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Seems like Huckabee and Thompson may be vying for the VP spot. They don’t seem to be doing much to point out the inherent defects of McCain’s positions. So the liberal GOP is kissing butt. A little “don’t ask, don’t tell” I guess. Nice.

From Jonathon Martin and Politico:

And so with Mitt Romney effectively waving the white flag in South Carolina and Mike Huckabee and Fred Thompson seemingly more interested in being vice president or at least retaining their friendship with him, McCain appears headed into Saturday’s primary without a single glove being laid on him.


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Gov. Huckabee Raised Regressive Taxes On Working Families

“I don’t think he understands the free market business system. He’s not good on taxing, he’s not good on spending, he’s not good on free trade. In other words, all the prosperity factors seem to be Mr. Huckabee’s weakness. I don’t think he understands it. He’s just out of tune with all measures of free market, supply side economics.” – CNBC’s Larry Kudlow (Hugh Hewitt Radio Show, 12/21/07; www.youtube.com/watch?v=mvfhmE6PKxI)

Using Democrat Class Warfare Language, Gov. Huckabee Claims To Defend “The Poorest People”:

In South Carolina, Gov. Huckabee “Dwelled On The Economic Pain Felt By The Working And Middle Class.” “Continuing to reach out to his evangelical base, Mr. Huckabee, a former Baptist pastor, spoke at North Greenville University, a Southern Baptist institution. There he dwelled on the economic pain suffered by the middle and working classes…” (Michael Luo and Michael Cooper, “Focus Shifts To S. Carolina For Romney And Rivals,” The New York Times, 1/17/08)

Gov. Huckabee Has Accused Oil Companies Of “Stealing From Absolutely The Poorest People.” “Gov. Mike Huckabee on Thursday night lambasted the profit levels of oil companies, saying they ‘are stealing from absolutely the poorest people.’ He also suggested the Legislature enact a uniform pay scale for school superintendents in the state.” (Michael R. Wickline, “Huckabee Lashes Out At Oil Firms Over Profits,” Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, 10/28/05)

Gov. Huckabee Takes Cues From Democrat John Edwards, Waging “Class Warfare.” “Does Huckabee really believe that Reaganomics represents a philosophy of greed? … This is the rhetoric that is being religiously flogged on an hourly basis by Democrat John Edwards over on the class warfare side of the divide.” (Jeffrey Lord, “Huckabee Attacking Reaganomics,” American Spectator, 12/28/07)

Yet As Governor, Huckabee Raised Taxes On Working Families:

Gov. Huckabee Raised Taxes $883.1 Million, Cut $378 Million In Taxes, For A Net Tax Increase Of $505.1 Million. “But a review of tax legislation passed while he was governor shows a net tax increase of $505 million, a figure adjusted for inflation and economic growth, according to the state Department of Finance and Administration. … The 90 cuts reduced tax collections by $378 million, according to the Department of Finance and Administration. Meanwhile, the department counts 21 tax increases that raised collections by $883.1 million.” (Daniel Nasaw, “Gaps Led To Taxing In Huckabee Years,” Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, 10/9/07)

  • The Average Arkansan Saw Their Taxes Increase Almost $1,000 Under Gov. Huckabee. “The average Arkansan’s tax burden grew from $1,969 in the fiscal year that ended June 30, 1997, to $2,902 in the fiscal year that ended June 30, 2005, including local taxes.” (Daniel Nasaw, “Gaps Led To Taxing In Huckabee Years,” Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, 10/9/07)

Higher Sales Tax, Higher Income Tax, Higher Gas Tax:

Gov. Huckabee Actually Stood Before the Legislature And Begged Them To Raise The Income Tax, Sales Tax, And Tobacco Tax. GOV. HUCKABEE: “There is a lot of support for a tax at the wholesale level for tobacco. That’s fine with me. I will very happily sign that… Some have suggested the retail level of tobacco. If that ends up being your preference, I will accept that. Others have suggested a surcharge on the income tax. That’s acceptable. I’m fine with that. … Others have suggested perhaps a sales tax. That’s fine. Yet others have suggested a hybrid that would collect some money from any one or combination of those various ideas… If that’s the plan that the House and Senate agree upon, then you will have nothing but my profound thanks.” (Mark Silva, “Conservatives Target A Once Tax-Happy Huckabee,” Chicago Tribune’s The Swamp Blog, 11/12/07; www.youtube.com/watch?v=DaJW7nXw30A)

  • Following His Pleas, The Legislature Passed An Income-Tax Surcharge Which Gov. Huckabee Signed. “Three days after the start of the May special session, the Legislature passed a bill that raised taxes on tobacco products and established on a 3 percent income-tax surcharge. Huckabee signed the bill into law hours later. It raised $97 million its first year in effect.” (Daniel Nasaw, “Gaps Led To Taxing In Huckabee Years,” Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, 10/9/07)

“During His 10 Years As Arkansas Governor, Huckabee Supported Numerous Tax Increases.” (Andrew DeMillo, “Despite No-Tax Pledge, Huckabee Pressed By Fiscal Conservatives,” The Associated Press, 3/14/07)

“Huckabee Increased Taxes On Sales, Gasoline, Cigarettes And Nursing Homes.” “The Club for Growth, which advocates limited government and lower taxes, has repeatedly criticized Huckabee since his formation in January of a presidential exploratory committee. It notes that as governor, Huckabee increased taxes on sales, gasoline, cigarettes and nursing homes.” (Andrew DeMillo, “Despite No-Tax Pledge, Huckabee Pressed By Fiscal Conservatives,” The Associated Press, 3/14/07)

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 I bet to cover his mistake he’ll some how twist it around like it was STILL his idea and the government took it from him. Whew. Are those preachers passing this stuff on to their flock? You think he’d at least learn from his mistakes and do some research before he opens his mouth. But I guess that’s what you get from Governor’s of Arkansas.

 Huck, Immigration, and U.S. Restrictions

From NBC’s Garrett Haake and Robert Windrem
Huckabee said today, per NBC/NJ’s Adam Aigner Treworgy, “Every one of the 19 hijackers on 9/11 came her legally. Our government welcomed them in. Well, there’s a couple of things we’re going to do differently. I say we ought to put a hiatus on people who come here and give them permits if they come from countries that sponsor and harbor terrorists. Let’s say until you get your act in order and we’ll get our act in order.”

But NBC News recently did some research on the status of immigration from four countries, which while not on the list of terrorist states, have produced a number of terrorists, both on 9/11 and elsewhere.  Bottom line: The US has extensively restricted visitors from those countries since the attacks on New York and Washington.

The data shows that there was a big dropoff in temporary visits from the four nations — Egypt, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates — after 9/11, then a resurgence. However, in none of the four nations have visas risen to more than half their pre-9/11 levels. In the case of Saudi Arabia, the number isn’t even one-third as high.

To read the stats, click here

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Some amazing comments and posts out there today. I’d like to highlight a comment by “John Doe” over at Marc Ambinder’s post listing some pretty good Huckabee facts that were sent out in an Catholics beware of Huckabee emailer. The religious intolerance is pretty much alienating him from the rest of the country. Huckabee is in big poo because of his playing the Evangelical stuff to the hilt. He and his following are making a lot more enemies than friends. If Evangelicals think they are going to get anywhere, there have been more than a few people saying they would vote for Hillary before they would vote for him. This is also coming down to how people are looking at their Evangelical neighbors now that they know how they “really feel”. I know quite a few Utah Mormons are for Ron Paul, and while I understand their points, it’s just a wasted vote at this time. I’d be hard pressed to say that when it came down to it, Mormons, including the Ron Paul Mormons, are not going to vote a Mormon-hater into the White House. So, Huck’s low IQ didn’t seem to factor in the Mormon factor either.

Here’s the comment:


Let us assume for a moment that Mike Huckabee gets nominated by the Republican Party for the presidency. I know it is a bold assumption.. Let us examine his chances of his winning the general election without Mormon votes. Given current American voting trends and demographics, he would have no chance. If the Huckster is nominated, the swing states of Nevada (about 10% Mormon), Oregon (4%) and New Mexico (4%) will swing to the Democrats. Remember that President Bush lost Oregon by a couple thousand votes in 2000; New Mexico by a few hundred and picked it up in 2004 by an equally slim margin. Besides losing swing states in 2008, Republicans could also lose solidly red states if they embrace the bigot for president. What would losing a large voting block in, if not the states of, Utah (1.8 million Mormons), Idaho (15%), Wyoming (14%), and Arizona (6%) (you don’t hear McCain bashing Mormons, do you? in fact he’s done just the opposite) do for Republican hopes in 2008? Defections of Mormons in Colorado (131,000) and California (750,000) might cost a few Republican congressional seats. Losing the most-solidly Republican block in the country, the Mormons, or even putting it in play, would turn red states blue and eliminate any hopes of Republicans holding Colorado in the Senate or retaining the White House.

Mormons are tolerant folks, but they don’t tolerate anti-Mormon hostility, especially the bigotry that has been demonstrated by Huckabee’s supporters and, by extension Huckabee, for Huckabee’s failure to call them on it. So, when all of these Mormons decide that they are not going to tolerate an anti-Mormon bigot in the White House, will Mormons in those states vote for a third party or just stay home? Both options are being openly discussed in Mormon circles. If it is a third party, Mormons trend Libertarian; but that is beside the point. How could you vote for someone who is completely intolerant of your faith? Mormons have marched along supporting the candidates of the evangelical right for decades (who voted more reliably for Bush than Mormons? Not evangelicals.) and this Mormon and many others he happens to be talking to are ready to leave the party if Huckabee is nominated or his anti-Mormon campaign continues to be tolerated by the party.

Think of Idaho, Utah, Nevada and Arizona turning blue? Impossible? Not if an anti-Mormon is on the Republican ticket. People say Romney can’t win without evangelicals, well, Huckabee or any other Republican can’t win without Mormons in 2008. It’s a two-way street. No Republican will win the presidency in 2008 without us.

Before anyone discounts the idea of blue Mormons, consider that Harry Reid, the Democratic leader in the Senate is, a Mormon, who, despite being a Democrat, has enjoyed splitting the typically Republican Mormon vote in Nevada. More telling is that Utah County, the home of BYU and the most densely Mormon and Republican area in Utah had a Democrat representing it in Congress for most of the 1990s.

If anyone has any questions about how strongly many of us feel about this, let me say that I am as likely to support Mike Huckabee as Jesse Jackson would support David Duke. Is that clear enough?

Here’s the anti-Huckabee email going around:

Michigan Catholic Voter Alert:
What Michigan Catholics MUST Know About Mike Huckabee

FACT: Mike Huckabee has exhibited a willful blindness in associating with anti-Catholicism when it has benefited him politically.

FACT: Instead of supporting a healthy expression of religion in the public square, Mike Huckabee has used his evangelical protestant faith as a wedge to divide the Republican Party and gain support from fellow evangelicals.

FACT: While claiming to believe Catholics are fellow Christians, Mike Huckabee has kept close acquitance with evangelical leaders who have:

  • Compared Catholicism to a disease requiring ‘recovery’ and rehabilitation;
  • Said the Catholic Church collaborated with the Nazis to exterminate Jews;
  • Accused the Catholic Church of pulling mankind into the ‘dark ages’.

FACT: Mike Huckabee has been endorsed by anti-Catholic author Tim Lahaye , who called Catholicism a “false religion” Lahaye’s Church also funded “Mission to Catholics”, a virulently anti-Catholic ministry.

Read More: Catholic.org: False Profit: Money, Prejudice, and Bad Theology in Tim LaHaye’s Left Behind Series and at The Catholic League: The Best-Selling Bigotry of Left Behind

FACT: Mike Huckabee has also played up anti-Mormon sentiment against Governor Mitt Romney by asking a reporter if it was the Mormon Church that taught that Jesus and the devil were half-brothers. For more information, click here .

FACT: Mike Huckabee turned a blind eye to an anti-Catholic whisper campaign waged against Catholic Senator Sam Brownback in the run up to the Iowa Straw Poll in July 2007. For more information, click here .

FACT: While Mike Huckabee has declared himself to be the authentic pro-life candidate in the 2008 Republican primary, in 2006 alone he accepted $35,000 in cash from Novo Nordisk, a company dedicated to promoting research on human life through destructive embryonic stem cell research.

Case in Point: Mike Huckabee was the guest speaker at the notoriously anti-Catholic Cornerstone Church in San Antonio, TX on December 23, 2007.

Huckabee was hosted by the Rev. John Hagee, who has written that the Catholic Church collaborated with Hitler in staying completely silent during the Holocaust. This would be a surprise to millions of Catholics who struggled against Nazism, most especially St. Maximillan Kolbe.

Here is a sampling of Pastor Hagee’s writings:

John Hagee: “Most readers will be shocked by the clear record of history linking Adolf Hitler and the Roman Catholic Church in a conspiracy to exterminate the Jews.”
John Hagee: “The Catholic Church plunged the world into the dark ages.”
John Hagee: ” When Hitler became a global demonic monster, the Catholic Church and Pope Pius XII never, ever slightly criticized him.”
What does Mike Huckabee think about John Hagee?

Huckabee said John Hagee is, “one of the greatest Christian leaders of our nation.”

But the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights has a different opinion of John Hagee:

READ MORE: “John Hagee: Veteran Bigot.”

What did Mike Huckabee do when presented with these vicious statements made by John Hagee about Catholics and the Catholic Church?

Nothing, but Huckabee did make this very equivocal statement: “I can’t speak for (Hagee) anymore than he could speak for me. I’m sure that there’re things I’ll say that he disagrees with… I would certainly never characterize the Catholic Church as being pro-Nazi, never.”
Just imagine if a politician:

Spoke at a church/organization which denied the Holocaust ever existed;
Said he did not agree with this statement of the church/organization;
But then went on to call the leader of this church/organization (who made the statement denying the Holocaust) one of the finest leaders in our nation.

Imagine this scenario no longer: Mike Huckabee has put forward this ridiculous line of reasoning.

And to top it off, Huckabee accepted $10,000 from Hagee for speaking at the church!
Why did the self-anointed authentic pro-life candidate in this election—Mike Huckabee—accept $35,000 in 2006 from Novo Nordisk, a company that conducts life-destructive embryonic stem cell research?

While this story line sounds too salacious to be true, Mike Huckabee did in fact accept $35,000 from Novo Nordisk in 2006, a company that is one of the largest embryonic stem cell research firms in the world.

What was the reason for these payments? Huckabee accepted the money for ‘consulting services/speaking fees’. Huckabee accepted this money nonetheless while he was the sitting Governor of Arkansas.

How can pro-lifers trust this man when he has taken so much money—for so little actual work– from a company that profits from the destruction of human life? Simply, put, they can’t. At minimum, why won’t Mike Huckabee return this money?

Sadly, Mike Huckabee would seek to divide conservatives and Republicans along religious lines for political gain. While America needs a more robust expression of faith in the public square, it does not need a preacher politician who has shown a repeated pattern of dividing people along religious lines. The shared values of Protestants and Catholics are too important to risk endangering this important coalition by nominating Mike Huckabee, a candidate who has demonstrated a blind eye to anti-Catholicism.

Michigan Catholic Voters:
Do you want a president who rubs shoulders with Anti-Catholic Bigots?
On Tuesday, January 15th , you have a chance to be heard.

Vote Against Anti-Catholic Bigotry.
Vote Against Mike Huckabee .

Also, I must not forget Mark Levin’s post who says it wonderfully – and I have to say that I am so thankful for the work Mark does – especially the terrific impact he has on Sean who get this message out there for some of us, the only way we can get our right-wing fix on some day is the car. This is tireless work so here’s

Deplorable Campaigning   [Mark R. Levin]


Mike Huckabee: “Many of us who have been Republicans out of conviction . . . the social conservatives,” he told reporters, “were welcomed in the party as long as we sort of kept our place, but Lord help us if we ever stood forward and said we would actually like to lead the party.”  More here.

Huckabee continues to use his faith as a weapon against those who question not his faith, but his political populism — much of which he shares with secular progressives.  And he is clearly hoping to stir up resentment among Evangelical Christians against the other elements of the conservative movement and Republican Party as a way of encouraging them to vote in the caucuses and primaries.

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Gov. Huckabee Supported Higher Taxes & More Government Spending

“Taxes are a necessary part of funding a reasonable and responsible government. Taxing too little can result in financial imbalances and deficits as well as underfunding truly vital roles the government should fill…” – Gov. Mike Huckabee (Gov. Mike Huckabee, From Hope To Higher Ground, 2007, p. 101)

Gov. Huckabee’s Record Of Higher Taxes And More Big-Government Spending:

This Morning, Gov. Huckabee Admitted That He Raised Taxes To Pay For Increased Government Spending. CBS’ BOB SCHIEFFER: “But you did raise taxes, didn’t you, Governor? I mean in addition to cutting taxes you did raise some taxes?” HUCKABEE: “Bob when you’re under a Supreme Court order, you do what you need to do to improve your schools. I worked with our legislature. And we got major really improvements done in our school system that without our kids would still be languishing in last place. I don’t apologize for raising the expectations and the hopes and the opportunities for the kids of my state. I don’t apologize for building roads either. I’d apologize for leaving my roads in a mess is what I’d be apologizing for if I hadn’t done it.” (CBS’ “Face The Nation,” 1/13/08; www.youtube.com/watch?v=BPh67alcYSI)

Huckabee Raised Taxes $883.1 Million, Cut $378 Million In Taxes, For A Net Tax Increase Of $505.1 Million. “But a review of tax legislation passed while he was governor shows a net tax increase of $505 million, a figure adjusted for inflation and economic growth, according to the state Department of Finance and Administration. … The 90 cuts reduced tax collections by $378 million, according to the Department of Finance and Administration. Meanwhile, the department counts 21 tax increases that raised collections by $883.1 million.” (Daniel Nasaw, “Gaps Led To Taxing In Huckabee Years,” Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, 10/9/07)

FactCheck.org: “Overall, His Tax Increases Outweighed His Tax Cuts By More Than $500 Million.” “As we’ve said several times now, Huckabee’s 94 tax cuts include things like a reduction for manufacturing machinery that reduced state coffers by $500 per year. And, overall, his tax increases outweighed his tax cuts by more than $500 million. As for signing the first broad-based tax cut in 160 years, we’ve noted before that then-governor Bill Clinton signed an income-tax reduction in 1991 that was quite similar to the one that Huckabee signed a few years later. ‘Broad-based’ is a matter of interpretation, but Huckabee’s claim still sounds like unwarranted hyperbole to us.” (FactCheck.org, www.factcheck.org, Posted 1/7/08)

The Average Arkansan Saw Their Taxes Increase Almost $1,000 Under Gov. Huckabee. “The average Arkansan’s tax burden grew from $1,969 in the fiscal year that ended June 30, 1997, to $2,902 in the fiscal year that ended June 30, 2005, including local taxes.” (Daniel Nasaw, “Gaps Led To Taxing In Huckabee Years,” Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, 10/9/07)

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From Race42008: (See Victim’s Voice)

Statement from Lois Davidson, Mother of Killer’s Victim, in Response to Governor Huckabee

Lois Davidson, whose daughter Carole Sue Shields was raped and killed in 2000 by a criminal whose release from prison was championed by former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, issued the following statement today in response to Huckabee’s contention in a television interview that her story was being “exploited” for political purposes:

  • “Last night, Mike Huckabee accused me of being exploited and used for political purposes. I assure you, Mr. Huckabee, I am not being exploited. I am fully aware of the actions I have taken in attempting to inform the public of your role in my daughter’s rape and murder. I have spent over 7 years thinking about this.
  • “I am not a dupe. But you, Governor Huckabee, were duped time and again by convicted felons who once released from prison by you began hurting people again.
  • “Mr. Huckabee, I am not a victim. However, my daughter was a victim. She was raped and murdered by a serial rapist that you wanted freed from prison. Please be honest about the role you played in releasing my daughter’s killer.”
  • Huckabee’s dismissal of Davis came during an interview on the Hannity and Colmes television program following a Republican debate in Myrtle Beach, S.C.

    Davidson’s story is the subject of an ad aired in South Carolina this week focusing on Huckabee’s dismal record on the rights of crime victims. The ad was developed and paid for by Victims Voice, an Arkansas-based victims advocacy group and can be viewed on the Victims Voice Web site at http://www.victimsvoice527.com.

    The 60-second ad from Victims Voice tells of how Shields was raped and murdered in 2000 by Wayne Dumond, a former inmate in Arkansas prisons whose release was championed by Huckabee. After his release, Dumond relocated to Missouri, where he raped and killed Shields and is believed to have killed another woman. Dumond died in prison in 2005.

    Victims Voice is a non-profit 527 launched in December 2007 to expose the Mike Huckabee record of releasing hardened criminals from prison. During his 10 ½ years as governor of Arkansas, Mike Huckabee released over 1,000 criminals from Arkansas prisons. That total is more than that of the previous two Democratic governors combined, one of whom was Bill Clinton.

    “Gov. Huckabee’s suggestion that Lois Davidson is being ‘exploited’ is deplorable, and his callous dismissal of Ms. Davidson as a political pawn is shameful,” said Keith Emis, director of Victims Voice. “According to all published reports, Huckabee played a key role in supporting Dumond’s release, but now he’s trying to run from his record. How many more women must die or live in fear before Mike Huckabee is held accountable for his actions?”

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