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I’m sorry for John McCain, I really am. I am well aware of the effects of deep trauma on a person. It is just not okay to stomp around with your knuckles dragging on the ground smashing the living daylights out of people at any whim. I can not even imagine the horrors of being a McCain child or wife. This is NOT a man who should be holding public office. There is never a place in public society for his antics or behavior. With that said, here’s the documented emotional brutality this man is capable in the public sector. I am truly sorry for his wife and family. I can only imagine what they have had to live through. And sadly, it will take generations of hard work to overcome this legacy. This is a man who will cross any line and tragically he will never be able to comprehend

A Top 10 List…

  1. Defending His Amnesty Bill, Sen. McCain Lost His Temper And “Screamed, ‘F*ck You!’ At Texas Sen. John Cornyn” (R-TX). “Presidential hopeful John McCain – who has been dogged for years by questions about his volcanic temper – erupted in an angry, profanity-laced tirade at a fellow Republican senator, sources told The Post yesterday. In a heated dispute over immigration-law overhaul, McCain screamed, ‘F— you!’ at Texas Sen. John Cornyn, who had been raising concerns about the legislation. ‘This is chickens—stuff,’ McCain snapped at Cornyn, according to several people in the room off the Senate floor Thursday. ‘You’ve always been against this bill, and you’re just trying to derail it.'” (Charles Hurt, “Raising McCain,” New York Post, 5/19/07)
  2. In 2000, Sen. McCain Ran An Attack Ad Comparing Then-Gov. George W. Bush To Bill Clinton. SEN. MCCAIN: “I guess it was bound to happen. Governor Bush’s campaign is getting desperate, with a negative ad about me. The fact is, I’ll use the surplus money to fix Social Security, cut your taxes and pay down the debt. Governor Bush uses all of the surplus for tax cuts, with not one new penny for Social Security or the debt. His ad twists the truth like Clinton. We’re all pretty tired of that. As president, I’ll be conservative and always tell you the truth. No matter what.” (McCain 2000, Campaign Ad, 2/9/00; www.youtube.com/watch?v=UHoXkCprdL4)
  3. Sen. McCain Repeatedly Called Sen. Pete Domenici (R-NM) An “A**hole”, Causing A Fellow GOP Senator To Say, “I Didn’t Want This Guy Anywhere Near A Trigger.” “Why can’t McCain win the votes of his own colleagues? To explain, a Republican senator tells this story: at a GOP meeting last fall, McCain erupted out of the blue at the respected Budget Committee chairman, Pete Domenici, saying, ‘Only an a–hole would put together a budget like this.’ Offended, Domenici stood up and gave a dignified, restrained speech about how in all his years in the Senate, through many heated debates, no one had ever called him that. Another senator might have taken the moment to check his temper. But McCain went on: ‘I wouldn’t call you an a–hole unless you really were an a–hole.’ The Republican senator witnessing the scene had considered supporting McCain for president, but changed his mind. ‘I decided,’ the senator told Newsweek, ‘I didn’t want this guy anywhere near a trigger.'” (Evan Thomas, et al., “Senator Hothead,” Newsweek, 2/21/00)
  4. Sen. McCain Had A Heated Exchange With Sen. Charles Grassley (R-IA) And Called Him A “F*cking Jerk.” “Senators are not used to having their intelligence or integrity challenged by another senator. ‘Are you calling me stupid?’ Sen. Chuck Grassley once inquired during a debate with McCain over the fate of the Vietnam MIAs, according to a source who was present. ‘No,’ replied McCain, ‘I’m calling you a f—ing jerk!’ (Grassley and McCain had no comment.)” (Evan Thomas, et al., “Senator Hothead,” Newsweek, 2/21/00)
  5. In 1995, Sen. McCain Had A “Scuffle” With 92-Year-Old Sen. Strom Thurmond (R-SC) On The Senate Floor. “In January 1995, McCain was midway through an opening statement at a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing when chairman Strom Thurmond asked, ‘Is the senator about through?’ McCain glared at Thurmond, thanked him for his ‘courtesy’ (translation: buzz off), and continued on. McCain later confronted Thurmond on the Senate floor. A scuffle ensued, and the two didn’t part friends.” (Harry Jaffe, “Senator Hothead,” The Washingtonian, 2/97)
  6. Sen. McCain Accused Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) Of The “Most Egregious Incident” Of Corruption He Had Seen In The Senate. “It escalated when McCain reiterated the charges Oct. 10 in a cross-examination, calling McConnell’s actions the ‘most egregious incident’ demonstrating the appearance of corruption he has ever seen in his Senate career.” (Amy Keller, “Attacks Escalate In Depositions,” Roll Call, 10/21/02)
  7. Sen. McCain Attacked Christian Leaders And Republicans In A Blistering Speech During The 2000 Campaign. MCCAIN: “Unfortunately, Governor Bush is a Pat Robertson Republican who will lose to Al Gore. … The political tactics of division and slander are not our values… They are corrupting influences on religion and politics, and those who practice them in the name of religion or in the name of the Republican Party or in the name of America shame our faith, our party and our country. Neither party should be defined by pandering to the outer reaches of American politics and the agents of intolerance, whether they be Louis Farrakhan or Al Sharpton on the left, or Pat Robertson or Jerry Falwell on the right.” (Sen. John McCain, Remarks, Virginia Beach, VA, 2/28/00)
  8. Sen. McCain Attacked Vice President Cheney. MCCAIN: “The president listened too much to the Vice President . . . Of course, the president bears the ultimate responsibility, but he was very badly served by both the Vice President and, most of all, the Secretary of Defense.” (Roger Simon, “McCain Bashes Cheney Over Iraq Policy,” The Politico, 1/24/07)
  9. Celebrating His First Senate Election In 1986, Sen. McCain Screamed At And Harassed A Young Republican Volunteer. “It was election night 1986, and John McCain had just been elected to the U.S. Senate for the first time. Even so, he was not in a good mood. McCain was yelling at the top of his lungs and poking the chest of a young Republican volunteer who had set up a lectern that was too tall for the 5-foot-9 politician to be seen to advantage, according to a witness to the outburst. ‘Here this poor guy is thinking he has done a good job, and he gets a new butt ripped because McCain didn’t look good on television,’ Jon Hinz told a reporter Thursday. At the time, Hinz was executive director of the Arizona Republican Party. … Hinz said McCain’s treatment of the young campaign worker in 1986 troubled him for years. ‘There were an awful lot of people in the room,’ Hinz recalled. ‘You’d have to stick cotton in your ears not to hear it. He (McCain) was screaming at him, and he was red in the face. It wasn’t right, and I was very upset at him.'” (Kris Mayes and Charles Kelly, “Stories Surface On Senator’s Demeanor,” The Arizona Republic, 11/5/99)
  10. Sen. McCain “Publicly Abused” Senator Richard Shelby (R-AL). “[McCain] noted his propensity for passion but insisted that he doesn’t ‘insult anybody or fly off the handle or anything like that.’ This is, quite simply, hogwash. McCain often insults people and flies off the handle…. There have been the many times McCain has called reporters ‘liars’ and ‘idiots’ when they have had the audacity to ask him unpleasant, but pertinent, questions. McCain once… publicly abused Sen. Richard Shelby of Alabama.” (Editorial, “There’s Something About McCain,” The Austin American-Statesman, 1/24/07)

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McCain 2000 Campaign Smeared George Bush In Phone Calls

“[McCain’s] spokesman’s denial that any calls were being made, followed by his own statement that ‘I didn’t have anything to do’ with the negative calls, hardly met the standards of the ‘Straight Talk Express’.” (Carl P. Leubsdorf, Op-Ed, “McCain’s Missteps Hurt His Claim To Be A Political Reformer,” The Dallas Morning News, 3/9/00)
Sen. McCain’s Campaign Resorted To Nasty Tactics During The 2000 Michigan Primary:

Prior To The 2000 Primary, Voters In Michigan Began Receiving Pre-Recorded Phone Calls Criticizing Then-Gov. Bush And Portraying Him As Being Anti-Catholic. “Adrienne Karns, an accountant from Birmingham, Mich., said in an interview that she received a recorded call telling her Catholics should vote for McCain. She said she did not believe the call was endorsed by McCain’s campaign, and instead was sponsored by an outside group. ‘It started off saying it was a “Catholic voters” alert,’ Karns said, noting the call mentioned Bush’s appearance at Bob Jones University in South Carolina and school’s perception as being anti-Catholic. ‘It said McCain had not been to the university, and he was a friend of all Catholics, and all Catholics should vote for John McCain,’ she said. Karns said she was voting for Bush and that the call would not change her mind.” (David Espo, “Religious Broadcaster Attacks McCain Official As ‘Vicious Bigot,'” The Associated Press, 2/21/00)

  • The Script Of The 2000 McCain Campaign’s “Catholic Voter Alert.” “This is a Catholic Voter Alert. Governor George W. Bush has campaigned against Senator John McCain by seeking the support of Southern fundamentalists who have expressed anti-Catholic views. Several weeks ago, Governor Bush spoke at Bob Jones University in South Carolina. Bob Jones has made strong anti-Catholic statements, including calling the Pope the anti-Christ and the Catholic Church a satanic cult! John McCain, a pro-life senator, has strongly criticized this anti-Catholic bigotry, while Governor Bush has stayed silent while gaining the support of Bob Jones University. Because of this, one Catholic pro-life congressman has switched his support from Bush to McCain, and many Michigan Catholics now support John McCain for president.” (NBC’s “Meet The Press,” 3/5/00)

After First Denying Knowledge Of The Calls, Sen. McCain Admitted To Personally Approving Them:

Sen. McCain’s Campaign First Denied Being Behind The Anti-Catholic Calls. “Bush attacked McCain for twisting the issue to portray him as an anti-Catholic bigot and said he was disappointed in the Arizona senator. ‘This is a man who paid for telephone calls in Michigan strongly implying I am an anti-Catholic bigot,’ said Bush, who lost the state’s primary to McCain last Tuesday. ‘This is a man who said he was going to tell the truth and run a positive campaign. It looks like he might have violated both.’ Some Michigan voters received prerecorded phone calls criticizing Bush for speaking at Bob Jones. The McCain campaign at first denied making the calls, but later acknowledged approving them.” (“Bush Slams McCain For Anti-Catholic ‘Smear,'” Reuters, 2/28/00)

  • McCain: “I Didn’t Have Anything To Do With Them To Start With.”  “On Wednesday, Fox News broadcast a news conference from the previous day in which Mr. McCain was asked ‘Have you ordered that those phone calls be stopped?’ Mr. McCain replied, ‘I didn’t have anything to do with them to start with.'”  (David Barstow, “Bush Aide Says McCain Misled Public On Calls,” The New York Times, 2/27/00)

However, Only Days After The Michigan Primary, Sen. McCain’s Campaign Admitted Responsibility, Even Calling The Attack Calls “Accurate.” “After denying any knowledge of the calls early Tuesday, the McCain campaign confirmed today that they had been made, but McCain said the statements were ‘accurate and didn’t call anybody a bigot.'” (David S. Broder, “McCain Rejects Accusations of Improper Tactics,” The Washington Post, 2/24/00)

  • Sen. McCain Acknowledged Personally Approving The Calls. “In an interview on Friday night on a flight from California to Ohio, where he campaigned today, Mr. McCain said he had personally approved the calls, which aides said were inspired by an earlier ad hoc effort by volunteers.” (David Barstow, “Bush Aide Says McCain Misled Public On Calls,” The New York Times, 2/27/00)

Sen. McCain’s Campaign Used The Calls As Retaliation Against The Bush Campaign:

Sen. McCain’s “Catholic Voter Alert” Calls Were In Direct Retaliation For His Loss In South Carolina. “Within days, immediately after Mr. Bush had defeated Mr. McCain in a bitter South Carolina primary battle with the help of Christian Coalition and anti-abortion phone banks, the McCain campaign recognized the effectiveness of the Michigan phone calls and decided to expand on them.” (David Barstow, “Bush Aide Says McCain Misled Public On Calls,” The New York Times, 2/27/00)

Sen. McCain Campaign Spent $8,000 On The Anti-Catholic Calls. “Aides drafted a telephone script, bought lists of Catholic voters and contracted with a telemarketing company, Conquest Communications of Richmond, Va., that on Monday, the day before the primary, called 24,000 Roman Catholic households in Michigan. The campaign spent $8,000 on the calls.” (David Barstow, “Bush Aide Says McCain Misled Public On Calls,” The New York Times, 2/27/00)

Sen. McCain Defended His Campaign’s Use Of The Misleading “Catholic Voter Alert” Calls:  

In The Los Angeles Debate, CNN’s Jeff Greenfield Asked Sen. McCain If His Catholic Voter Alert Calls Were “Straight Talk.” GREENFIELD: “On a related and more specific matter, I guess, you had about a week or so ago repeatedly denied that your campaign was the source of these calls from the so-called ‘Catholic Voter Alert’ and then said well, it was because you thought you were being asked about calls that were about anti-Catholic bigotry, and that’s not what those calls said. But is there any reason why your campaign didn’t say ‘This is the McCain campaign calling,’ instead of a non-existent group? Was that straight talk?” (CNN, Republican Presidential Candidate Debate, Los Angeles, CA, 3/2/00)

Sen. McCain Dug In His Heels When Confronted About The Calls On “Meet The Press.” RUSSERT: “‘The McCain campaign denied any knowledge of the calls.’ That was Monday afternoon. On Tuesday afternoon, ‘McCain spokesman Howard Opinsky said the campaign, “is not making any such calls.”‘ It went on to Tuesday night. David Gregory said to you: ‘He had allies making calls criticizing you. You had allies criticizing him.’ McCain: ‘Not so. No, that’s not so. The calls were made that I had anything to do with–although I don’t know who paid for them–had to do with pointing out that Governor Bush did go to an institution that prohibits racial dating, that is anti-Catholic.’ You knew who was paying for that call?” (NBC’s “Meet The Press,” 3/5/00)

  • SEN. MCCAIN: “I was paying for calls that stated the facts. The question that he asked me was, ‘Are you running calls that are–that accuse Governor Bush of being anti-Catholic or practicing racial bigotry?’ I said no then. I say no now. We were running factual statements. Those are far different from the kind of phone calls that were run by the Bush campaign which had very interesting allegations.” (NBC’s “Meet The Press,” 3/5/00)

Sen. McCain Aides Expressed “Glee” Over The Exposure The Calls Were Producing. “Mr. Bush has lately been vigorously denouncing what he says are Mr. McCain’s deceptive campaign tactics and has said he is a victim of ‘guilt by association.’ Mr. McCain and his staff refused to rule out more such calls in the coming primaries and have expressed glee that Mr. Bush’s criticism of the calls draws more attention to his visit to the college.” (David Barstow, “Bush Aide Says McCain Misled Public On Calls,” The New York Times, 2/27/00)

Sen. McCain’s Political Director Went As Far As To Tell Bush To Stop Whining About The Attack Ads. “McCain political director John Weaver, in effect, told Bush to stop whining. ‘You reap what you sow, Governor,’ he said, referring to Bush’s South Carolina tactics.” (David S. Broder; “McCain Rejects Accusations of Improper Tactics,” The Washington Post, 2/24/00)

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