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This bill says that by just “claiming” you are female, entitles you to use whichever bathroom you want. Imagine grown men being able to march right on into little girls bathroom or your gym locker-room.

Bill 23-07, CIVIL RIGHTS?

From www.notmyshower.net

A resident, Lisa G., wrote to the Council: “From what I’m reading, the person with gender identity confusion is being protected by what she or he FEELS he or she is. So, if I’m in a bathroom all by myself late at night, and a man walks in, I am supposed to be okay with this? This is truly unbelievable, and I’m embarrassed that Montgomery County is even spending its time on this piece of nonsense.”

Per Bill 23-07, Gender Identity:

Gender identity means an individual’s actual or perceived gender, including a person’s gender-related appearance, expression, image, identity, or behavior, whether or not those gender-related characteristics differ from the characteristics customarily associated with the person’s assigned sex at birth.”
Just the Facts on Bill 23-07

Montgomery County joined approximately 80 jurisdictions and 13 states in adding “gender identity “non- discrimination. However, unlike some other jurisdictions and the federal ENDA proposal:

Bill 23-07 has no exemption for religious organizations.
Bill 23-07 has no exemption for religious educational institutions
Bill 23-07 has no exemption for places of shared nudity.
Bill 23-07 has no exemption for small businesses (less than 15 employees).
Bill 23-07 definition of gender identity is so broad, cross-dressers are included.
Bill 23-07 has no exemption for renters looking for roommates.

Montgomery County Council (MCC) Bill 23-07, while including gender identity into the existing public accommodations non-discrimination code, did not provide an exemption for places of shared nudity. Bill 23-07 still includes public accommodations, and public bathrooms and locker rooms fall under “public accommodations”. The existing non-discrimination code, which Bill 23-07 amends, was written over 20 years ago. The existing non-discrimination code desegregated bathrooms, buses, restaurants and all kinds of public accommodations. Montgomery County points at the “distinctly private and personal” existing part of the code (which precedes Bill 23-07 by 20 years) and implies that it somehow was written with bathrooms in mind. This is appears to be a smokescreen attempt by MCC. Read the public accommodations CODE and judge for yourself.

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