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N.H. doubts it will ID push poll culprits before vote

CONCORD, N.H. (AP) — New Hampshire’s attorney general has identified two companies involved in a series of phone calls that targeted Mitt Romney and his Mormon faith while praising John McCain. But Attorney General Kelly Ayotte said it will be after the primary before she can identify who ordered the calls, leaving both campaigns pointing fingers at each other.

Ayotte gave an update on the investigation into the calls on Thursday, just five days before New Hampshire voters go to the polls for the first-in-the-nation primary Jan. 8. In it, she pointed to two firms: Western Wats, of Orem, Utah, that made the calls; and Moore-Information Inc., of Portland, Ore., that hired Western Wats.

Ayotte said she can’t yet point to who hired Moore-Information, a key question in determining who is behind the calls, their intention and their legality.

“I believe the voters of New Hampshire deserve to have these complaints resolved before the presidential primary on Tuesday,” Ayotte told reporters in her office. “That’s why we’re asking for help from the general public.”

The Romney Campaign has issued this:


Campaign Manger Beth Myers On the McCain Campaign And Push Polling Allegations

Thursday, Jan 03, 2008

Boston, MA – Today, Romney for President Campaign Manager Beth Myers issued the following statement regarding the McCain campaign and push polling allegations:

“The Romney campaign had nothing to do with these alleged push polling calls. It is reckless, irresponsible and egregious for the McCain campaign to even mention the Romney campaign in relation to these calls. If they have any proof, let’s see it. If not, Senator McCain should immediately apologize for the actions of his own campaign.”


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The evidence is in… Slimy Huck deftly avoids any responsibility for the scummiest politics of the campaign process so far…

Apparent Huckabee Backers Smear McCain N.H. Phone Campaign Starts as Poll, Then Turns to Anti-McCain Ad

…After he told the automated caller that he intended to vote in the Jan. 8, 2008, New Hampshire GOP primary, that he considers himself pro-life, and that he intends to vote for McCain, the poll took on a decidedly negative tone, Campbell told ABC News. “It was a series of questions that you would associate with a push poll,” Campbell said, referring to the negative campaigning technique of pretending to be a pollster gathering information from voters when really the intention is to spread negative information about a rival.

The automated machine, which identified itself as being with Common Sense Issues, threw Campbell questions about whether he’d be less likely to support McCain if he knew the Arizona senator opposed a federal amendment to ban same sex marriage, or that he’d hurt the anti-abortion-rights cause by leading the charge for campaign finance reform…

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