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As Gov. Romney says, years of being under Democrat rule has been a deciding factor in Michigan’s current state of affairs. See this article brought up by Drudge Retort:

Let’s have some fun in Michigan


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Gov. Romney is in a strong position to win the Republican nomination.

 ·        Gov. Romney continues to lead the Republican field in total number of votes (by 81,471) and in total delegates (by at least six, according to the AP).

 ·        Gov. Romney has won more votes so far in the nomination process than Mike Huckabee, Rudy Giuliani, Fred Thompson, and Ron Paul combined.

 ·        McCain won 393,284 fewer votes in Michigan this year than he did in 2000.

 ·        Michigan marks the second consecutive state where McCain underperformed compared to 2000—he won New Hampshire by 19 points in 2000 and by just 5 points this year; he won Michigan by 8 points in 2000 and lost it by 9 points this year.

 ·        McCain failed to win Michigan Republicans in 2000 and was ultimately unsuccessful in winning the nomination—a candidacy based on support from independents alone will be unsuccessful at winning the GOP nomination.

 ·        This year, Gov. Romney won Republicans by 14 points in Michigan, 40%-26%.  Gov. Romney will benefit when the race moves to major states like Florida and California where it is limited to registered Republicans.

 ·        Gov. Romney carried every major element of the Reagan coalition in Michigan—he won conservatives by 18 points (41%-23%), pro-life voters by 14 points (39%-25%), and even carried white evangelical Protestants by 6 points (36%-30%).

 ·        No candidate who finished lower than second place in the Michigan primary has ever gone on to win the Republican nomination.

 Gov. Romney will put Michigan in play for the general election.

 ·        Winning an open Michigan primary shows competitive strength statewide.  Every Michigan Republican primary since 1992 has been 25% independent.  This year’s primary was 32% independent and Democratic.

 ·        Republican candidates have consistently targeted Michigan in general elections—yet no Republican has won Michigan in the general election since 1988.

 ·        No Democrat since Jimmy Carter has won the White House without winning Michigan—showing how difficult it is for a Democrat to get to 270 electoral votes without 17 from Michigan.

 ·        The last time a Republican won a competitive Michigan GOP primary and then carried the state in the general election was Gerald Ford in 1976 – another native Michigander.

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Speaking to Michigan leaders, Governor Romney laid out his vision for strengthening our economy to the benefit of Michigan and all American families.

Governor Romney: “Thank you. This is quite an institution. It’s good to be back here with you. It’s good to be back in Michigan.

“You know, somehow everything just seems right here. In the winter, of course, the skies are cloudy all day. Most of the cars you see on the roads are made here in the good old U-S-of A.

“People know that pop is not a relative, it’s a soft drink, and they know that Vernors is the best ginger ale in the world.

“And of course, for me, I have a lot of memories here. This is where both Ann and I were born. It’s where I met her. We were in our senior year when we went to a party together. I was in senior year, she was a sophomore. She came with someone else. I noticed her at age 16. She was very interesting. I went to the guy who brought her there and said, ‘Look, I live closer to Ann than you do, can I give her a ride home?’ We’ve been going steady ever since.

“So we know each other real well. I said to her after we made the decision to get into this race, and you’ve probably heard it before, I said, ‘Ann, in your wildest dreams did you see me running for President of the United States?’ And she said, ‘Mitt, you weren’t in my wildest dreams.’ She’d be here today, but she’s in Lansing, by the way, speaking at another event for me.

“First, one of the things I like best about coming back to Michigan is the memories I have in my heart of my Mom and Dad.

“One of my favorite stories, and you may have heard this because they told it more than once, was about my Dad’s visit to Mt. Pleasant, Michigan, on the 4th of July. He got up and spoke before the town. He said, ‘It sure is great being here in Mt. Clement.’ There was this big ooooh in the audience and my mother leaned forward and said, ‘George, it’s Pleasant, Pleasant!’ He said, ‘Yeah, it sure is pleasant here in Mt. Clement.’

“Now I have to tell you, if I’m elected as President of this great land, I will not need a compass to tell me where Michigan is.

“And I won’t need to be briefed on what’s going on in the auto industry or what’s happening to Michigan’s economy. You see, I’ve got Michigan in my DNA. I’ve got it in my heart and I’ve got cars in my bloodstream.

“When I was living here, Michigan was the pride of the country and really the envy of the entire world. Detroit was the Motor City to everybody in the world. Of course, the Hudson’s Thanksgiving Day Parade was one of the grand traditions my family enjoyed.

“And perhaps the biggest day of the year for me was being able to go to the Detroit Auto Show. This was really something. My Dad was head of a car company, you know, he made Ramblers. And we were escorted from the hotel with a police escort, motorcycles, awfully cool, even though we had to go in a Rambler. So exciting.

“But a lot has changed since then, as you know, and not all of it is good. Michigan is enduring a one-state recession, and the problem has only been exacerbated by poor choices made by some of the leaders in Lansing to raise taxes and take that course instead of cutting spending.

“Unemployment, now you know these numbers, unemployment at 7.4% is in the basement of the entire country. A state agency just this week forecast that next year it’s going to go to 8.2% and after that 8.7% the year after.

“And the question is, what has Washington done with this looming, not looming, this existing crisis, this recession, what has Washington done to help? The answer is not very much at all.

“In fact, in face of all of the existing burdens that weigh down our domestic auto industry, instead of throwing over a life preserver, Washington has dropped yet another anvil on Michigan with higher CAFE standards. And now, it’s passively sitting back to see if the car companies can swim. And the answer is: just barely.

“A lot of Washington politicians are aware of the pain, but they haven’t done anything about it. And of course, I hear people from time to time say, ‘Well, that’s Michigan’s problem.’ Or, they say something like, ‘Well, it’s the car companies. They just brought it on themselves.’

“But that’s where they’re wrong. What Michigan is feeling will be felt by the entire nation unless we win the economic battle here. Michigan is a bit like the canary in the mine shaft. What’s hurting Michigan, if it’s left unchecked, will ultimately imperil the entire nation.

“What’s at stake here, in fact, is even larger than that. It’s even larger than an industry and a state. The world is seeing the beginning of a global competitive struggle. It pits at least four major economic strategies against each other, and each of them has far reaching consequences for the peace of the planet, the prosperity, and security of America and the world.

“Our strategy – the American strategy – you know well. It is economic freedom combined with personal freedom. That’s our strategy.

“China’s strategy is Communism combined with an unbridled morphing of free enterprise. China doesn’t flinch at buying oil from the genocidal Sudanese government or selling nuclear technology to the Iranians who threaten genocide. Today, China alone accounts for one-third of our trade imbalance as a nation.

“There’s a third strategy; it’s based on the control of energy and oil. It’s pursued by a resurgent Russia, by Hugo Chavez in Venezuela, by Iran’s President Ahmadinejad. Today, as you know, our energy purchases account for another one-third of our trade imbalance.

“The fourth strategy that’s being pursued is radical, violent Jihadism. It is a very different campaign. It wants to return the world to the economy and the human condition of the Dark Ages. Violent Jihadism has cost America this year more in our treasure than even our purchases of oil. And, of course, much more, it has cost the lives of our countrymen, and other people throughout the world.

“We’re accustomed as a people to measuring our national security in terms of missiles and aircraft and defense spending. But I would suggest that as we look down the lane for this next century, a better measure of our national security is the health of our economy. You cannot have a first-tier military and have a second-tier economy. The Soviet Union learned that the hard way and Ronald Reagan taught it to them.

“Michigan’s economic worries should be America’s worries. I don’t know about the Washington politicians, but I can tell you this: if I am President, I will not rest until Michigan has come back!

“I am convinced that Michigan can once again lead the world’s automotive industry. But it means we’re going to have to change things in Washington. We’re going to have to go from politicians who say they are ‘aware’ of Michigan’s problems to have a President instead who will actually take action to do something about them.

“Let me tell you some of the places where I’d start.

“First of all, we have to be honest about the problems we have and tackle them head on. If I’m President of this country, I will roll up my sleeves in the first 100 days I’m in office, and I will personally bring together industry, labor, Congressional and state leaders and together we will develop a plan to rebuild America’s automotive leadership. It will be a plan that works for Michigan and that works for the American taxpayer.

“And as part of this, we will directly address and rectify the enormous product cost and capital cost disadvantages that currently burden the domestic automakers. From legacy costs, to health care costs, to increased CAFE standard costs, to the cost of embedded taxes, Detroit can only thrive if Washington is an engaged partner, not a disinterested observer. The plan is going to have to include increases in funding for automotive related research as well as new tax benefits including making the Research and Development Tax Credit permanent.

“I am not open to a bail out, but I am open to a work out. Washington should not be a benefactor, but it can and must be a partner.

“But that’s only one step. Washington also has to stop loading Detroit down with unfunded mandates. Of course, we all want fuel mileage to rise, but discontinuous CAFE leaps, uncoordinated with the domestic manufacturers, and absent consideration of competitiveness, kills jobs and imperils the entire industry. Washington dictated CAFE is not the right answer.

“We also have to stop Washington politicians from imposing enormous unilateral energy costs on American manufacturing, including automotive manufacturing. For example, the McCain-Lieberman bill pending in Congress unilaterally imposes new high energy costs on U.S. manufacturers, with no safety valve. The Energy Information Agency estimated that this bill would raise electric rates by as much as 25% and gasoline by as much as 68 cents a gallon. And their estimate of the cost in U.S. jobs — 300,000 jobs. So it’s not just a job killer, it would also make it harder for families to make their ends meet.

“Now of course we have to tackle the threat of climate change. But we don’t call it America warming, we call it global warming. Placing caps and taxes on the U.S. alone just drives manufacturers to China and India, and does little more than make Washington politicians feel welcome at the embassy cocktail parties.

“Next, and you’ve heard this before, there is more healthcare cost in an automobile than steel costs. We got healthcare insurance premiums down in my state and we got everyone on track to be insured. We will work to do the same here and for the rest of the nation.

“And then a final burden, it’s time to fix the tax code. Corporations, like individuals, need lower and simpler taxes. Embedded taxes put our products at a disadvantage in our home market and wherever they compete around the world. When we send for example, a Ford Mustang overseas, it’s not just loaded with accessories. It’s loaded with our excessive healthcare costs, our excessive regulatory burdens, our excessive legal liability burden, and the taxes paid by every single automotive supplier to help put product into that car. You take off those burdens and let’s show them how fast a Mustang will actually go.

“Of course, taking off those burdens is only part of the solution. If we’re going to be the world’s greatest economic power, we also have to invest in the future. It’s time for us to be bold. I will make a five-fold increase – from $4 billion to $20 billion – in our national investment in energy research, fuel technology, materials science, and automotive technology. Let’s invest in our future.

“As you know, research spins out new ideas for new products, from both small businesses and large businesses. That’s exactly what’s happened in healthcare. We spend what $30 billion a year in NIH, and we lead the world in healthcare products. In defense, we spend even more. We lead the world in defense products. We also spend money in the space industry. And we lead the world in products coming out of space. Look how industries in these other states that have those advantages that thrive from the spin of other technologies, from our investment there. So if we can invest in healthcare, and defense, and space, why not also invest in energy and fuel technology right here in Michigan?

“Michigan can be a laboratory, just like other states – a drawing board, from which we can invent the future.

“Second, we’ll turn government workforce training programs that are managed by bureaucrats, into personal accounts that can be managed by the workers themselves so they can gain education at community college or they can pay for on-the-job training in real jobs.

“There are currently some 40 different workforce training programs in government spread out all over the entire federal government. Now let’s replace the bureaucracy and the bureaucrats with personal responsibility and individual ownership.

“Long term, we’re only going to lead the world only if our students coming in now are the best-educated in the world. And you know this, almost every independent group that’s looked at our public schools has said that we’re falling behind international standards. And their number one prescription time and again – treat teachers like the real professionals they are. Better teachers should be better paid. Teachers should also be evaluated and promoted. And, here’s a novel idea, education of our children should come ahead of the interests of the teacher’s union.

“And finally, we have to shape America’s trade policy to open markets for our goods and level the playing field across the world. For America to remain the world’s superpower, we have to remain the world’s economic superpower. And that requires us to successfully compete everywhere in the world.

“However, as we pursue new trade agreements, I’m far less interested in just getting an agreement signed than I am in getting an agreement signed that is good for America. I promise you that any nation that unfairly manipulates its currency, steals our patents and designs, dumps unsafe products in our markets, or stifles the American goods in their market place, will face a very aggressive President across the negotiating table.

“Now let me be clear, I strongly support free trade, but free trade has to be fair in both directions. And when the playing field is level, America can compete with any country in the world. And we will win.

“I came here about a year ago and talked about a number of actions which I thought were necessary to keep our national economy strong. I talked about cutting spending in Washington, about across the board tax cuts, about national tort reform liability, and I also talked about entitlement reform. But these aren’t enough. What we face here in Michigan and what we face around the country if we don’t take action here in Michigan, is a far more complex set of problems than most politicians have been willing to acknowledge.

“There is no one silver bullet. When it comes to getting Michigan back on track and building a strong America, we have to address every single problem I’ve spoken about. And I will.

“And by the way, that’s what I have done all my life. I’ve taken on complex situations, led tough negotiations, found solutions, and then gotten things back on track. That was the job that I had as a leader in the business world, and then as the head of the Olympics in Salt Lake City, and of course as Governor of Massachusetts.

“And I am the only candidate with that kind of experience, and frankly, that’s exactly the kind of experience that Michigan and America needs in the White House today.

“Now, I know that there are some people who don’t think that there’s a future for the domestic automobile industry. They think that the industry and its jobs are gone forever. And they’re wrong.

“Innovation and change present the opportunity for transformation. And the burdens on American manufacturing are largely imposed by government, and new leadership in Washington can lift the burdens and lift the industry.

“Washington politicians look at Michigan and they see a rust belt. But the real rust is in Washington.

“The pessimist will point to an empty factory and a laid-off worker and say they have no future.

“Instead, I see vital infrastructure, a skilled workforce, and an innovative spirit, all worthy of an optimistic vision, and deserving of a leader who will work tirelessly to deliver the power and potential of Michigan and the American people.

“The pessimist says that the hundreds of thousands of jobs that have been lost, have been lost forever. That logic of course says that the 200 jobs that were lost last week at Willow Run, they’re lost forever too. And by the way, that logic would also say that all the rest of the jobs in the auto industry will one day be gone forever, and there’s nothing that can be done about it.

“Well, the pessimists are wrong. The auto industry and all its jobs do not have to be lost. And I am one man who will work to transform the industry and save those jobs.

“Now, after this speech, I am going to do with my son Tagg, who’s sitting right there, what my Dad did with me 50 years ago. We’re going to go to the International Auto Show where I will show him the best of today and the vision of what we can be tomorrow.

“And the next time I visit the Auto Show here in Detroit, I hope it will be as the President of the United States. Thank you so much. Thank you!”

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Some amazing comments and posts out there today. I’d like to highlight a comment by “John Doe” over at Marc Ambinder’s post listing some pretty good Huckabee facts that were sent out in an Catholics beware of Huckabee emailer. The religious intolerance is pretty much alienating him from the rest of the country. Huckabee is in big poo because of his playing the Evangelical stuff to the hilt. He and his following are making a lot more enemies than friends. If Evangelicals think they are going to get anywhere, there have been more than a few people saying they would vote for Hillary before they would vote for him. This is also coming down to how people are looking at their Evangelical neighbors now that they know how they “really feel”. I know quite a few Utah Mormons are for Ron Paul, and while I understand their points, it’s just a wasted vote at this time. I’d be hard pressed to say that when it came down to it, Mormons, including the Ron Paul Mormons, are not going to vote a Mormon-hater into the White House. So, Huck’s low IQ didn’t seem to factor in the Mormon factor either.

Here’s the comment:


Let us assume for a moment that Mike Huckabee gets nominated by the Republican Party for the presidency. I know it is a bold assumption.. Let us examine his chances of his winning the general election without Mormon votes. Given current American voting trends and demographics, he would have no chance. If the Huckster is nominated, the swing states of Nevada (about 10% Mormon), Oregon (4%) and New Mexico (4%) will swing to the Democrats. Remember that President Bush lost Oregon by a couple thousand votes in 2000; New Mexico by a few hundred and picked it up in 2004 by an equally slim margin. Besides losing swing states in 2008, Republicans could also lose solidly red states if they embrace the bigot for president. What would losing a large voting block in, if not the states of, Utah (1.8 million Mormons), Idaho (15%), Wyoming (14%), and Arizona (6%) (you don’t hear McCain bashing Mormons, do you? in fact he’s done just the opposite) do for Republican hopes in 2008? Defections of Mormons in Colorado (131,000) and California (750,000) might cost a few Republican congressional seats. Losing the most-solidly Republican block in the country, the Mormons, or even putting it in play, would turn red states blue and eliminate any hopes of Republicans holding Colorado in the Senate or retaining the White House.

Mormons are tolerant folks, but they don’t tolerate anti-Mormon hostility, especially the bigotry that has been demonstrated by Huckabee’s supporters and, by extension Huckabee, for Huckabee’s failure to call them on it. So, when all of these Mormons decide that they are not going to tolerate an anti-Mormon bigot in the White House, will Mormons in those states vote for a third party or just stay home? Both options are being openly discussed in Mormon circles. If it is a third party, Mormons trend Libertarian; but that is beside the point. How could you vote for someone who is completely intolerant of your faith? Mormons have marched along supporting the candidates of the evangelical right for decades (who voted more reliably for Bush than Mormons? Not evangelicals.) and this Mormon and many others he happens to be talking to are ready to leave the party if Huckabee is nominated or his anti-Mormon campaign continues to be tolerated by the party.

Think of Idaho, Utah, Nevada and Arizona turning blue? Impossible? Not if an anti-Mormon is on the Republican ticket. People say Romney can’t win without evangelicals, well, Huckabee or any other Republican can’t win without Mormons in 2008. It’s a two-way street. No Republican will win the presidency in 2008 without us.

Before anyone discounts the idea of blue Mormons, consider that Harry Reid, the Democratic leader in the Senate is, a Mormon, who, despite being a Democrat, has enjoyed splitting the typically Republican Mormon vote in Nevada. More telling is that Utah County, the home of BYU and the most densely Mormon and Republican area in Utah had a Democrat representing it in Congress for most of the 1990s.

If anyone has any questions about how strongly many of us feel about this, let me say that I am as likely to support Mike Huckabee as Jesse Jackson would support David Duke. Is that clear enough?

Here’s the anti-Huckabee email going around:

Michigan Catholic Voter Alert:
What Michigan Catholics MUST Know About Mike Huckabee

FACT: Mike Huckabee has exhibited a willful blindness in associating with anti-Catholicism when it has benefited him politically.

FACT: Instead of supporting a healthy expression of religion in the public square, Mike Huckabee has used his evangelical protestant faith as a wedge to divide the Republican Party and gain support from fellow evangelicals.

FACT: While claiming to believe Catholics are fellow Christians, Mike Huckabee has kept close acquitance with evangelical leaders who have:

  • Compared Catholicism to a disease requiring ‘recovery’ and rehabilitation;
  • Said the Catholic Church collaborated with the Nazis to exterminate Jews;
  • Accused the Catholic Church of pulling mankind into the ‘dark ages’.

FACT: Mike Huckabee has been endorsed by anti-Catholic author Tim Lahaye , who called Catholicism a “false religion” Lahaye’s Church also funded “Mission to Catholics”, a virulently anti-Catholic ministry.

Read More: Catholic.org: False Profit: Money, Prejudice, and Bad Theology in Tim LaHaye’s Left Behind Series and at The Catholic League: The Best-Selling Bigotry of Left Behind

FACT: Mike Huckabee has also played up anti-Mormon sentiment against Governor Mitt Romney by asking a reporter if it was the Mormon Church that taught that Jesus and the devil were half-brothers. For more information, click here .

FACT: Mike Huckabee turned a blind eye to an anti-Catholic whisper campaign waged against Catholic Senator Sam Brownback in the run up to the Iowa Straw Poll in July 2007. For more information, click here .

FACT: While Mike Huckabee has declared himself to be the authentic pro-life candidate in the 2008 Republican primary, in 2006 alone he accepted $35,000 in cash from Novo Nordisk, a company dedicated to promoting research on human life through destructive embryonic stem cell research.

Case in Point: Mike Huckabee was the guest speaker at the notoriously anti-Catholic Cornerstone Church in San Antonio, TX on December 23, 2007.

Huckabee was hosted by the Rev. John Hagee, who has written that the Catholic Church collaborated with Hitler in staying completely silent during the Holocaust. This would be a surprise to millions of Catholics who struggled against Nazism, most especially St. Maximillan Kolbe.

Here is a sampling of Pastor Hagee’s writings:

John Hagee: “Most readers will be shocked by the clear record of history linking Adolf Hitler and the Roman Catholic Church in a conspiracy to exterminate the Jews.”
John Hagee: “The Catholic Church plunged the world into the dark ages.”
John Hagee: ” When Hitler became a global demonic monster, the Catholic Church and Pope Pius XII never, ever slightly criticized him.”
What does Mike Huckabee think about John Hagee?

Huckabee said John Hagee is, “one of the greatest Christian leaders of our nation.”

But the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights has a different opinion of John Hagee:

READ MORE: “John Hagee: Veteran Bigot.”

What did Mike Huckabee do when presented with these vicious statements made by John Hagee about Catholics and the Catholic Church?

Nothing, but Huckabee did make this very equivocal statement: “I can’t speak for (Hagee) anymore than he could speak for me. I’m sure that there’re things I’ll say that he disagrees with… I would certainly never characterize the Catholic Church as being pro-Nazi, never.”
Just imagine if a politician:

Spoke at a church/organization which denied the Holocaust ever existed;
Said he did not agree with this statement of the church/organization;
But then went on to call the leader of this church/organization (who made the statement denying the Holocaust) one of the finest leaders in our nation.

Imagine this scenario no longer: Mike Huckabee has put forward this ridiculous line of reasoning.

And to top it off, Huckabee accepted $10,000 from Hagee for speaking at the church!
Why did the self-anointed authentic pro-life candidate in this election—Mike Huckabee—accept $35,000 in 2006 from Novo Nordisk, a company that conducts life-destructive embryonic stem cell research?

While this story line sounds too salacious to be true, Mike Huckabee did in fact accept $35,000 from Novo Nordisk in 2006, a company that is one of the largest embryonic stem cell research firms in the world.

What was the reason for these payments? Huckabee accepted the money for ‘consulting services/speaking fees’. Huckabee accepted this money nonetheless while he was the sitting Governor of Arkansas.

How can pro-lifers trust this man when he has taken so much money—for so little actual work– from a company that profits from the destruction of human life? Simply, put, they can’t. At minimum, why won’t Mike Huckabee return this money?

Sadly, Mike Huckabee would seek to divide conservatives and Republicans along religious lines for political gain. While America needs a more robust expression of faith in the public square, it does not need a preacher politician who has shown a repeated pattern of dividing people along religious lines. The shared values of Protestants and Catholics are too important to risk endangering this important coalition by nominating Mike Huckabee, a candidate who has demonstrated a blind eye to anti-Catholicism.

Michigan Catholic Voters:
Do you want a president who rubs shoulders with Anti-Catholic Bigots?
On Tuesday, January 15th , you have a chance to be heard.

Vote Against Anti-Catholic Bigotry.
Vote Against Mike Huckabee .

Also, I must not forget Mark Levin’s post who says it wonderfully – and I have to say that I am so thankful for the work Mark does – especially the terrific impact he has on Sean who get this message out there for some of us, the only way we can get our right-wing fix on some day is the car. This is tireless work so here’s

Deplorable Campaigning   [Mark R. Levin]


Mike Huckabee: “Many of us who have been Republicans out of conviction . . . the social conservatives,” he told reporters, “were welcomed in the party as long as we sort of kept our place, but Lord help us if we ever stood forward and said we would actually like to lead the party.”  More here.

Huckabee continues to use his faith as a weapon against those who question not his faith, but his political populism — much of which he shares with secular progressives.  And he is clearly hoping to stir up resentment among Evangelical Christians against the other elements of the conservative movement and Republican Party as a way of encouraging them to vote in the caucuses and primaries.

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Yesterday, outside the General Motors Willow Run plant, Governor Romney held a media availability to address the indefinite lay-off of 200 GM workers that was just announced yesterday.  Tragically, announcements like this have become all too typical in Michigan today.   Below are excerpts of Governor Romney’s remarks:


“The reason that I came here today is because General Motors announced today that they are laying-off another 200 people from this facility.”

“This is not something which is designed just to get things back on track as part of a strategy to re-build and grow.  This is instead an indication of a long-term slide in the automotive industry, the domestic automotive industry.  America is not buying fewer cars.  Instead, we’re seeing the domestic automobile industry continue to slide. 

“And as year after year goes by, more and more layoffs occur and more plants are closed, the question is, ‘Where’s Washington?’  You hear some say that these are jobs that are just going away and we better get used to it.  But where does it stop?  Is there a point at which someone says, ‘You know, that’s enough’?  Or are we going to let the entire automobile industry, domestic manufactured automotive industry, disappear and just say, ‘Well, that was tough, that’s just the way it is’?  

“That’s not what I believe.  I believe it’s important to preserve manufacturing in this country and to preserve the automobile industry, including the domestic automobile industry.  I will work together with labor, with management, with the leaders of the political structure here in Michigan and in Washington to strengthen the automotive sector, the domestic automotive sector and the state of Michigan.  It is inexcusable to me to see these jobs going away again and again and again.

“I do believe that policies to invest in research and technology, basic science and research to develop the products of the future can help stimulate and re-build this industry.  I believe also in a savings plan to reduce the burden on the American people so that we can afford products of the future…

“And I also believe that Washington is doing too much anvil throwing.  The first CAFE program was a huge burden on the domestic manufacturing of automobiles.  The next CAFE program promises to do the same thing, and what help has been associated with it?  It’s almost like an unfunded mandate – a major change, a major burden on the automotive industry and then Washington saying, ‘Good luck Detroit, try to keep up.’ 

“Likewise, Senator Lieberman, Senator McCain proposed a unilateral cap and trade program on carbon emissions.  Look, we all agree that there should be a global effort to reduce carbon emissions.  But if you place that burden just on the U.S., you make the U.S. less competitive.  You make it more expensive to manufacture here, not only automobiles, but everything that we manufacture.  And so we need to have policies that are designed to strengthen our economy, strengthen our competitiveness, make sure that America can compete in the automotive industry and in others.  And as President, if I’m fortunate enough to have that job, I will not rest while Detroit continues to see layoff after layoff after layoff.  My heart goes out to the 200 people who are laid off from this facility or were announced to be laid off from this facility.  And I want to make sure that this doesn’t just keep on happening year after year and year with Washington saying, ‘So what?'”

For background on the GM plant, please seehttp://www.mlive.com

For background on Senator McCain’s CAFE proposals, please seehttp://mittromney.com

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Mostly transcribed from Politico’s Post – see actual pdf here.

This you just have to see for yourself. This is a correspondence to all the “Jim Jones” folks promoting Huckabee from everything from the pulpit to the parking lot. I think Michigan needs to send out the IRS Swat Team to every evangelical church in Michigan and see a whole bunch of churches lose their tax-exempt status.
(My comments are like this.)

From “Gary Glenn” To: Undisclosed-Recipient
1/06/2008 11:49:13 PM

How to Win Michigan for Huckabee!
Our highest priorities for the next ten days.

We were stunned when we saw the poll numbers in Michigan in which we were first or second. …Michigan is turning out to be a very key state for us.” Gov. Mike Huckabee, Detroit News, Jan 3, 2007

“In the past, Christian conservatives have made up anywhere from a quarter to a third fo the Republican electorate in Michigan. In a Detroit News-WXYZ Action News poll last month, 40 percent of likely Republican primary voters in Michiga described themselves as evangelical or fundamentalist Christians.” Detroit News, Jan 4, 2007

Dear Huckabee supporter,

The e-mail I sent earlier is the single most effective way to turn out only identified Huckabee supporters on primary election day, Jan 15th.

For those who do not have the time or manpower to make all those voter I.D. phone calls, here is the second most important campaign objective in the eight days remaining, and it focuses particularly on this coming Sunday, Jan 13th.

What portion of the voting public is most strongly in favor of Gov. Huckabee?

The answer: Evangelical Churches

Members of evangelical churches vote for Huckabee by a 6-to-1 margin over Mitt Romney, meaning that if we turned out every evangelical Christian on election day, Gov. Huckabee would get six times as many votes as Romney!

So how do we target evangelical churches and effectively turn out members of those churches?

Read below, and please do as much as you possibly can between now and Jan 15th.



Which churches should we mobilize for turnout on Jan 15th?

Assembly of God, Baptist, Church of God, Nazarenes, Lutheran, non-denomination, Pentecostal, Presbyterian, Reformed, Word of Faith

Which churches should we leave alone?

According to a Detroit News poll, Romney leads by a wide margin among Catholics and, obviously, Mormons. Also, any church you know to be liberal on issues such as abortion and protecting traditional marriage.

HOW do we mobilize evangelical churches to vote Jan 15th?

1. Recruit other Huckabee supporters to help you call every evangelical pastor in your community with a two-pronged message:

  • Ask every pastor to be sure this Sunday, Jan 13th, to simply remind his congregation to vote on Tuesday, Jan 15th. Not vote for Huckabee — a pastor legally cannot do that from the pulpit — just remember to vote, period. If every evangelical church member votes, Gov. Huckabee wins 6 votes for every one vote that goes to Romney.
  • Ask each pastor if he’d be willing to personally — as an individual — endorse Gov. Huckabee. This is perfectly legal. For those who will, schedule a news conference this Friday, Jan 11th, at the public library or a local restaurant or hotel conference room (not a church), and invite all pro-Huckabee pastors to attend. Then contact your area newspapers and tell them who, what, when, and where so they can attend and give the Huckabee campaign endorsements free media coverage. (Any pastor who’s undecided, refer him to http://www.MikeHuckabee.com for more information) (No LDS church is allowed to promote any candidate from the pulpit, the only thing we hear – and then that is only rarely – are reminders to vote and to help with specific issues – never a candidate – If one of my Bishops got up and promoted a candidate, I would be really offended and insulted. I don’t like people trying to impose their stuff on me.)

2. Recruit Huckabee supporters to call all the members of their church and urge their fellow members to vote for Gov. Huckabee. They in turn should recruit other Huckabee supporters in their church to help them. Nothing is more powerful than the personal testimony of one church member to another.

If a Huckabee supporter is unable to make the calls himself, ask him to share the membership directory of his church so that other Hucakbaee supporters who don’t go to that particular church can help call church members with a respectful polite reminder to vote on Jan 15th (and hopefully for Huckabee). (All Mormon church member directories have a “this information is to be used for church purposes only – so where do they even think they can do this??? Oh that’s right, you can do anything as long as you don’t get caught.)

3. Recruit volunteers to stand this Sunday on public sidewalks across the street from parking lots of the biggest evangelical churches you can find, as people are departing church services, and wave Huckabee campaign signs and home-made signs that say:

HUCKABEE for President
Vote Tuesday, Jan 15th!

order campaign signs – blah blah blah

4. Call all local Christian radio stations.

Strongly urge them to run Public Service Announcements reminding listeners to vote on Jan 15th.

Call in to Christian radio talk shows in your area live and remind listeners to vote Jan 15th.

5. Distribute pro-Huckabee literature on the cars of church parking lots during each worship service between now and Jan 15th.

Be advised that if you ask permission in advance, you will likely be refused. (OMgoodness, these people are crazy!!!!)

Here are suggested flyers that address his views on faith, protecting prenatal life, and preserving marriage:

blah, blah, blah

Here is legal advice received from Priests for Life regarding leafleting church parking lots:

Elections and the Church Parking Lot

With primaries taking place in various parts of the nation and the general election fast approaching, many pastors are approached by people who wish to distribute campaign literature in the Church parking lot or who simply do it on their own.

There is no reason to throw such people off the property simply for putting literature on cars. (You’ve got to be kidding.) Among the attorneys who advise us at Priests for Life are James Bopp, Jr. and Barry Bostrom, who are among the nation’s leading experts on tax law and on what Chruches are allowed to do regarding elections. In a recent letter, they advised us as follows:

The distribution of campaign material by others in the church parking lot will not jeopardize the church’s tax exempt status. (You’ve got to be really kidding! Oh let’s just find every single crack in the law and squeeze our big, fat, polyester-wearing, evangelical rear-ends right on through why don’t you!) The mere permission of distribution of campaign materials by others in the church parking lot is not regulated by the Internal Revenue Code. (That’s because they didn’t think for one minute you people would find every possible way to break the law without actually getting caught! Have you ever heard of “avoiding even the ‘appearance of evil’ – apparently not.) The Code and its regulations are designed to limit only the activities and expenditures of non-profit organizations. Distribution of campaign materials by others out doors, in a public parking lot, is not an activity or expenditure of the church. (Okay, so how “public” are these parking lots? Aren’t they owned by the churches thereby making them church property? Like Duh!)

In most states there are state court decisions holding that such activity is protected by the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and/or the State Constitution, and therefore, the church will suffer no adverse consequences as a result of this activity. Tehre are many cases recognizing the free speech rights of individuals and protecting speech and petitioning, reasonably exercised, in public areas, even when the property is privately owned.

In other words, churches not only may permit campaign statements to be distributed in their public parking lots, they cannot prohibit such distributions because the parking lots are open to the public. (Oh ya? You wanna bet? This is full of poo – and you know it is if it has to be done without permission and those holding signs have to be across the street off the property. The kool-aid they are trying to cult you into believing is that this is all okay and you can’t stop it – yet everything else in this memo tells you to be “extra careful” or those IRS guys will be out to get you.)

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Grand Rapids Press Endorses Governor Romney:

“Press Editorial Board Endorses Romney”
Grand Rapids Press
January 11, 2008

“Many issues will confront the nation in the next four years, from the ongoing threat of terrorism to the need to find a sensible immigration policy. For Michigan, however, one challenge dominates: the economy. We stand at a critical moment, bearing on our backs a worst-in-the-nation unemployment rate, staring at an uncertain future.

“Among Republicans on the ballot in Tuesday’s presidential primary, two candidates would offer solid leadership, Arizona Sen. John McCain and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney. However, when it comes to Michigan’s challenges and needs, the passion and knowledge of Mr. Romney tip the scales in his favor. During a visit with Press editors this week, Mr. Romney vowed, ‘I will not sleep until Michigan is strong and active and vibrant again.’ Because of that focus, MITT ROMNEY has our vote in the Republican presidential primary.”

“Mr. Romney first came to the national stage as the turnaround man for the scandal-plagued 2002 Winter Olympics in Utah. His deft handling of the bribery mess and deficit is a case study in successful management. He served as governor of Massachusetts for one term, ending in 2006. There, he worked with the Legislature to enact a law that required every citizen of the state to have health insurance, and provided state aid for those who couldn’t afford it. As president, he said he would push states to enact their own health care solutions. He would aggressively pursue alternative energy and energy efficiency. He supports merit pay for teachers and more educational choices for parents and children, ideas that deserve furtherance in Washington. The next president will need to transcend the stunting polarities that bedevil Washington. As the Republican leader of a Democratic state, Mr. Romney had to reach across partisan boundaries. Mr. Romney’s father, George Romney, served as governor of Michigan in the 1960s, a tie that strengthens his understanding of Michigan. He knows that this state’s job losses and struggle to find a new economic footing are the ‘canary in the mine,’ as he rightly put it, for the nation as a whole.”

“But on the issue that matters most to Michigan, Mr. Romney’s message resonates. In Grand Rapids this week, he said, ‘Michigan’s one-state recession will come to an end if I’m president.’ That’s a bold promise. Michigan voters should increase his chance to make it reality.”

To read the full endorsement, please see:  http://www.mlive.com

Oakland Press Endorses Governor Romney:

“‘Favorite Son’ Romney Is Best GOP Choice In Primary”
Oakland Press
January 11, 2008

“Michigan’s presidential primary election Tuesday certainly has stirred enough controversy nationwide with both political parties.

“And despite possible sanctions from both national Democratic and Republican organizations, it offers Michigan residents a chance to send a message and make a statement.

“Particularly on the GOP ticket, where all national presidential candidates will be listed.

“We urge Republican Party faithfuls to stand up and vote for Mitt Romney. Although technically not a home state ‘favorite son,’ his ties to Michigan are strong.”

“Meanwhile, Mitt Romney certainly has the credentials to run the country. He is a former Massachusetts governor who turned that state’s economy around and proved to be a more than able leader.

“His ties to Michigan and Oakland County are obvious.”

“Romney is the first candidate for president with Michigan ties since the late Gerald Ford.

“If elected, he would be the country’s only Michigan-born president.

“His interest in Michigan has been strong, probably stronger than any other GOP candidate.”

“Looking at the obvious, Romney entered the 2008 race with impressive backing in Michigan, and his ties to the state are undeniable. He has firsthand knowledge of the auto industry and its importance to Michigan.

“Equally critical, Romney knows how to get a state out of debt and, being from Michigan, he certainly has an empathy for the state that the other candidates, both GOP and Democratic, don’t have.

“With Michigan’s horrible economy and other problems, we need as much clout in Washington as possible and Romney promises to give us that.”

“But there’s no doubt whom state Republicans should vote for – Mitt Romney.”

To read the full endorsement, please see:  http://www.theoaklandpress.com


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