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Mark Hemmingway at NRO has made an excellent case as to why we NEED “voter education ads” otherwise known as “negative ads” or “contrast ads”. I can’t even begin to capture the essence of this the way Mark does, so let me highlight the best of this article. But it’s one that needs to be read in it’s entirety when you have a chance.

It’s hard to determine what kind of stunt Mike Huckabee was trying to pull when he unveiled his proposed negative ad against Mitt Romney for the assembled media on Monday. He did so not, of course, before he oh-so-magnanimously explained to the assembled press that he was above negative campaign tactics and had pulled the proposed ad from Iowa TV stations.

Was this dissembling a disingenuous tactic proposed by Huckabee’s occasionally shifty campaign manager Ed Rollins? Or was it the Baptist preacher evincing a sincere desire to not be pushed into running a dirty campaign? The media was certainly credulous about the stunt, though I think Mike Huckabee’s motivations are almost beside the point…

…As far as I can tell, there is nothing wrong with them. And yet, the stigma is so bad that the Romney campaign has insisted on referring to their Huckabee attacks as “contrast ads.” That’s a fairly cowardly description. Make no mistake, the impetus of the ads that Romney has been running recently in Iowa is to tear Huckabee down rather than build Romney up. The better euphemism would be that they are “voter education ads.” However off-putting the aesthetics of such ads are — with their unflattering black and white photos and dissonant piano chords — negative campaign ads are just about the only occasion voters are offered any real facts or substantive information about a candidate…

…However, somewhere along the line, the media and the electorate at large have become comfortable with the idea that people interviewing for the toughest job in the world should not be judged in relative terms. Instead, elections have become rather like pageants — candidates are allowed to make their case individually, but are not permitted by the rules of etiquette to go after one another. It’s as if they think they can sashay down the catwalk, hoping that guest judge Erik Estrada is impressed enough by the interview segment in which they rattled off their five-point plan to partition Iraq and share oil revenues, to overcome the lackluster score from their trumpet rendition of the theme from Star Wars in the talent competition. That last bit may seem like a joke, but Huckabee showed up on Leno the night before the Iowa caucuses playing his bass with The Tonight Show band. Bootsy he is not, but it was still a shrewd move. Remember when Bill Clinton went on Arsenio and played saxophone and George W. Bush started speaking Spanish on the campaign trail? The media astonishment was comparable to coming home and discovering the family dog was in the middle of weatherproofing the deck…

The coarseness of American culture, manifested by even its cable news programs, is a topic of substantial commentary. Yet somehow the media has also accepted as axiomatic, the idea that negative ads somehow are offensive to the electorate at large, and especially the genteel Midwestern dispositions of Iowa voters.

Emphasis added:

If Huckabee won because Iowans are easily off-put by Romney’s negativity, we really need to do something about the primary schedule such that we aren’t stuck with Hawkeyes’ delicate sensibilities determining the leader of the free world in every election. Perhaps the national parties could be convinced with the right ad campaign: “Iowa … wrong on corn subsidies… wrong on winter weather… wrong on the Byzantine electoral selection process… WRONG FOR AMERICA!”

But obviously, Iowans — and others — can handle the truth that comes with negative ads. Otherwise they wouldn’t be so darn effective and politicians wouldn’t use them. That’s why, like clockwork, we turn on the TV every November and find ourselves staring at grainy photos of some schmuck in a suit angrily pointing his finger at us while randomly selected pejorative adjectives from local newspapers dissolve slowly on and off the screen.

More than anything, we say we want politicians to be honest. And yet, we make them smile through their teeth and pretend to like the other guy every election. Let them be honest about why they don’t like the other guy and we might get better leaders. But before we can demand honest politicians, perhaps we need to be honest with ourselves — about the fact we like and need negative campaign ads.

And let’s not forget, there is a hideous encouragement that somehow it is even remotely acceptable to declare open season by unethical or unconstitutional push-polling or other below-the-belt shadow campaigning. The sick attacks on Mitt Romney’s religion reveal a bottom-feeding baseness of the other candidates and their advisers, namely Mike Huckabee, Dick Morris, Ed Rollins, and John McCain that reveal the most disgusting enterprise of this country. This sadly has existed since the first religionists landed on the shore of this country. You would think this country has stopped burning people at the stake, but there is no doubt the practice continues virtually.


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Here Newt Gingrich responds to the Iowa process. Newt refused to run for this election because he knew he couldn’t compete against Romney’s money. He expressed that on the Sean Hannity show a few months back. At that time I could hear some self-effacing expressions of class envy. I have to wonder, why there is so much jealousy and class envy in this country, especially from the people who claim to be Reagan conservatives? Listening to Rush and Sean Hannity yesterday, this attitude is a complete abandonment of conservatism in general.

Here’s my comment in response to his webcast:

Newt, I really respect you and all your efforts you are making. I also know that Mark Levin has outed that you and Dick Morris are working for the Huckabee campaign. Your comments are interesting, but clearly show a short-sided bias. The DOW dropped 2% yesterday in light of the Iowa process. All the conservative talk radio hosts (excluding Michael Medved) could not conceal their frustration with what happened. You are encouraging the feel good, vote with your heart populist mentality that ended up voting the likes of Clinton and Carter into office. This isn’t about electing a “pal”. Perhaps the surgeon doesn’t have the best bedside manner, but for the kind of operation this country needs, we need the best skill out there. Also, you are encouraging some of the most evil politics this country has ever unleashed by disguising CEO/$ bashing for an unspoken, unconstitutional religious test and back-handed pandering shadow campaigning.

The Romney’s are self-made success socially, financially, and in the amazing experiences brought into their life. They have not fed off of the government and they are at a place in life where they would earnestly like to share their success at the American Dream which they achieved in very hostile and challenging environments.

You, Morris and Huckabee are very clear that you resent this. You seem to be doing every thing you can to perpetuate class envy and other liberal ideals to our conservative party. You and your candidate lie brutally if you think for one moment that the most horrific negative campaigning wasn’t utilized and effected that will go down in history second to none.

I had wanted to believe in your efforts. I see now they are just one more slick attempt shut down the rugged, self-reliant, Reagan, American conservatism for pandering populist garbage. We are very disappointed in you. You continue to waste your potential Newt, and it’s very sad.

Here’s the clincher over at Townhall:

Friday, January 04, 2008

What Is Newt’s Angle In The Primaries?

Posted by: Duane Patterson at 5:21 PM

Very quietly, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich is meddling in the GOP primary field. A couple of weeks ago, there was a press release that indicated Rick Tyler, long time communications director for Gingrich, was taking a leave of absence from his day job, and helping out the communications effort for Mike Huckabee.

Mark Levin over on The Corner writes today that Newt and Dick Morris are both helping the Arkansas populist former governor, Newt behind the scenes, Morris publicly. The question is why is Newt doing this?

When the Tyler move became public, the theory developed that Newt still envisions himself running for the presidency, but didn’t think this cycle was the right time to run because of the aura of invincibility of Hillary Clinton. Newt would then benefit by helping out the perceived weakest of the GOP candidates, ensuring that come January ’09, the Republicans would begin their four year wandering through the desert. This would set up Newt as the White Knight in 2012, riding to the rescue after President Hillary screwed things up in her first term.

But after Iowa last night, another theory is beginning to develop. Hillary’s aura of invincibility is no longer there. Barack Obama is now the frontrunner, and although very charismatic, he’s an empty suit, especially when it comes to foreign policy. Newt may now be thinking that there’s a window of opportunity this cycle. All that needs to take place is for Huckabee to take a couple of the early states, Rudy take a couple of the big states, McCain maybe taking a state here or there, and Romney to take a couple, and you have yourself a brokered convention. If the Republicans can’t decide on a clear frontrunner by the convention, could we potentially see the White Knight riding in a little earlier than expected into Minneapolis/St. Paul this September?

Mark Levin writes over at NRO

Friday, January 04, 2008

Helping Huck [Mark R. Levin]

I am informed that Dick Morris and Newt Gingrich are helping Huckabee behind the scenes. Morris has been everywhere today promoting Huckabee.

So there you have it. This election is canned and these rural Evangelical women of Iowa (the ones statistically made the big turn out for Huck Thursday night) are falling for the rhetoric, hook, line and sinker.

I predict the backlash and anti-Huck vote will be bigger than anyone in this country can even imagine. The smart ones who see that the other vengeful, angry old man, McCain, is just as evil. The absolute unethical, below the belt, attack on Romney through the push-polling and scathing liberal newspapers is coming from a man who harbors a rage like no other (except possibly Hillary Clinton).

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Dick Morris is on a webscast by Newsmax right now. He has called the 2008 election as a win for the Democrats. He said that the Republicans, in particular Bush, have ruined their chances in the country. He also said Romney’s out of the race because he can’t get over being “Mormon” and “which is a shame”.

Also, he predicts the Republican party is over for several reasons, one in particular because the Spanish vote will be 20% by 2020. This is just from legal immigration and has little to do with illegal. Our party has handed this significant sector over to the Democrats. He warns our party is in serious trouble and that there is still a very high likelihood that Clinton will still win.

He also really cautions that money and paid advertising has little to do with the support of candidates because media spin is so strong that this is what people are really paying attention to. In essence, people are listening to their pulpits and news and getting their information about candidates there. This has played an enormous role in the rise of Huckabee and Obama. Also negative advertising stops working. “Roaches get immune to roach spray.” It demeans the political process and people don’t want it in their homes.

There you have it folks. I would seriously consider voting Democrat if Huckabee, McCain or even Giuliani were the nominee. They are already liberal anyway but it is something to consider an anti-anti-Mormon vote going on in this nation.

I have to say that a few rural Evangelical women in Iowa deciding the fate of my party is gut-wrenching. This firmly concludes in my mind that Iowa has WAY too much power. I think that the only way this could ever work is if all states voted on the same day. It is just shocking that our country has made these choices.

Let’s hope he’s wrong.

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