At one time they were against seat belts. At one time they were against air bags.'” (Deirdre Shesgreen, “Senate Applies Brakes To Plan Calling For Higher Fuel Efficiency Standards,” St. Louis Post Dispatch, 3/14/02)

  • The Detroit News: McCain Treated Automakers Like “They Were A Bunch Of Tobacco Executives.” “John McCain opened Senate hearings on the safety of sports-utility vehicles (SUVs) by treating the nation’s automakers as if they were a bunch of tobacco executives.” (Editorial, “Automakers Don’t Deserve McCain’s Disdain,” The Detroit News, 2/27/03)
  • The Detroit News: McCain “Has A Curious Hostility Toward” The Auto Industry. “McCain, who chairs the powerful commerce committee, has a curious hostility toward America’s most important manufacturing industry, one that accounts directly and indirectly for roughly one in seven jobs nationwide.” (Editorial, “Automakers Don’t Deserve McCain’s Disdain,” The Detroit News, 2/27/03)
  • The Detroit News: McCain “Has An Unforgivable Ignorance Of The History Of Automotive Regulation.” (Editorial, “Automakers Don’t Deserve McCain’s Disdain,” The Detroit News, 2/27/03)

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