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Seems like Huckabee and Thompson may be vying for the VP spot. They don’t seem to be doing much to point out the inherent defects of McCain’s positions. So the liberal GOP is kissing butt. A little “don’t ask, don’t tell” I guess. Nice.

From Jonathon Martin and Politico:

And so with Mitt Romney effectively waving the white flag in South Carolina and Mike Huckabee and Fred Thompson seemingly more interested in being vice president or at least retaining their friendship with him, McCain appears headed into Saturday’s primary without a single glove being laid on him.


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How amazing and disgusting is that? Huckabee is on Sean Hannity right now. Sean doesn’t even try to show his disdain for the demolition of the Republican party Huckabee would cause. Sean promised to ask Slick Mike some tough questions. The issue of Huck’s illegal immigration problems. Huckabee’s lines were straight from Gov. Romney’s stump speech. Even the voice inflection was Mitt’s. He’s using the talking points that it’s not about “illegal immigration, it’s about legal immigration”.

Also, as a side note, from Mark Levin, Dick Morris and Newt Gingrich are secretly working for the Hucakbee camp. See here for the details. Morris said during the Newsmax website, that O’Reilly from Foxnews would be upset with him for siding with a candidate since he is supposed to be objective.

Also, Huckabee’s camp aired way more negative ads than they admit.

Sean Hannity really cornered Mike Huckabee on today’s show. It was one of several times when the Joker was speechless. Sean Hannity is on to the game that Joker is playing and thankfully addressed the profound disdain the people of our party have towards Mike Huckabee.

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N.H. doubts it will ID push poll culprits before vote

CONCORD, N.H. (AP) — New Hampshire’s attorney general has identified two companies involved in a series of phone calls that targeted Mitt Romney and his Mormon faith while praising John McCain. But Attorney General Kelly Ayotte said it will be after the primary before she can identify who ordered the calls, leaving both campaigns pointing fingers at each other.

Ayotte gave an update on the investigation into the calls on Thursday, just five days before New Hampshire voters go to the polls for the first-in-the-nation primary Jan. 8. In it, she pointed to two firms: Western Wats, of Orem, Utah, that made the calls; and Moore-Information Inc., of Portland, Ore., that hired Western Wats.

Ayotte said she can’t yet point to who hired Moore-Information, a key question in determining who is behind the calls, their intention and their legality.

“I believe the voters of New Hampshire deserve to have these complaints resolved before the presidential primary on Tuesday,” Ayotte told reporters in her office. “That’s why we’re asking for help from the general public.”

The Romney Campaign has issued this:


Campaign Manger Beth Myers On the McCain Campaign And Push Polling Allegations

Thursday, Jan 03, 2008

Boston, MA – Today, Romney for President Campaign Manager Beth Myers issued the following statement regarding the McCain campaign and push polling allegations:

“The Romney campaign had nothing to do with these alleged push polling calls. It is reckless, irresponsible and egregious for the McCain campaign to even mention the Romney campaign in relation to these calls. If they have any proof, let’s see it. If not, Senator McCain should immediately apologize for the actions of his own campaign.”

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Does that Make Huckabee the new Anakin?

See the video here. From Townhall, Hugh Hewitt’s site here:

Friday, January 04, 2008

Posted by: Duane R. Patterson at 2:34 AM In case you missed the initial controversy, here is the Amanda Carpenter column on Townhall.com.

After the column went viral, she appeared on Hugh’s show and added this little bit.

Amanda Carpenter’s Column here:

Huckabee Chairman Ed Rollins Trashes Romney

Posted by: Jonathan Garthwaite at 4:52 PM

Amanda Carpenter files this report from the ground in Iowa:

At a hole-in-the wall Des Moines eatery, Mike Huckabee’s campaign chairman loudly bashed their top rival presidential candidate Mitt Romney and made several predictions to two national television reporters.

I overheard Rollins’ conversation while dining in a restaurant called Winston’s located close to Huckabee’s Iowa headquarters and took notes on my computer. Below is a compilation of what I heard:

-He distinctly talked about going negative in South Carolina and told someone on the phone to “put some good in there if you have to, with the bad. Do what you gotta do.”

-Rollins let the f-bomb fly twice and told his blonde female dining companion a joke about flying the Confederate flag in the South Carolina state capitol.

-Rollins indicated several times their campaign was the victim of “dirty tricks” and that they were being unfairly outspent.

-Rollins also criticized another candidate as believing the Presidency was “their birthright.”

-Rollins made a phone call to Lou Dobbs and said he would ready to have drinks with him after Iowa to talk about Hillary. There also was a reference to Rollins’ recent comments about wanting to knock Romney’s teeth out, as Rollins told Dobbs “they are all porcelain.”

-Rollins also called Andrea Mitchell and predicted Obama would take Iowa tonight. He called Mitchell “sweetie” several times.

-Rollins believes Rudy Giuliani is “done,” “has no money,” and was “hurt terribly by those police cruises with his girlfriends.”

-Rollins called said Fred Thompson was “as disgrace as a candidate. Fred has been a friend a long time, but has never converted a single vote. No one is taking him seriously.”

-Rollins indicated he feels good about Iowa and that “all the sales are made, the customers just have to show up.”

-Rollins ate a tuna melt and carrot cake. His female companion picked “marbled rye” bread.

Stay tuned to the Townhall blog for continuing coverage of the Iowa Caucus tonight and Friday.

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The Iowan Evangelicals would rather hand our country over to terrorists and socialists because of the inbred hatred of Mormons than to elect a leader for our country. Huck’s hypnotic charm and circus politics keep the “me” generatiion thinking that the Messiah has returned. And while our country remains at great peril from China,Iran, Terrorists, Illegal Immigrants, Family Collapse, Insane Immorality – and we can count on Evangelicals to elect a snake-oil salesman. The whole town of Walnut Grove fell for this one. But thanks to Pa, they were saved.

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“He Has Agreed To Be Part of the Group”
Gov. Huckabee Claims Foreign Policy Advisers Who Aren’t Advising Him

No Laughing Matter: A serious look at Gov. Mike Huckabee’s record and policy beyond the one-liners.

  • Gov. Mike Huckabee: “And the ultimate thing is, I may not be the expert that some people are on foreign policy, but I did stay in a Holiday Inn Express last night.” (WABC Radio’s “Imus In The Morning,” 12/4/07)
  • National Review: “The Holiday Inn Express Candidate.” “In sum, conservatives should have worries about the depth and soundness of Mike Huckabee’s foreign-policy views. And staying at a Holiday Inn Express is not going to be enough to allay them.” (Editorial, “The Holiday Inn Express Candidate,” National Review, 12/10/07)

Confronted With Misstatements On Foreign Policy, Gov. Huckabee Insists He Is Authentic And Honest:

Gov. Huckabee Says That People Are Looking For “Authenticity” And “Honesty.” NBC’s LESTER HOLT: “But can you afford those kind of misstatements when the spotlight is on you and people are looking for credible foreign policy credentials?” GOV. MIKE HUCKABEE: “What they’re looking for is authenticity, they’re looking for honesty.” (NBC’s “Today,” 12/29/07; www.msnbc.msn.com)

Yet, Gov. Huckabee Continues To Insist He Is Being Advised By Former Ambassador John Bolton:

On Thursday, Gov. Huckabee Said That Ambassador John Bolton Had Agreed To Help Him Formulate Foreign Policy. “At a Thursday evening news conference, Huckabee said, ‘I’ve corresponded with John Bolton, who’s agreed to work with us on developing foreign policy.'” (Lisa Lerer, “Huckabee’s Foreign Affairs Lapses,” The Politico, 12/29/07)

On Friday Morning, Gov. Huckabee Said That He Had Spoken With Amb. Bolton About Foreign Policy. “On Friday morning, Huckabee listed former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton as someone with whom he either has ‘spoken or will continue to speak.'” (Lisa Lerer, “Huckabee’s Foreign Affairs Lapses,” The Politico, 12/29/07)

By Friday Evening, Amb. Bolton Said He Hadn’t Spoken With Huckabee, Nor Agreed To Be His Adviser. “Bolton, however, has a different view. ‘I’d be happy to speak with Huckabee, but I haven’t spoken with him yet,’ said Bolton, now a senior fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, a conservative think tank in Washington. ‘I’m not an official or unofficial adviser to anyone,’ said Bolton, who mentioned he’d had conversations with other Republican candidates but declined to name any names.” (Lisa Lerer, “Huckabee’s Foreign Affairs Lapses,” The Politico, 12/29/07)

On Saturday Afternoon, Gov. Huckabee Was Still Claiming That Amb. Bolton Had Agreed To Be His Adviser. REPORTER: “Governor, you mentioned John Bolton as someone who is helping you to shape your foreign policy proposals. He says he hasn’t had communications or conversations with you. And he wasn’t the only person who you mentioned in your list of people you have talked to, to get advice from, who have said they haven’t spoken to you. Can you clear that up?” GOV. MIKE HUCKABEE: “Well, I had an e-mail exchange with John Bolton, and he has agreed to be a part of the group. He has not endorsed me. he has not indicated he would be supporting my candidacy, but he is one of many people who would be willing to have conversations. And we did have that e-mail exchange.” (Gov. Mike Huckabee, Press Conference, 12/29/07; www.youtube.com/watch?v=R8A6KCXwgv8)

Gov. Huckabee Also Wrongly Claimed Former National Security Adviser Richard Allen Is Advising Him:

“Huckabee Said He Had Also Spoken With… Former National Security Adviser Richard Allen.” “Huckabee said he had also spoken with former State Department official Richard Haass (now president of the Council on Foreign Relations); military analyst Ken Allard; former national security adviser Richard Allen; former House Speaker Newt Gingrich; Frank Gaffney, founder of the Center for Security Policy, a conservative think tank; and a ‘number of military personnel.'” (Lisa Lerer, “Huckabee’s Foreign Affairs Lapses,” The Politico, 12/29/07)

Yet, Allen Also Says He Has Not Spoken With Gov. Huckabee. “Reached via e-mail, Allen said an intermediary asked him to speak with Huckabee, but he hadn’t yet agreed. ‘I’m gradually getting older, but am fully capable of recalling with whom I have spoken,’ said the former Nixon and Reagan foreign policy campaign adviser.” (Lisa Lerer, “Huckabee’s Foreign Affairs Lapses,” The Politico, 12/29/07)

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