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Steve over at DryFly, “The Fight For Michigan” has a terrific explanation of how Michigan is rigged to illegitimize the conservative base of the GOP.

First let’s talk about the Democratic voters. The first problem is that there is no real democratic contest in Michigan. Barack and Edwards, from what I understand, are not even on the ballot. So what do Democrats do? They play strategically of course.

And what is strategic for the Dems? It is helping the Republicans nominate the most beatable candidate in November. And who is that?

Mike Huckabee.

So not only is Mike going to get the votes from the evangelicals, he is going to get the vote from most of the democratic voters who care enough to vote.

And then he goes on to explain that the other problem of Michigan is the power of the Independents. These peopl, like in New Hampshire, just like they have no core values, go for McCain – the guy who is anything but conservative. So here you have Iowa who was biased by the kool-aid drinking evangelicals who blindly vote for Huckabee without using their brains on studying his liberal agenda. Next you get New Hampshire Independents with this affinity for a rude, emotional disturbed and statistically demented candidate: John McCain.

So these two groups have the main influence of Michigan’s primary.

So let’s now introduce the master of all conservative electoral analysis: Rush Limbaugh

Will Democrats and Independents Dec ide the GOP Nomination? January 10, 2008

“The Arizona senator might be able to all but knock Romney out of the race in Michigan with another strong showing among independents, meaning he could possibly KO Romney without ever beating him handily among Republicans. Weird, huh? Then, with Romney gone, McCain is presumably competing with Huckabee and Rudy (although Fred is still lurking) for those conservative voters and that’s a fight he could well win.” Now, this is really fascinating, and it also illustrates how the little people actually knew before all these primaries began. All this hype about who has to win where and who has to win what, is meaningless — except for what I said. You have Iowa, New Hampshire, two states that do not feature conservatives.

This is why we repeatedly point out here that the states that allow independents and even Democrats to vote in their Republican primaries are not indicative of the Republican Party, which is why McCain and Huckabee have shots in them. McCain and Huckabee are winning these early states, where Republicans are outnumbered. It’s not Republicans; it’s not conservatives in majority who were electing Huckabee or McCain, so far, voting for them. Michigan is the same.

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Well it’s no surprise to anyone. From Drudge:

Higher costs for energy and food last year pushed inflation up by the largest amount in 17 years, even though prices generally remained tame outside of those two areas.

I know that Rush is really having a hard time with this. He just doesn’t want to have to escort us down the dreary road of a recession. Glenn Beck on the other hand is convinced this is the next Armageddon – or at least pretty close. I kinda think that Glenn is more on target. If you haven’t had a chance to check out Shadow Stats to get the real truth on the economy, now is a good time. Basically the bunk you hear about from most politicians and the MSM are spewing stats that the government decided to inflate to make things look more hunky dory. They actually leave out energy and food from their ratings. So what actually going on is much worse. Compounded is the worthless dollar. Gold has soared to $800 or so in the last few weeks.

Americans are in massive debt and America itself is in massive debt. The cranks and levers to fix it are maxed out. ABC news reports that the Fed may be dropping interest rates another .05% but that the effects may not be “felt for months.” The dollar is sinking fast and at any point in time, China or someone else, could dump dollars into our economy shifting London to become the new Wall street. What was even more pathetic is that our President was begging for more oil from the Saudi’s this week and was refused. Can you say that we are d-e-s-e-p-e-r-a-t-e?

One argument Rush uses, and I don’t know which report it is, says that the middle class is shrinking presumably because the middle class are “moving up” in the world. Maybe, but the stats are listing by “household”. I have yet to hear anyone say this out loud but it is simply because our whole economy is based on at least two people per household are bringing in money.

So what about those of us who are living on one income, doing all the right stuff, home schooling, and all the other duties and responsibilities of being a CFO (Chief Family Officer) living under the 100K black line. This is THE segment of the population that IS hurting. We don’t admit it because we are boldly going where few people dare to tread. Living on one income to stay home and actually raise children ourselves is now one of those rare oddities. I look at it as the fine art of nurturing souls. And it seems to be paying off one of mine (10 years old) studies Real Clear Politics every day (PS2 on the weekends) but at this rate he’s either going to become a statistician like his uncle or he’s going to run for president.

So what would be a more accurate description is that the real families of America are biting the bullet of unbelievable financial sacrifice to raise their own children to be the future of America. Financially we all know the death grip is only going to squeeze tighter. But I can tell you that the people who have chosen to staunchly fight against what feels like every effort in the world to destroy the family are willing to pay that price.

So Rush, there might be one factor you might be missing is that there are many noble families stalwartly living the American Dream of Dad off to work and the boys wrestling in living rooms, chasing the dog around the house who’s stealing toilet paper and turn on talk radio every second they can to listen to you and Glenn and Sean, and of course, whine about getting their school work done. And mom doesn’t make a dime in all of it.

Here’s some more things to take a look at:

Can Your Personal Finances Survive a Recession?

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