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This makes anyone sick. Our prayers are with you. From Victim’s Voice.

Doing everything possible to keep this monster out of the oval office.


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We are home schoolers. Nothing could be more important to us than the importance of protecting and encouraging competition with our monopolized school system. However, there is a great danger in just selling out to anyone or anything. My degree is in secondary education. Nothing can be more indoctrinating than the entire public school education, beginning with the buckets of socialist sludge that is dished up in teacher training in universities all across America. The NEA is on the same level as the ACLU as far as I’m concerned. Pandering to the NEA is utter bottom-feeding and reveals the complete lack of ethics and values of Mike Huckabee.

From World Net Daily,  Joseph Farah, Between the Lines

Homeschoolers beware!

I take a back seat to no one in my admiration of home schoolers.

I am a homeschooler myself.

As I have written in my book “Taking America Back,” I believe the homeschool movement is the vanguard of what could be a peaceful, social and cultural revolution that will restore morality, justice and freedom in our country.

That’s why I want to issue a warning to homeschoolers today: Don’t sell out to a presidential candidate too fast or too cheaply.

A Washington Post report suggests homeschoolers are throwing their support to Mike Huckabee in big numbers. While I think there is much to like about Huckabee, there are some major concerns as well.

One of those concerns is his education policy – specifically, the role of the federal government.One of those concerns is his education policy – specifically, the role of the federal government.

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Huckabee is blasting photos of Chuck Norris all over his camp this week. What in the world does this have to do with becoming the president of the United States? We don’t want a circus, we want a leader.

This is hilarious:

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