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Well, well, well, here we go. Another over-reaching of the big union-funded arm to sever the ties with American families. Parents shouldn’t be allowed to teach their children with a virtual school.

MADISON – Virtual schools that enroll thousands of Wisconsin students could be shut down after a court ordered the state to stop funding its largest one, an advocacy group warned Wednesday.

The ruling could result in school districts having to close their online charter schools in coming months and years, said Rose Fernandez, president of the Wisconsin Coalition of Virtual School Families.

The warning came after the District 2 Court of Appeals ruled the Wisconsin Virtual Academy was violating state law by allowing parents to assume the duties of state-licensed teachers.

The court said the school also has been violating a law requiring charter schools to be located in the district that operates them. It ordered the Department of Public Instruction to stop shifting funding to the school from other districts where students live.

The school will appeal to the Wisconsin Supreme Court and ask for a stay so that it can remain open until the case is settled, principal Kurt Bergland said.

Visit the Wisconsin Coalition of Virtual School Families to see the latest.

“This is a terrible day for Wisconsin parents and we are deeply disappointed. The Court has decided to shut down a public school that is working well. And just think, WEAC is happy today. They have been relentless in their attack on the parents, kids and unionized teachers at the Wisconsin Virtual Academy,” said Rose Fernandez, President of the Wisconsin Coalition of Virtual School Families. “They file cases, lose and then appeal. They finally won a round, but even in ‘victory’ their actions show that they really don’t care about the people this is affecting most; the kids.”

The school is Wisconsin Virtual Academy a sister school to Ohio Virtual Academy here in Ohio which uses the incredible K12 curriculum.

The school will remain open under a “stay” of the ruling until appeals can be made to the Wisconsin Supreme Court. And frighteningly enough, this is a huge blow to the virtual schools around the U.S. Every effort is being made to force families to send their children to the government run, monopolized, public schools. The left has hijacked our public school system to further their socialist agenda.

More on that, have you seen the book being openly and freely distributed by Planned Parenthood in the public schools? Wait until you see this – It’s Perfectly Normal *****Please ask your children to leave the room when you view this******:


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