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First, I’d like to thank Glenn Beck for all that he’s doing to bring to light the ills of our health care system. We’re all really sorry for all the stuff you’ve had to go through (read all about it in “Hospitals Gone Bad”) in the last couple of weeks, but it was for a Divine reason, I can assure you of that. I experienced a very similar story going through a back surgery and I actually am facing another one – even bigger – and you can only imagine the trepidation one feels to actually submit to that process all over again. Thanks for all that you do.

Next, here is a fantastic interview with Gov Mitt Romney where things get a little “personal”:

GLENN: You know, Mitt, I alienate almost every person that is ever on this program that is running for office because I’m honest and in hopes that I don’t do that with you, let me ask an honest question. One of the things about Barack Obama that people like is that he admits mistakes, he has mistakes, people look at him and say he’s an awful lot like me. If I were running a company, I would want you to be the CEO, no questions asked because you are never going to make a mistake. You are so good and so well put together. I mean, look at your hair, man. You piss me off. What is it about Mitt Romney where there is a struggle? Where is the struggle in your life?

GOVERNOR ROMNEY: Well, you know, everybody has struggles and not everybody sees what they are. I think probably the greatest challenge that we’ve had in our life is of a personal nature when my wife and sweetheart got diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1998 and that continues to be something that we work with and that we battle. We don’t show that. We don’t describe that to voters.

GLENN: What is the thing, Mitt, that you have struggled with that you have overcome? What is the thing that you — what is the part of you that, you know, you’re like, if I could change one thing, it would be this?

GOVERNOR ROMNEY: Oh, gosh, Glenn. There’s so many things I’d like to change, you know, and I think everybody feels the same way. There are, without question there are folks, so many more people I’d like to be able to help that I’m not able to help. There are times when I’m more selfish than I ought to be. You know, I must admit I’d rather spend time with my family than anybody else and so a lot of friends wonder why I don’t spend more time with them. But look, and did I have challenges as a kid, yeah. Yeah, there are some things I did as a kid I’m not proud of. But I really don’t think it’s helpful if you are running for President to stand up and talk about those kind of problems because I think it opens up the door to kids to say, oh, if the guy who’s running for President or is President, if he did that, well, then I can do it, too.

GLENN: Right. I’m not looking to —

GOVERNOR ROMNEY: I’m willing to say what George Bush said which is when I was young and irresponsible, I was young and irresponsible. And I got in trouble now and then and people have heard about some of those times and yet I don’t really dwell on those because I don’t think it’s a good thing for our kids to hear.

GLENN: I’m not asking you to come out with some skeleton in the closet. What I’m saying to you is you are so put together. People describe it as slick. I don’t. I think you’re well put together. You’re a guy who I want running my company, but what they don’t see is they don’t see the human side. They don’t see the struggle side. They don’t see, man, I have had to conquer these things. And I’m not asking for a revelation.

GOVERNOR ROMNEY: Well, Glenn, you’ll have to help me a bit but, you know, when I went to school, when I went to Brigham Young University, I went there and worked in school and then I moved back east and got into Harvard and I figured I’m going to flunk out of this place; I can’t possibly make it. And I worked harder, sitting down in the library studying than probably any other student in the school because I was afraid I was going to flunk out. And I worked real hard and I did well, but I did it by working hard and, you know, then I came out of school and I went, got my first job and I again worked really darn hard because I wanted to do well there and I was able to do well but, you know, you don’t do well and become the head of the company unless your daddy owns it, and my daddy didn’t own this company. I had no connection with the company. I didn’t inherit any money. I worked real hard and found myself able to get to the top of the company and then I started a business of my own and was able to build it to be successful. Then I went on to the Olympics and, boy, they were in trouble. I mean, talk about a struggle. I couldn’t sleep for the first couple of weeks there very well because I was just terrified. I got used to the terror as time went on and we were able to turn the games around. So I’ve been in a number of settings that have been in trouble and the only answer I’ve got is that I do my best to work hard, to put my faith in my family and my creator, work as hard as I can. And by the way, I don’t always succeed. I ran against Ted Kennedy. I got trounced by the big guy. And it wasn’t easy getting beat by Ted Kennedy. You know, for about six months Ann and I — well, we weren’t depressed clinically but we felt pretty darn low and, you know, it’s just the nature of life. You have some successes and failures. In business I had some failures.

GLENN: All right.

GOVERNOR ROMNEY: I had some things I did that didn’t work out and, you know, you learn from that and you move on. But I don’t know that there’s anybody who’s lived a particularly charmed life but I think you learn from your failures as much as anything and I’m planning on unfortunately more than a couple of failures in my future.

GLENN: Mitt Romney, always a great experience to talk to you, sir. I wish you the best of luck tomorrow in New Hampshire. I’d like to have you on again, talk a little bit about the economy but I know we’re out of time. And let me just end with this question. Do you support more cell towers in New Hampshire?

GOVERNOR ROMNEY: (Laughing.) Absolutely.

GLENN: All right, good. Mitt Romney, thanks a lot. We’ll talk to you again.

GOVERNOR ROMNEY: Thanks. Bye-bye.

You have to read the whole interview when you have the chance. Thanks Glenn for this great window of opportunity to get inside Mitt’s head. See, there’s lots of reasons why you are meant to be here to do the work you do. You are awesome and keep up the great work. Go to GlennBeck to read more fun stuff from Glenn.


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