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Time‘s Joe Klein: “I watched tonight’s debate with the Frank Luntz focus group at the famed Merrimack Diner… And they…Just. Loved. Romney.” (Joe Klein, “McCain’s Lost Weekend,” Time‘s Swampland Blog, http://www.time-blog.com/, Posted 1/6/08)

  • Klein: “Most of those who came in undecided had switched to Mitt by the end of the show. They just adored his position on illegal immigration (their dials plummeted when McCain said we had to be ‘humane.’)” (Joe Klein, “McCain’s Lost Weekend,” Time‘s Swampland Blog, http://www.time-blog.com/, Posted 1/6/08)

Fox News’ Carl Cameron: “Romney was seated in the middle, and he was in the middle of every exchange. He stuck to his guns and fired several good shots of his own. He let almost no charge go un-rebutted and pivoted to offense effectively on many. As far as debating tactics, poise and execution are concerned he won.” (Carl Cameron, “Mitt In The Middle,” FOX’s Cameron’s Corner, www.cameron.blogs.foxnews.com, Posted 1/7/08)

  • Cameron: “He withstood withering condescension from his rivals, tough questions from Chris Wallace, all after a full campaign day. Romney has campaigned harder and for longer than all of them.” (Carl Cameron, “Mitt In The Middle,” FOX’s Cameron’s Corner, www.cameron.blogs.foxnews.com, Posted 1/7/08)
  • Cameron: “Mitt Romney scored spectacular numbers in Frank Luntz’s focus groups.” (Carl Cameron, “Mitt In The Middle,” FOX’s Cameron’s Corner, www.cameron.blogs.foxnews.com, Posted 1/7/08)

Politico‘s Jonathan Martin: “Overall, Romney was much more effective at driving his message this evening, taking advantage of numerous opportunities to talk up his new theme of bringing change to Washington. He was able to discuss taxes and immigration – precisely the issues his campaign wants to spotlight here before the primary – and seemed at ease and relaxed the whole time.” (Jonathan Martin, “From Smackdown To Somnolent,” Politico, www.politico.com/jonathanmartin, Posted 1/6/08)

CBN’s David Brody: “Mitt Romney picked a great time to come up with a solid homerun debate performance.” (David Brody, “Romney’s Smashing Success,” CBN’s The Brody File, www.cbn.com, 1/6/08)

  • Brody: “Billed as a ‘Presidential Forum’, Romney looked presidential and pretty much commanded the roundtable without coming across as petty and vindictive. This is called ‘coming through at crunch time.'” (David Brody, “Romney’s Smashing Success,” CBN’s The Brody File, www.cbn.com, 1/6/08)

Race 4 2008’s Matthew E. Miller: “I really think Mitt Romney has come into his own over the last few days. In particular, I thought he was fantastic tonight.” (Matthew E. Miller, “A Comeback Kid?” Race 4 2008 Blog, http://race42008.com, Posted 1/6/08)

  • Miller: “On just style alone, I think he’s bowled over even the usually engaging Huckabee, two nights in a row.” (Matthew E. Miller, “A Comeback Kid?” Race 4 2008 Blog, http://race42008.com, Posted 1/6/08)
  • Miller: “But, beyond style, Romney has shown a staggering command of issues and details. He continually projects competence and seriousness, with well-thought out responses to tough questions.” (Matthew E. Miller, “A Comeback Kid?” Race 4 2008 Blog, http://race42008.com, Posted 1/6/08)
  • Miller: “Last night, Romney bore a brutal assault amazingly well, but tonight he actually won, because he not only seemed like the grown-up in the room, but the other candidates took a respite from their vicious anti-Romney glee.” (Matthew E. Miller, “A Comeback Kid?” Race 4 2008 Blog, http://race42008.com, Posted 1/6/08)

RedState’s Leon Wolf: “Let’s be clear – for the purposes of New Hampshire, tonight was about who could win between McCain and Romney, and Romney was the clear winner.” (Leon Wolf, “Mitt Romney’s Finest Hour,” RedState Blog, http://www.redstate.com/, Posted 1/7/08)

  • Wolf: “Romney was clearly on his game.” (Leon Wolf, “Mitt Romney’s Finest Hour,” RedState Blog, http://www.redstate.com/, Posted 1/7/08)
  • Wolf: “Romney clearly impressed the focus groups, and spoke to issues that appeal to the folks of New Hampshire.” (Leon Wolf, “Mitt Romney’s Finest Hour,” RedState Blog, http://www.redstate.com/, Posted 1/7/08)

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We are home schoolers. Nothing could be more important to us than the importance of protecting and encouraging competition with our monopolized school system. However, there is a great danger in just selling out to anyone or anything. My degree is in secondary education. Nothing can be more indoctrinating than the entire public school education, beginning with the buckets of socialist sludge that is dished up in teacher training in universities all across America. The NEA is on the same level as the ACLU as far as I’m concerned. Pandering to the NEA is utter bottom-feeding and reveals the complete lack of ethics and values of Mike Huckabee.

From World Net Daily,  Joseph Farah, Between the Lines

Homeschoolers beware!

I take a back seat to no one in my admiration of home schoolers.

I am a homeschooler myself.

As I have written in my book “Taking America Back,” I believe the homeschool movement is the vanguard of what could be a peaceful, social and cultural revolution that will restore morality, justice and freedom in our country.

That’s why I want to issue a warning to homeschoolers today: Don’t sell out to a presidential candidate too fast or too cheaply.

A Washington Post report suggests homeschoolers are throwing their support to Mike Huckabee in big numbers. While I think there is much to like about Huckabee, there are some major concerns as well.

One of those concerns is his education policy – specifically, the role of the federal government.One of those concerns is his education policy – specifically, the role of the federal government.

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This is from Newsmax authored by Paul Welrich.

Here it comes. It’s the moment that has been building for years. If you live in California, you are no longer a creation, male or female, created and endowed by a Creator. Your genetic purpose has been redefined. You are no longer placed on this earth to fulfill your greatest potential, reproduction. You are here for your own personal fulfillment of any hedonistic, or selfish, pursuit you can imagine.

Imagine an airplane trying to use train tracks as a way to travel to its destination. Oh, but never mind that they are completely physically incompatible. Lets just complain that there are enough people afraid of flying that they lobby the airlines into accommodating them. Yes, the demands are outrageous, but since we are a society of “political” correctness, everyone acquiesces.

Okay, so this most ridiculous example is an analogy to what the homosexual agenda has accomplished in California. Payl Weyrich, an endorser of Mitt Romney, has summarized the grave effects of the surreal, exposed ruse of Governor Schwarzenegger in the state of California. The article is “Schwarzenegger Promotes Alternative Lifestyles in Schools“.

He says: “There is terrible news from California. On Oct. 12, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger signed into law three bills which, the opposition argues, introduce the radical homosexual agenda into educational institutions.

He further explains: “The first bill, SB 777, evidently bans anything in public schools that could be interpreted as discriminating against or critical of homosexuality, bisexuality, transsexuality or other alternative lifestyle choices. It prohibits any classroom instruction or school-sponsored activity that “promotes a discriminatory bias” against “sexual orientation” and “gender,” which includes cross-dressing, sex changes and any other behavior “not stereotypically associated with one’s assigned sex at birth.

Let’s ponder how this affects our children in “sex education” class. We have to think about this. Now realize that anyone can use ANY bathroom they choose. “In addition, homecoming kings can now be either male or female, as can homecoming queens; and students, whether male or female, must be allowed to use the restroom and locker room corresponding to the sex with which they choose to identify (potentially especially pernicious to young girls). Such an attempt to redefine language to suit one’s political and sexual interests would make George Orwell proud.

Even this kind of blog, because it implies “discrimination undertones” would be banned: “Schools also will have to provide classroom handouts (including some specifically for parents) and display information in the halls, lounges and on websites that specifically address “bias-related discrimination and harassment” against homosexuality, bisexuality, transsexuality or other “alternative lifestyle choices.

So those of us who exercise what should be our freedom of opinion, will not be exempt: ”

The final bill, AB 14, prohibits state funding for any program that does not support a range of alternative sexual practices, including state-funded social services run by churches. This means that daycares, preschools, after-school programs, food and housing programs, senior services, anti-gang efforts, job programs and others must all teach and accept homosexuality, bisexuality, transsexuality and all the other sexualities.

“It also forces every hospital in California, even private and religious hospitals, to adopt policies of support for the aforementioned sexualities and opens up non-profit organizations to lawsuits if they exclude members who engage in any such sexual conduct.” May I ask how this affects our religious practices?

And finally: “He has not held a press conference or issued a statement on this legislation. But the harm his decision will do is clear if the law becomes effective on Jan. 1, 2008 and is interpreted and implemented literally. It would turn California’s children over to those who want to indoctrinate them in perversion in order to validate their own lifestyle choices. (Emphasis added.)

Homosexual advocates are aware that there is no more captive audience than schoolchildren, both because they are impressionable and because education is compulsory, and have pursued their agenda aggressively through state legislators and bureaucrats. In California they may have succeeded in implementing intolerance for what, in every human society and culture, has been the understanding of men, women, marriage, sexuality, and nature.

Those parents who can afford to pull their children from public schools and place them in private schools or homeschool them will probably do so. But most families cannot afford to do so…” And don’t think for a moment their strong arming won’t be satisfied until it has reached into every California home and crawled into every state in America. …”If the referendum is unsuccessful, be prepared for some momentum to spread east because California’s resources and population make California enormously influential.

Textbook publishers will take note of this new legislation and amend their books accordingly in order to stay in business in the state.” Vile corruption and coercion of youth, hmmm, doesn’t that sound a bit like Cambodia – minus the bloodshed?

From what I understand, if this infection spreads nationally, this will affect even private universities, such as BYU or other private religious colleges and universities. Dare I forget to mention the Scouting program? There will be further ramifications for even Church camps, such as EFY (Especially for Youths) and other faith-based camps and retreats. Is it possible that even the LDS Proclamation on the Family to the World or other sacred endorsements of morals and values will also be under fire?

Paul is on top of things and has endorsed Mitt Romney as THE candidate who will fulfill the needs of social conservatives and who perfectly completes our fiscal and political needs as well. It is a difficult prospect of unraveling the social decline masked and marketed as “social progress”.

I am deeply wondering if our Founding Fathers were able to predict the abuse and corruption of our system as they defined it. Establishing our government was an agonizing process, to be sure. They counted on the members of our society to pursue their own self-interest. However, our society was orchestrated on the principles that people would desire and regulate their lives with a moral purpose and with moral values. Where we have gone wrong has been the gradual erosion of individuals straying from this path. People have their free agency, but their rage against the establishment unravels the tapestry of America.

The very issues they rail against are the very boundaries put in place to protect them from bondage. Their freedoms, our freedoms are precisely what are at stake. Their destructive lashing out for more freedom will paradoxically ensure the end of liberties of us all.

How can this trend be turned around? Can it be turned around? How do we address this epidemic of perversion? History chronicles that all civilizations which head in this direction will eventually cease to exist – looking at Sodom, Gomorrah, or Rome, etc. If we regard Europe, with only a century or two in our lead, we observe their borders non-existent. Their populations are filled with those who have entered, set up residence and when unleashed, will destroy them. I speak of course of the Ottomans, now commonly known as the Jihadists. So, what of the next few generations to come of this nation called America? What will this place be for the Helaman’s warriors being raised here and there? What is their future?

Certainly, this is a great deal to ponder. No longer can families design their agenda (but for an occasional) ascension in society, but rather a more defensive strategy and priority of a preservation of what history may recall a lost utopia. It is disturbing to ponder that history may record that the “peak” of our civilization existed in the twenty years between the 30’s and 50’s. Those with values and morals will continue to be driven to the ground. The many people who could have resisted have, in fact, have apathetically looked on and barely noticed their freedoms ebb away. There is no doubt that the decline is real. The question will be, “what are the critical roles we need to play during this time?”

What brings great hope is the optimism of Mitt Romney. The Republican candidate well apprised of the harsh realities of today. He states that we are in “perilous” times. He has the vision to “problem solve” solutions that we might not be able to see. The sixties revolted and left their wake into the seventies which were difficult but only to be revitalized and renewed by one of America’s greatest presidents; Ronald Reagan. Is it possible, that with a President of Mitt Romney, we might see that contagious, practical, strength unleashed? I am certain it is. It really is possible. No matter what, we conservatives can tap into the deep wells of our faith.

Mitt Romney is the man who can reach into the hearts of the angry, antagonistic, power-loving left as well as the big-spending, reckless and often bigoted (towards each other) right and catalyze the unity-of-purpose this country needs. This is NOT the time to play religion wars. If you do, you become the Judas of our day. This country is ready for Mitt Romney. This nation is in need of Mitt Romney. There simply are NO other candidates who solidly defend the social conservative issues of our day. Mitt Romney, simply put, is the Reagan of our generation.

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