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This afternoon, George Bennett at the Palm Beach Post looked at Mayor Giuliani’s newly released Florida TV ad, “Quotes.”

 While Governor Romney is quoted in the ad, Bennett found that the full context of the Governor’s remarks isn’t something that Mayor Giuliani would want Florida voters to hear:

About that Mitt quote in Rudy’s ad…

 The kicker to a new Rudy Giuliani ad in Florida is this quote from Mitt Romney: “Mayor Giuliani has a great record of cutting taxes.”

 Romney indeed said it on CNBC last October — but then went on to say Giuliani left “excessive deficits” when he departed as mayor of New York.

 The full context after the jump…..

 Kudlow: “John McCain says the line-item veto is essential. Mr. Giuliani I think is not sure. Where do you come out on that?”

 Romney: “John McCain’s right on that one. The line-item veto is the best tool the President has to reign in excessive spending, and Mayor Giuliani has a great record of cutting taxes and cutting spending, although, according to the Mayor, Mayor Bloomberg, that followed him, he said that he left excessive deficits for him. But he’s cut spending, he cut taxes, I cut spending, I cut taxes. But the real difference between us is that when it came to the line-item veto, I’m in favor of it. I used it 844 times, and he went all the way to the Supreme Court to take it away from the President, and it was not about a constitutional issue as he said, it was about getting more money for New York City. That’s the very reason a line-item veto should be there, is to take away the kind of special deals that certain cities get.”

 Here’s the YouTube of the quoted exchange between Larry Kudlow and Governor Romney in October 2007:




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GOVERNOR MITT ROMNEY:  “I keep hearing the same thing, that Washington is broken.

“I hear the people say they think we deserve health care for all our citizens, but not government health care and that hasn’t been done.

“They say we ought to be able to get a reduction in the burden on the middle class, and that hasn’t been done.

“They say we ought to solve the immigration problem in this country.  It hasn’t been done. 

“If you send the same people back to Washington just to sit in different chairs, nothing will happen. 

“I will change Washington.  I will take it apart and put it back together.  I know how to bring change.

“I’m Mitt Romney and I approved this message.”

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 I bet to cover his mistake he’ll some how twist it around like it was STILL his idea and the government took it from him. Whew. Are those preachers passing this stuff on to their flock? You think he’d at least learn from his mistakes and do some research before he opens his mouth. But I guess that’s what you get from Governor’s of Arkansas.

 Huck, Immigration, and U.S. Restrictions

From NBC’s Garrett Haake and Robert Windrem
Huckabee said today, per NBC/NJ’s Adam Aigner Treworgy, “Every one of the 19 hijackers on 9/11 came her legally. Our government welcomed them in. Well, there’s a couple of things we’re going to do differently. I say we ought to put a hiatus on people who come here and give them permits if they come from countries that sponsor and harbor terrorists. Let’s say until you get your act in order and we’ll get our act in order.”

But NBC News recently did some research on the status of immigration from four countries, which while not on the list of terrorist states, have produced a number of terrorists, both on 9/11 and elsewhere.  Bottom line: The US has extensively restricted visitors from those countries since the attacks on New York and Washington.

The data shows that there was a big dropoff in temporary visits from the four nations — Egypt, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates — after 9/11, then a resurgence. However, in none of the four nations have visas risen to more than half their pre-9/11 levels. In the case of Saudi Arabia, the number isn’t even one-third as high.

To read the stats, click here

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About a dozen senior campaign staffers for Rudy Giuliani are forgoing their January paychecks, a sign of possible money trouble for the Republican presidential candidate and last year’s national front-runner.

“We have enough money, but we could always use more money,” said Mike DuHaime, Giuliani’s campaign manager and one of those who now is working for free. “We want to make sure we have enough to win.”

At the end of December, the campaign had $12.7 million cash on hand, $7 million of which could be used for the primary, DuHaime said Friday. He disputed the notion of a cash-strapped operation and said Giuliani continues to bring in money; several fundraisers are scheduled this week in Florida.

The former New York mayor has yet to win a contest and is counting on a victory in delegate-rich Florida on Jan. 29 to prove his candidacy is viable heading into the multistate contests slated for Feb. 5, where he believes he can prevail in states such as California and Illinois.

It’s an unorthodox and costly strategy because Florida and states that follow have some of the most expensive media markets in the country. And with so many states voting in such a short time period, candidates can do little else but rely on paid media _ and news coverage _ to get out their message.

Republican strategists estimate that it will cost roughly $35 million to run one week of heavy levels of ads in the two dozen states that hold contests on Feb. 5.

Giuliani has struggled to grab his share of the spotlight from rivals Mike Huckabee, winner in Iowa, and Sen. John McCain, the victor in New Hampshire, as well as Mitt Romney. Recent polls show Giuliani, the undisputed leader in most 2007 national surveys, losing his top spot.

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