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Dick Morris is on a webscast by Newsmax right now. He has called the 2008 election as a win for the Democrats. He said that the Republicans, in particular Bush, have ruined their chances in the country. He also said Romney’s out of the race because he can’t get over being “Mormon” and “which is a shame”.

Also, he predicts the Republican party is over for several reasons, one in particular because the Spanish vote will be 20% by 2020. This is just from legal immigration and has little to do with illegal. Our party has handed this significant sector over to the Democrats. He warns our party is in serious trouble and that there is still a very high likelihood that Clinton will still win.

He also really cautions that money and paid advertising has little to do with the support of candidates because media spin is so strong that this is what people are really paying attention to. In essence, people are listening to their pulpits and news and getting their information about candidates there. This has played an enormous role in the rise of Huckabee and Obama. Also negative advertising stops working. “Roaches get immune to roach spray.” It demeans the political process and people don’t want it in their homes.

There you have it folks. I would seriously consider voting Democrat if Huckabee, McCain or even Giuliani were the nominee. They are already liberal anyway but it is something to consider an anti-anti-Mormon vote going on in this nation.

I have to say that a few rural Evangelical women in Iowa deciding the fate of my party is gut-wrenching. This firmly concludes in my mind that Iowa has WAY too much power. I think that the only way this could ever work is if all states voted on the same day. It is just shocking that our country has made these choices.

Let’s hope he’s wrong.


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