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Senator McCain has had trouble defending and explaining his votes against the Bush tax cuts.  During an interview this morning, Senator McCain—during the course of just one sentence—highlighted the fact that he voted against the Bush tax cuts that he now says he favors extending. Vote against tax cuts…then say you’re for the tax cuts?  Quite a waltz to dance.

Here’s a web video that highlights these contradictory stances, titled “Waltz.”


The script and ad fact follow:

Script For “Waltz”:

CHYRON: “John McCain…on taxes.”

“First he says…”

SEN. JOHN MCCAIN: “I’ve always been for tax cuts.”

CHYRON: “Then he says…”

SEN. JOHN MCCAIN: “Although I voted against the first tax cuts.”

CHYRON: “What was that?”

SEN. JOHN MCCAIN: “I’ve always been for tax cuts.  I have always, although I voted against the first tax cuts.”

CHYRON: “One more time.”

SEN. JOHN MCCAIN: “I’ve always been for tax cuts.  I have always, although I voted against the first tax cuts.”

CHYRON: “John McCain.  Always for tax cuts.  Except when he’s against them.”

Ad Fact For “Waltz”:

Sen. John McCain: “I’ve been involved in all of these issues, I know how to stop the irresponsible spending. I’ve always been for tax cuts, I have always…uh… although, I voted against the first tax cuts, but these tax cuts have to be made permanent…” (Fox News’ “Fox & Friends,” 1/24/08)


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Governor Romney’s Economic Stimulus Plan – Washington Must Act Now:

Governor Romney’s Economic Stimulus Plan Would Provide Much-Needed Relief To Taxpayers, Businesses And Homeowners.  Today, our economy is facing unprecedented challenges both here at home and abroad.  Our economy needs pro-growth stimulus, but Governor Romney believes any stimulus package should return money to American taxpayers, not increase already out-of-control government spending.  To promote economic growth, Governor Romney is proposing an economic stimulus plan that would lower taxes on individuals, reduce taxes for businesses and help homeowners through the current housing crisis. 

 ·        Individuals:  Governor Romney would permanently reduce the lowest income tax bracket, permanently eliminate payroll taxes on seniors and make middle-class savings tax free.

 ·        Businesses:  Governor Romney would institute immediate 100% expensing of equipment for two years and permanently reduce the corporate tax rate.

 ·        Homeowners:  Governor Romney would reform and expand Federal Housing Administration (FHA) loan portfolio limits to allow larger loans to homeowners.   

 Governor Romney Urges Our Leaders To Work Together And Immediately Debate, Pass And Sign A Stimulus Package For The American People.  If our representatives in Washington can work together and demonstrate the leadership that the American people deserve, Governor Romney is optimistic that we can still turn this economy around.  Washington must get to work immediately and pass a bill no later than February 19, a month from today, in order to stimulate our economy. 

 INDIVIDUALS:  Governor Romney’s Economic Stimulus Plan – Pro-Growth Tax Cuts For Individual Taxpayers:

 Permanently Reduce The Lowest Income Tax Bracket to 7.5%.  Permanently cutting taxes for all taxpayers will put more money in workers’ pockets and stimulate consumer confidence and spending. 

 ·        Cutting The Lowest Tax Rate From 10% To 7.5% Will Provide Up To A $400 Tax Cut To Each American Taxpayer.

 ·        Governor Romney Proposes Providing An Immediate Retroactive Tax Credit Reflecting The Lower 7.5% Tax Rate For 2007 Earnings To Employees Who Earned Less Than $97,500 In 2007.  This tax cut would immediately stimulate the economy as taxpayers with the highest propensity to consume receive their increased 2007 tax refunds.   

 ·        Permanently Reducing The Lowest Bracket Is A Pro-Growth Tax Cut For The Tens Of Millions Of Americans In The Lowest Income Tax Bracket. 

 Permanently Eliminate Payroll Taxes On Employees Over The Age Of 65.  It is not fair that seniors that have worked their whole life and earned their full Social Security benefit continue to owe payroll taxes to the federal government. 

 ·        In This Uncertain Economic Environment, More And More Seniors Are Returning To The Workforce.  Governor Romney’s proposal will provide an immediate tax cut to working seniors.

 ·        Governor Romney Believes That Seniors Have Already Earned Their Full Social Security Benefit And Should Not Owe Additional Payroll Taxes For Income Earned After Age 65.

 Make Middle-Class Savings Tax Free.  Governor Romney’s plan will allow middle class Americans to save tax free by changing the tax rate on interest, capital gains and dividends to absolutely 0%.  By helping more Americans save and invest, we can meet the challenges of an aging population and ensure the financial security of America.

 ·        Allow Over 95% Of American Families To Save And Invest Tax Free:  Any taxpayer with Adjusted Gross Income under $200,000 would pay a tax rate of absolutely 0% on all of the income they earn from their savings, capital gains and dividends.

 ·                    Expand The Investor Class:  In recent years, over half of adult Americans have participated in the stock market either directly or through pension plans and mutual funds.  Tax-free savings will encourage more families to build wealth by saving, investing and participating in the stock market, which will help grow the economy. 

 BUSINESSES:  Governor Romney’s Economic Stimulus Plan – Pro-Growth Tax Cuts For Businesses:

 Institute Immediate 100% Expensing Of New Equipment Purchased By A Business For A Two-Year Period Retroactive To January 1, 2008.  This plan would allow both large and small businesses to immediately invest in new equipment and capital improvements, which would immediately stimulate the economy and create new jobs. 

 ·        Boost U.S. Manufacturers And Vendors:  Accelerating and increasing capital investment in equipment and other qualified assets in the U.S. will immediately provide a boost to U.S. manufacturers and vendors. 

 ·        Encourage Additional Business Investment:  Entrepreneurs and small businesses, such as S corps and LLCs, which often face cash flow difficulties, will benefit greatly by the reduced cost of investment in equipment under this plan.  Additional investment and expansion by these growing businesses will drive economic growth.  

 Reduce The Corporate Tax Rate To 20% Over Two Years.  Governor Romney believes we should immediately act to reduce the corporate rate to 25% for 2008 and 20% in 2009.  A permanent U.S. corporate tax rate of 20% will attract capital, stimulate investment, and increase American competitiveness with the rapidly growing economies of the world. 

 ·        A More Competitive Corporate Tax Rate:  Governor Romney has spoken throughout the campaign about the need to reduce our corporate income tax rate in order to compete more effectively against other countries with lower rates. The United States currently has the second-highest corporate tax rate in the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development.  

 ·        Encourage New Capital Flows Into The United States:  Cutting the corporate tax rate will cause new capital to flow to the U.S. and make our U.S. companies more competitive by providing additional funds for research, development, innovation, and hiring of additional employees. 

 HOMEOWNERS:  Governor Romney’s Economic Stimulus Plan – Helping Homeowners:

 Reform And Expand Federal Housing Administration (FHA) Loan Portfolio Limits:

 ·                    Lower The Amount Of Upfront Down Payment A Borrower Must Make, Allowing FHA To Help Nonprime Borrowers Who May Not Be Able To Meet The Current Requirement.

 ·                    Raise The Maximum Loan Amount Eligible For FHA Insurance, Allowing FHA To Serve More Borrowers In Higher-Priced Areas.

·        Expand NeighborWorks America’s Foreclosure Avoidance Initiative:  Governor Romney proposes expanding NeighborWorks America’s Foreclosure Avoidance Initiative to help American homeowners stay in their homes.  NeighborWorks America assists homeowners by offering foreclosure counseling and identifying refinancing opportunities for U.S. homeowners.

Governor Romney’s Pro-Growth Tax Agenda:

Governor Romney’s Economic Stimulus Plan Is In Addition To His Tax Proposals Which Will Provide A Sound Economic Framework For Long-Term Growth:

·        Make The Bush Tax Cuts Permanent:  Making the Bush Tax Cuts permanent is the first step to ensuring that Americans are able to keep more of their hard-earned money.

·        Roll Back Tax Rates For All Americans:  As President, Governor Romney will cut marginal tax rates across the board, allowing all Americans to save more money. 

·        Kill The Death Tax:  It is unfair to tax Americans three times: first when they earn their money; second when they invest it and receive income from those investments; and third when they die.

·        Make The Research And Development Tax Credit Permanent To Encourage Capital Investment And Innovation:  Governor Romney believes that we must encourage companies to invest more in research and development to produce the innovations our companies need to win in the global economic competition. 

·        Oppose Any Increase In Social Security Taxes:  We can strengthen Social Security without resorting to higher Social Security taxes that will impact all Americans.  Governor Romney will oppose any proposed increase in Social Security taxes. 

·        Prevent The Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) From Hurting More American Families:  At the very least, Congress must pass a patch to the AMT that will prevent this tax from affecting more and more families in America. 


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Front page on CNN: Glenn Beck: Warning Signs Missed On Economy.

Glenn has been going to great strides to encourage people to get out of debt, stop making stupid mortgage decisions like buying homes you can’t afford. Also, he and his family are encouraging people to buy up dry goods due to the considerable possibility that prices are going to continue to go up. He also says that bandaid policies aren’t going to help that we really need to go after our massive income taxes – currently we are rated 2nd in the world for highest taxes and rapidly heading to the number one spot.

Think about it as a series of waves heading toward the beach, with each one representing a different area of trouble. There’s one for slowing consumer spending (American Express said that spending among its affluent clients slowed for the first time since 2001); one for inflation (wholesale and consumer prices recently posted their largest increases in 26 and 17 years, respectively); and one for the continuing credit crunch (Citigroup recently announced its fourth-quarter loss was the largest in its 196-year history).

You can read and watch more about David Walker on U.S. Heading For Financial Trouble on CBSNews. “An Avalanche is Coming.”

“I would argue that the most serious threat to the United States is not someone hiding in a cave in Afghanistan or Pakistan but our own fiscal irresponsibility,” Walker tells Kroft.

“You know the American people, I tell you, they are absolutely starved for two things: the truth, and leadership,” Walker says.

“What’s going on right now is we’re spending more money than we make…we’re charging it to credit card…and expecting our grandchildren to pay for it. And that’s absolutely outrageous,” he told the editorial board of the Seattle Post Intelligencer.

And much more, Video UR


Some stuff from the Glenn Beck program today interviewing David Walker:

” If our governmnent was a business it would be out of business.” The U.S.’s credit rating is crashing which means our country has bad credit and can expect to to have to borrow at higher interest rates. This basically means that our nation’s credit cards are maxed out. We could make changes to correct our course. Deficit spending is out of control and Washington MUST stop it’s spending. Medicare RX drugs is the most fiscally irresponsible costing us $8 trillion. $53 trillion is like each home owing $440,000 debt in addition to all the other debt that each household has. You could take all the income of the country and still not afford what is coming. This debt is about 90% of all income of every American – including Bill Gates.

Must bring back tough budget controls and no constraint since 2002. Must reform SSI. Dramatic health-care installments. We have promised $34 trillion more than we can currently afford. Reform social security, raise taxes. Taxes would have to be raised today by $11,000 per household to repair the damage. Currently 18% to 30% tax rate transformed to a consumptions tax instead of payroll which is already burdened. We have a 5 – 10 year maximum to reform ourselves otherwise by then, foreign players will lose their appetite for giving us money which will have no worth.

Candidates must start talking about it and this is VITAL for the burden of the next president. This has to be one of THE most important issues our candidates must face head on. They need to commit and admit that this is a big problem must addressed and must endorse a bipartisan committee to make it one of the most important issues of the next term. And by the way, no issues can be taking off the butcher table even Social Security. In a few years, we will have a 2:1 ration of people paying and receiving SSI. Clearly, there is no way that one person can retire and live off of the contributions of two people. As Glenn would say, “America needs to WAKE UP!!!!”

Mitt Romney also came on today’s program and is clearly the most amazing economic candidate we have. He has the experience to clean up the mess in Washington. Huckabee and McCain are big government folks. Good luck Mitt in the coming week, and we’re all rooting for you.

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Today, Sen. McCain called for an economic stimulus because the economy “is in some difficulty.”  But, only a week ago, Sen. McCain said “the fundamentals of this economy are strong, and I believe they will remain strong.” And, today, Sen. McCain says corporate tax cuts will stimulate the economy.  But, in the past, Sen. McCain has mocked corporate tax relief as stimulus.

“So after almost three decades spent on Capitol Hill and after joining with Democrats to vote against the Bush tax-relief plans not once but twice, Senator McCain all of a sudden wants to try and help the economy work?”

 “Job creation and economic growth require a unique understanding of global economic challenges and require experience developing and implementing a vision of transforming the economy.  Senator McCain’s votes against pro-growth economic policies and his pessimism about the future of our economy are typical of his Washington-centric approach.”

Republican presidential hopeful, Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., ...“No one believes that if Ford Motor Co. received a $1 billion check from the federal government that they’d spend it immediately.” – Sen. John McCain On Corporate Tax Cut Stimulus In 2001 (Joe Salkowski, “Stimulus Splits Area Lawmakers,” [Tucson] Arizona Daily Star, 11/29/01)

Today, Sen. McCain Called For An Economic Stimulus Because The Economy “Is In Some Difficulty”:

Sen. McCain, January 17, 2008: ”I Know The Economy Is In Some Difficulty … Particularly In South Carolina.” (Tom Raum, “McCain Proposes Economic Plan With Corporate Tax Break,” The Associated Press, 1/17/08)

But, Only A Week Ago Sen. McCain Called The Economy Strong And Said It Will Remain Strong:

Sen. McCain, January 10, 2008: “And By The Way, I Don’t Believe We’re Headed Into A Recession. I Believe The Fundamentals Of This Economy Are Strong, And I Believe They Will Remain Strong.” (Fox News, Republican Presidential Candidate Debate, Myrtle Beach, SC, 1/10/08)

Today, The McCain Campaign Says Corporate Tax Cuts Will Stimulate The Economy:

Sen. McCain New Economic Stimulus Plan Calls For Lower Corporate Income Tax Rates. “Republican presidential candidate John McCain proposed an economic stimulus plan on Thursday that would lower the corporate income tax rate and provide a host of other tax breaks for business.” (Tom Raum, “McCain Proposes Economic Plan With Corporate Tax Break,” The Associated Press, 1/17/08)

  • Sen. McCain: ”Now Is The Time To Act To Stimulate Our Economy …” (Tom Raum, “McCain Proposes Economic Plan With Corporate Tax Break,” The Associated Press, 1/17/08)

But In The Past, Sen. McCain Has Attacked Stimulus Via Corporate Tax Cuts:

In 2001, Sen. McCain Opposed A Plan To Cut Corporate Taxes To Help Stimulate The Economy. “Southern Arizona’s representatives in Congress are split on how to break a deadlock over an economic stimulus proposal called for by President Bush. … McCain, a Republican, criticized a part of the GOP-backed House bill that would repeal the corporate alternative minimum tax and refund 15 years’ worth of revenue collected from major corporations under that law.” (Joe Salkowski, “Stimulus Splits Area Lawmakers,” [Tucson] Arizona Daily Star, 11/29/01)

Sen. McCain Mocked Corporate Tax Relief As Stimulus: “No One Believes That If Ford Motor Co. Received A $1 Billion Check From The Federal Government That They’d Spend It Immediately.” “‘The House bill would give billions of dollars in tax money to big corporations’ without creating much benefit for the economy, McCain said. ‘No one believes that if Ford Motor Co. received a $1 billion check from the federal government that they’d spend it immediately.'” (Joe Salkowski, “Stimulus Splits Area Lawmakers,” [Tucson] Arizona Daily Star, 11/29/01)

Today, The McCain Campaign Says Tax Cuts For Consumers Are Not Needed To Stimulate The Economy:

The McCain 2008 Campaign Says Tax Rebates For Consumers Are Not Needed To Stimulate The Economy. “What about putting money directly in the hands of consumers, something some economists and Democratic candidates are proposing? ‘Don’t go for any gimmicks like a rebate or subsidies to people. They don’t need subsidies. They need lower taxes on the factors of production,’ [McCain adviser Jack] Kemp says.” (Alex Frangos, “Jack Kemp Previews McCain-onomics,” The Wall Street Journal, 1/17/08)

But In The Past, Sen. McCain Said Lower Income Tax Rebates Were The Way To Stimulate The Economy:

Sen. McCain, 2001: “A Good Package Would Be One That Gives Relief To Low- And Middle- Income Taxpayers.” “‘A good package would be one that gives relief to low- and middle- income taxpayers, one that extends unemployment and health-care benefits to the unemployed and offers some tax breaks that would take effect quickly,’ [Sen. McCain] said.” (Joe Salkowski, “Stimulus Splits Area Lawmakers,” [Tucson] Arizona Daily Star, 11/29/01)

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“Republicans haven’t had much national electoral success of late, and for that they have only themselves to blame. In the 14 years since the Gingrich revolution, too many Republicans have embraced the beltway culture and abandoned the very principles upon which their success with voters depended — smaller government, low taxes, free markets and personal liberty.

 “Nevada Republicans on Saturday should examine their choices through precisely such a filter. Each GOP candidate can make — and has made — a reasonable case that he’s best suited to ensure the party again embraces the ideas and concepts that made this nation a beacon of freedom and economic opportunity. But in our opinion, the viable candidate most likely to lead Republicans in such a direction is Mitt Romney, the former governor of Massachusetts.”

The full editorial follows:


 Romney best pick for state Republicans



 You might not know it, but there’s also a Republican caucus in Nevada on Saturday.

 While the Democratic candidates have been showering attention on the Silver State in order to sway voters in preparation for their Saturday event, Republican hopefuls have been largely absent, preferring to campaign in Michigan and South Carolina.

 Thus the GOP caucus here hasn’t garnered nearly the attention of the Democratic one.

 As it stands now, there is no clear Republican front-runner nationally. Mike Huckabee won Iowa, John McCain took New Hampshire and Mitt Romney picked up Michigan. The race in South Carolina looks to be close. Meanwhile, Rudy Giuliani is banking that he’ll grab a big win in Florida and gain momentum for Super Tuesday, when 22 states will hold primaries.

 The fight for the nomination “is going to be like the Bataan Death March,” said Ron Kaufman, a top adviser to Mr. Romney.

 Well then, perhaps even little old Nevada could provide a slight boost for the winning GOP candidate.

 Republicans haven’t had much national electoral success of late, and for that they have only themselves to blame. In the 14 years since the Gingrich revolution, too many Republicans have embraced the beltway culture and abandoned the very principles upon which their success with voters depended — smaller government, low taxes, free markets and personal liberty.

 Nevada Republicans on Saturday should examine their choices through precisely such a filter. Each GOP candidate can make — and has made — a reasonable case that he’s best suited to ensure the party again embraces the ideas and concepts that made this nation a beacon of freedom and economic opportunity. But in our opinion, the viable candidate most likely to lead Republicans in such a direction is Mitt Romney, the former governor of Massachusetts.

 Mr. Romney’s economic agenda includes several pro-growth policies, including a plan to eliminate taxes on capital gains, interest and dividends for any household earning less than $200,000 a year. He backs a line-item veto, favors making the Bush tax cuts permanent and understands that imposing higher taxes as a means of fixing Social Security will only make the problem worse.

 He’s supportive of free trade, rejects protectionism, backs tort reform, supports school choice and accountability, and while governor was even able to successfully push a handful of spending reforms through Massachusetts’ overwhelmingly Democratic legislature. Mr. Romney vows to exercise his veto power if Congress doesn’t embrace spending restraint and understands the drag that excessive federal regulation imposes on the innovation and the economy.

 Mr. Romney did push a measure to ensure universal health insurance in Massachusetts, but says as president he’d offer incentives for states to experiment with their own solutions, rather than embrace a top-down, national single-payer system. He also understands that a sensible energy policy will require developing more of America’s domestic resources.

 Mr. Romney has extensive experience in the private sector, which is unusual for far too many politicians. Before becoming governor of Massachusetts, he was the president and CEO of the Salt Lake City Olympic Organizing Committee. He is a former vice president and CEO of Bain & Company Inc., a Boston management consulting firm, and also a founder of Bain Capital, a private equity firm.

 In a speech earlier this month to the Economic Club of Detroit, Mr. Romney articulated a concise understanding of what made this country great.

 “The 20th century saw two economic systems pitted against each other,” he said. “Ours, built on free enterprise and the primacy of the consumer. The Soviets’, built on government command and control, and the primacy of the state.

 “Ours produced the most powerful economy in the world that has given its citizens a standard of living our grandparents never dreamed possible; theirs produced a downward spiraling standard of living and eventual collapse.

 “The 20th century history lesson is that America’s economy is strong because we put our trust in the American people, and in the free enterprises they create.”

 We urge Nevada Republicans on Saturday to support Mitt Romney.


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GOVERNOR MITT ROMNEY:  “I keep hearing the same thing, that Washington is broken.

“I hear the people say they think we deserve health care for all our citizens, but not government health care and that hasn’t been done.

“They say we ought to be able to get a reduction in the burden on the middle class, and that hasn’t been done.

“They say we ought to solve the immigration problem in this country.  It hasn’t been done. 

“If you send the same people back to Washington just to sit in different chairs, nothing will happen. 

“I will change Washington.  I will take it apart and put it back together.  I know how to bring change.

“I’m Mitt Romney and I approved this message.”

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Tonight, Governor Mitt Romney earned an impressive victory in Michigan as tens of thousands of voters cast their ballot for conservative change in Washington.  Elections are about the future and Governor Romney has the experience, vision and values to build a stronger America.  Tonight’s victory is a victory for optimism over Washington-style pessimism.  With the announcement of today’s results, Governor Romney made the following remarks to supporters, volunteers and the American people.

Governor Mitt Romney:  “Well, tonight, tonight marks the beginning of a comeback, a comeback for America.  Only a week ago, a win looked like it was impossible, but then you got out and told America what they needed to hear.  You said we would fight for every job.  You said that we would fight to get health care for all Americans.  You said we’d fight to secure our border.  You said you’d fight for us to be able to get lower taxes for middle-income Americans, and Michigan heard, and Michigan voted tonight. Congratulations! 

“Tonight proves that you can’t tell an American that there’s something that they just can’t do because Americans can do whatever they set their hearts on.  Tonight is a victory of optimism over Washington-style pessimism.  Tonight, we are celebrating here in Michigan, I’ve got to tell you that.  Guess what they’re doing in Washington?  They’re worrying, because they realize, the lobbyists and the politicians realize, that America now understands that Washington is broken, and we’re going to do something about it.

“America understands that Washington has promised that they’d secure our borders, but they haven’t. Washington told us that they would live by high ethical standards, but they haven’t.  Washington told us that they’d fix Social Security, but they haven’t.  Washington told us they’d get us better health care and better education, but they haven’t.  Washington told us they’d get us a tax break for middle income Americans, but they haven’t.  Washington told us that they’d cut back on the earmarks and the pork-barrel spending, but they haven’t.  And Washington told us they’d reduce our dependence on foreign oil, but they haven’t.  And who’s going to get the job done?  We are!

“Guys, it was not very far from right here that Ann and I and our family behind us began our campaign at the Henry Ford Museum of Innovation.  Wow that’s powerful, I’ll tell you.  At the Museum of Innovation, we said that we’re going to take innovation and change to Washington, recognizing that there’s no way that an insider in Washington is going to turn Washington inside out.  But we’re going to do that. American voters said that knowing how America works is more important than knowing how Washington works.

“And what we’re going to see in the next few days is Democrats saying that they’re the party of change. You’re going to hear Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama and John Edwards saying that they’re the party of change.  And I think they would bring change to America, just not the kind we want.  I think they take their inspiration from the Europe of old: big government, big brother, big taxes.  They fundamentally in their hearts believe that America is great because we have a great government, and we do have a great government, but that’s not what makes us the best nation, the strongest nation, the greatest nation on Earth.  What makes us such a great nation is the American people.  I take my inspiration from Ronald Reagan and George Herbert Walker Bush, who took their inspiration from the American people – hard-working American people, people who believed in opportunity, who loved education, God-fearing people, people who also love their families, people deeply patriotic.  It is that characteristic of the American people that makes us the most powerful nation on Earth.  Ronald Reagan, George Herbert Walker Bush said we are a great and good people, it’s exactly what we are.  It’s why we will always be the most powerful nation on Earth.

“Now, you heard right here in Michigan, our campaign, we said we were going to strengthen our military with additional troops and better equipment and better care for our veterans when they come home.  We also said that we’re going to strengthen our families.  We said we’re going to strengthen the economy.  I will never accept defeat for any industry here in America, we’ll fight for every job.  

“I have a couple of questions for you.  Is Washington, D.C., broken?”

Crowd:  “Yes!”

Governor Romney:  “Can it be fixed?”

Crowd:  “Yes!”

Governor Romney:  “Are we the team that’s going to get the job done?”

Crowd:  “Yes!”

Governor Romney:  “Alright, let’s take this campaign to South Carolina and Nevada and Florida and all over the country, and let’s take it all the way to the White House!  Thank you so much!”

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