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Michigan congressman vouches for Romney

Mitt Romney, who appears to be all-in in Michigan, started a new radio ad today that features one of his most prominent supporters in the state.

In the spot (listen to it here), Congressman Pete Hoekstra and his wife Diane say that Romney will cut taxes, lower spending, and create jobs — a huge issue in the economically depressed state. They also vouch for Romney’s Michigan connections.

“Governor Mitt Romney represents the values that are important to us,” Diane Hoekstra says. “He will fight for the unborn and traditional marriage.”

“Mitt Romney’s values are Michigan values,” Pete Hoekstra chimes in.

“They ought to be, he grew up right here, in Michigan,” his wife says.

Romney’s campaign has suspended advertising in South Carolina and Florida to focus on Michigan, whose primary next Tuesday could mark the end of Romney’s presidential bid if he doesn’t win.

Mitt Romney is the go to man. He’ll correct the economy, rebuild business, keep the taxes in check, secure the borders, protect us from Jihad, save the family and is THE guy to get it done in Michigan. I encourage Democrats in the state to vote for Mitt Romney. There is no doubt that you know that “democratic/liberal” economic principles don’t work.

If Mitt Romney can:

  • turn around the unreal dire fiscal straits of Massachusetts as Governor,
  • can be the turnaround champion of almost canceled corrupt Olympics,
  • and get the games going with perfect security only months after 9/11
  • the foreman to the repair of struggling business,

he can get Michigan back on track. There just simply is NO other candidate out there that has the record of doing flips – (not the flops). And not only that, you can count on him to not go berserk with profound and emotionally disturbed tantrums. And even better, he and his lovely wife, Anne, and their beautiful family will inspire all of us to live our lives better and try harder. He’s the guy you can say to yourself, “if he can do it, so can I.” He’s the guy who wants to help put America’s families back together. And finally, the best bonus of all, he’s not a religious bigot. The whole country will not have to deal with those Evangelicals that get their jollies from looking down their nose at the rest of the country.

And if after you’ve voted your head off for Mitt – vote for the Democrat because McCain or Huckabee would be a lot worse.

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